How To Get A Perfect 3D Display Solution in 3 Minutes
Naked eye 3D display has passed the silent stage and gradually become the mainstream of the outdoor LED advertising industry.

Part 1 What is Naked-Eye 3D? How to Make a 3D LED Display?

Part 2 Our Solutions About 3D Screen

Part 3 Naked Eye 3D Screen Size

Part 4 What Information do We Need For 3D LED Billboard?

Part 5 Why Choose Outdoor Naked Eye 3D LED Large Billboard?

Part 6 3D Billboard Price

Part 7 The Best Viewing Angle of Naked 3D Screen


1、What Is Naked-Eye 3D? How To Make A 3D LED Display?

Naked-Eye 3D LED Displays are three-dimensional displays that do not require any glasses or extra equipment to view the 3D image.

Viewers can see the three-dimensional image with their naked eyes without needing to wear glasses.


Naked-Eye 3D LED Display is designed with multi-view technology. Break its physical space based on an ordinary LED display carrier, giving the audience an unexpected visual impact naked eye 3D effect is formed through the principle of the two-point perspective of the human eye.

Video rendering style

90 Degree Curve Splicing/ Flat screen/ Convex screen

2、Our Solution

① Hardware+Software

Outdoor curved seamless splicing screen

Pixel pitch: 3.9/4.8/6.67/8/10

Cabinet height: 960mm/1000mm

② Content

For Free!!!

Demo video and test


Customized video, making quotations according to customer needs


Our own naked-3d vido production team

3、Naked Eye 3D Screen Size


At least 100sqm, height from the ground at the bottom should not be more than 10m


Above 3sqm

4、What Information Do We Need For 3D LED Billboard?

① Structural diagram of the screen (flat and corner)

     Specifications (Such pixel pitch, screen resolution)

     The length of ABCDF in the figure

     Viewing position photos or videos

② Products and IP roles provide three-dimension models, etc.

③ Creative Ideas of the video content

④ Video content at least 15 seconds

5、Why Choose Outdoor Naked Eye 3D LED Billboard?

  • It’s fully demonstrated its diverse display charm, so those high-end luxury goods and fast-moving consumer goods have strong advertising needs and forms
  • Making it an important “landscape” and “landmark” of internet celebrities in the city and then adding vitality to the city and the influence of the commercial street
  • Precise delivery, covering the target circle at zero distance
  • The value of precise marketing and the aggregation of target groups
  • The advertising effect is transformed quickly, which helps the audience to recognize and transform the advertising effect
  • Demonstrate the value of a high-end brand and establish a high-quality brand impressive
  • Effectively cover the audience with a high reaching rate8, Unique space value

Production process:

Five-step, production cycle that varies according to the complexity

Understand the needs


Content production

Correct the screen

Finished product acceptance

6、Factors Affecting The Price Of 3d Billboards

Video complexity

Production difficulty

Screen size

Video time

Production time

7、The Best Viewing Angle Of Naked Eye 3D screen

In the screen diagonal 45 degrees position, the viewing effect is the best.

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