Advertising LED Screen Display – Make Your Brand More Influential
Effectively enhance brand promotion effect and influence with the help of high-quality royal advertising LED display.

Part 1. What is the advertising LED screen?
Part 2. What does the outdoor advertising LED screen do?
Part 3. Why is the advertising on LED screen better than on LCD screen?
Part 4. Where can advertising LED display be used for
Part 5. How do you choose an advertising LED display for brand promotion?
Part 6. How much is the advertising LED screen price?
Part 7. Why Royal’s LED screen for advertising is your best choice?
Part 8. Conclusions

As we all know there is an old saying in China: the aroma of wine is not afraid of deep alleys.

But in today’s era, this saying is not suitable. Along with the growth of technology and science, advertising is a required part of branding.

So, the advertising LED screen is more popular in brand promotion progress by virtue of its more vivid display than the LCD screen.

Today, we sorted out a guideline about advertising LED display so that can help you choose the best LED screen for advertising for your brand promotion.

advertising led screen display

Part 1. What is the advertising LED screen?

The advertising LED screen is a kind of application of commercial LED display, aimed to carry out brand communication through a diode light-emitting display information.

It can be used for indoor promotion, such as some billboards in shopping malls, retail stores, and commerce centers.

And get help from the high brightness and color reproduction of the LED screen in advertising to attract the customer’s attention.

Or it can be used for demonstrating, and information release screens of conferences and exhibitions.

Of course, the advertising LED screen also is able to be applied for outdoor promotion, such as some advertising displays of shopping mall perimeter and building walls.

So far, you will unearth that the advertising LED display exists in everywhere in our life.

The audience of brand promotion becomes wider and leaves a deeper impression on the customer through the display of LED screens.

1. The composition of advertising LED display

To learn deeply about advertising LED display screens, it is an essential and meaningful thing to understand their compositions. The advertising on LED screens consists of the following sections.

1.1 Cabinet

The cabinet has several classifications probably, such as die-cast aluminum cabinet, iron cabinet, magnesium alloy cabinet, and aluminum profile cabinet. Different cabinets own their unequal features.

(1) Die-cast aluminum cabinet: One-time molding through molds with good flatness. Easy to install and light of quality.

(2) Iron cabinet: More cheaper price with higher cost-effectiveness. Flexible sizes and good sealing.

(3) Magnesium alloy cabinet: High cost-effectiveness and installation easily. Excellent heat dissipation. Moreover, connecting with a sound system offers a richer activity form.

(4) Aluminum profile cabinet: Light quality and easy to install. High precision and strength. More flexible sizes because of using splicing to form a cabinet.

Die-cast aluminum cabinet

Die-cast Aluminum Cabinet

strong iron cabinets

Iron Cabinet

magnesium alloy cabinets

Magnesium Alloy Cabinet

aluminum cabinets

Aluminum Profile Cabinet

1.2 Control System

The control system is divided into synchronization and asynchronization control system.

(1) Synchronization control system

Need computer, transport signal to send card by wired HDMI, and then transport to screens.

synchronization control system

(2) Asynchronization control system

No need computer and transport the signal source to the sending card by wired ways, because the send card has its storage. 

It can store video sources to asynchronous cards in various ways, such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi, and cloud platforms. Then transport to screens.

asynchronous control system

1.3 Power Supply System

When supplying power for cabinet modules, the supply voltage will be different in different countries and regions. Usually, it is divided into 220V and 110V.

Then convert to 5V by the power supply and output to modules and sending and receiving cards.

1.4 LED Module

The LED modules are divided into regular modules and soft modules

In most cases, the soft modules will be used indoors to make various strange and cylindrical LED screens. 

The square LED displays are formed from regular modules with beveled edges.

led module front
led module back

Part 2. What does the outdoor advertising LED screen do?

The outdoor advertising LED screen not only can adjust to complex and changeable environments but also can achieve nonstop play all day to deepen customers’ brand impressions. 

And reach a better brand promotion effect.

At the same time, it owns a higher resolution to make sure normal and clear display even in strong light environments. 

Protection level requirements above IP65 decide it can’t be influenced by environments and owns good durability. However, the odds of LED screens for advertising outdoor without end. 

Here, we list some.

1. More Creatively and Vividly Display

The traditional advertising displays content in the form of pictures and texts, and with poor creative shows. 

As well as, the LED screen branding breaks this defect, apart from displaying simple texts and images.

It also can display vivid videos and richer multimedia content with higher resolution.

Contemporary, various ways of installations make it own more display forms, not only outside the shopping mall but also on building walls. 

Besides the billboards on both sides of the road, also is cross-road billboards in densely populated areas, such as overpasses or footbridges.

2. More Attractive

As we all know videos are more attractive and more deeply rooted in people’s hearts than graphic advertising. 

Moreover, for densely populated cities, attraction become a necessary feature for today’s brand promotion. 

The LED screen for advertising outdoor is gaining more and more popularity benefiting from its vivid and lifelike display. This feature makes it is the owner more attractive.

3. Wider Coverage

Whether traditional graphic advertising or advertising LCD screens, always are trapped in limited spreading. 

However, the outdoor advertising LED screen can appear anywhere outdoors, because it has stronger adaptability for outdoor environments. 

For example, advertising LED screens outdoors in business districts, not only can bring wider propagation benefits from the characteristics of large crowds.

But also can form deeper impressions and benefits from communicating with users using high-frequency words.

4. More cost-effective

Besides long-lasting service life, its commercial value because of wider propagation, makes up its mind more cost-effective.

5. More Convenient for Information Updates

Achieving to update and replace brand promotion content with its control system. More convenient for updating and saving lots of human and financial resources.

6. Longer Time for Brand Promotion

Ultra-high protection level (above IP65) of advertising LED displays makes achieving play propagandist content all day.

Part 3. Where can advertising LED display be used for?

1. Shopping mall

A shopping mall is a place where traffic gathers, and many merchants will not miss this excellent advertising opportunity.

With the help of LED screens advertising and immersive dynamic displays, not only the mall becomes more eye-catching, but also the brand can gain more traffic and exposure.

Simultaneously, LED displays in shopping malls serve as excellent platforms for promoting products and special offers.

Merchants leverage these displays to showcase the latest product lines, exclusive deals, limited-time promotions, and other enticing information, effectively drawing customers into their stores for shopping.

In addition, shopping mall LED displays can provide customers with a richer shopping experience.

By displaying product introductions, usage guides, matching suggestions and other content, customers can learn more about the products and make more satisfactory purchasing decisions.

shopping mall led display
famou shopping mall
shopping mall 3d led display

2. Outdoor LED billboards-various installation methods

Consider various installation methods tailored to diverse environments and activity requirements, such as wall-mounted, pole-mounted, or roof-mounted setups.

Royal rental LED displays offer distinct advantages: lightweight design, easy installation, and transportability, facilitating seamless access to outdoor brand advertising opportunities.

Moreover, their high brightness and uninterrupted performance ensure continuous brand exposure, ultimately leading to increased revenue for your business!

outdoor advertising billiboard
hotel led digital signage

3. Stadium-Outdoor Perimeter LED Display

3.1 Focused advertising

Perimeter LED screens offer the advantage of targeting precise groups of individuals or spectators attending particular events or sports competitions.

Advertisers can customize their messages according to attendees’ interests and demographics, guaranteeing that their promotions are pertinent and impactful.

3.2 Enhance brand visibility

Strategically positioned at the periphery of sports fields or pitches, perimeter LED screens ensure optimal visibility for spectators.

Amplifying brand exposure and awareness among venue attendees as well as viewers watching the event live on television

led sports advertising display
advertising led screen sports
sport advertising led display screen

4. Mobile LED screen advertising

Compared with fixed LED display advertising, mobile advertising can achieve wider coverage for you.

It is not restricted by location and can convey the display information to the audience or passers-by to the greatest extent.

At the same time, with a clear and smooth dynamic display, it is more attractive to users.

Mobile LED screens for digital advertising p3.91

5. Three-dimensional experience portal-3D LED display

Innovative advertising formats are no longer surprising today. How to make your brand stand out in this market environment?

Naked-eye 3D visual effects will be an excellent choice. 3D video + 2D LED screen brings real naked-eye 3D effects to consumers, attracts consumers’ attention, and thus increases the conversion rate.

Part 4. Why is the advertising on LED screen better than on LCD screen?

In fact, apart from advertising on LED screens, the advertising LCD monitors also occupied a place in branding promotions. 

Therefore, you must want to know: Along with the development of technology and science, why is the advertising on LED screens better than on LCD screens.

And why is it more worthy of being chosen? Go on, we will explain to you

1. Advertising LED Displays can be Seamlessly Spliced

You need to know, whether LED screens or LCD screens, all for splicing various small screens to a big screen or a video wall to bring a better viewing experience. 

So, compared to LCD screens, LED screens have apparent ascendancy when splicing. Because multiple LED displays can be seamlessly spliced. 

But when multiple LCD monitors are spliced together, there will be obvious seams.

2. More Flexible Sizes for advertising LED Screens

Highly customized for gaining various sizes and shapes is one of the advertising LED screens’ features. While LCD screens are limited in size and shape.

3. Higher Resolution and Brightness of LED Screens for Advertising

More advanced technology makes the advertising on LED screens obtain higher resolution and brightness to ensure normal display in all kinds of natural light.

4. Lower Power Consumption of Advertising on LED screens

The lower voltage required by advertising LED displays leads to lower power consumption than LCD screens. This feature adapts to the environmental protection theme during the development of the times.

5. Wider Application Scenarios of LED Displays for Advertising

The advertising LED screens can be used in various indoor and outdoor scenes. And different installation ways adapt to different building structures. In comparison, LCD screens’ application scenarios can be limited almost.

Part 5. How do you choose an advertising LED display for brand promotion?

Our guideline prepares some points that may be ignored easily when you choose suitable advertising LED displays so that you can select affable and high-quality LED screen for advertising.

1. Application Places

Most people only think about advertising LED screens are applied to indoors or outdoors when they choose LED displays for brand promotion. 

Because it decides the protection level of LED screens. 

Usually, the indoor advertising LED screens’ protection level is IP63 and above, and the outdoor advertising LED screens are at least IP65

However, the benefits of considering the application places are more than that, it also decides the later installation way, maintenance cost, sizes, and shapes.

For example, if your application place is an anomalous building structure, then you need to pick a special-shaped LED display. 

Or, if you want an LED wall, the size of the application place decides the size of the LED module. 

At the same time, to reduce the maintenance cost, which installation method is more suitable for the building structure? Hanging? Upright or built-in?

2. Display Content

The display content is the most ignored question when someone determines to choose the advertising LED screens for brand promotion. 

But it is very important and it decides the pixel pitch that you need, while the pixel pitch is one of the important factors that influence advertising LED screen price.

advertising led display content

3. Reliable Supplier

When make up your mind to choose LED screens for the display of advertising content, the reliable supplier can bring twice the result with half the effort for you. 

This is because it can not only offer professional teams and technology but also can supply perfect solutions. Simultaneously, it saves a lot of cumbersome steps.

4. Budget

The budget is a key factor that decides the advertising LED screen price. 

Selecting suitable LED screens for advertising with a reasonable budget is a necessary thing you need to complete. 

So, the budget must be your consideration when choosing advertising on LED screens.

Part 6. How much is the advertising LED screen price?

Whatever you buy, the price you must want to learn. Here, we list some influence factors of advertising LED display price.

1. Pixel Pitch

The pixel pitch is the distance from the one-pixel center to the neighboring pixel center(the unit is mm), and it reflects the size of space between two pixels. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price.

2. Refresh Rate and Brightness?

The refresh rate is the image refresh frequency, while the brightness is the ratio of the light intensity of the luminous body to the area of the light source. 

The higher the refresh rate and brightness mean need more advanced technology, the higher the cost.

3. Viewing Angle and Color Performance

The viewing angle points to the angle at which users can see the display content of screens clearly from different positions. 

It can be divided into vertical viewing angle and horizontal viewing angle

The wider viewing angle and more lifelike color performance need the endorsement of more complex technology, the higher the cost.

Ultra wide viewing angle advertising LED display

4. Durability and service Life

The better durability and longer service life demand more advanced technology to stand by, the cost will also become more expensive, the more dear the price.

5. Size

The size is a key factor that influences advertising LED screen price is a well-known thing, the larger the size, the more expensive the price. 

At the same time, the unconventional size is more dear than the conventional sizes.

6. Additional Functions

The additional functions are some functions that you want to customize for your advertising LED displays. 

Certainly, inevitably, these functions all need more advanced and complex technology to achieve, and the cost also will be more expensive.

Part 7. Why Royal's LED screen for advertising is your best choice?

Royal LED Display has over 10 years of experience in producing and manufacturing LED screens. 

Depending on the professional team and strict quality management system, Royal has become an LED display brand that is much loved by the public. 

Until now, Royal has via various LED display control system certifications, such as CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHs, and so far. 

Royal has multiple product series. 

And has serviced over 1000 large industry customers, and involves 110+ countries and regions

Royal offers a one-stop service and is dedicated to supplying perfect solutions for LED screens for customers. 

Recommended Products

royal ex-a series rental led display

EX-A Series Rental LED Display

EC-O Rental LED Display Series

ec-o sereies rental led display screen

To get more professional support about LED screens for advertising, you can contact Royal directly.

Part 8. Conclusions

Today, after reading this guideline about advertising LED screen, you can choose suitable advertising LED displays for your brand promotion with ease. 

If reliable suppliers are what you are worried about during the selection process, then Royal LED display must be your best choice.

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