Auto Show LED Display Screen

HD displays the product details to attract more attention and stand out from competitors by Royal Auto Show LED screen

Auto Show LED Didplsy

The Royal Auto Show LED display will help your brand stand out at the show with its high refresh rate and smooth picture display!

EF-O Series

High Fresh rate HD small pixle
Rental LED display with light weight
Frontal & rear service design

ec-o series 500*1000mm

EC-O Series

Ultra-light and ultra-thin die-cast aluminum box, easy to install and transport rental LED display. Suitable for use in a variety of activity scenarios

ex-a rental LED display

EX-A Series

500*500mm size Rental LED display With ultra light weight and curve lock High definition visual effect


Just fill the sizes, and get your LED screen budget right now!

The Advantages of Auto Show LED Screen

Interactive LED floor auto show

(1) Interactive participation

The auto show LED screen supports interactive features such as touchscreen interfaces, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) experiences, allowing attendees to explore vehicles and interact innovatively with branded content.

(2) Competitive advantage

Exhibitors who incorporate LED displays into their booth design can gain a competitive advantage by delivering a memorable and engaging brand experience that sets them apart from competitors and leaves a lasting impression on attendees.

led auto show displays

(1) Brand opportunities

The car show LED display provide exhibitors with valuable branding opportunities to promote their brand image, logos and messages, enhancing brand awareness and loyalty among attendees.

(2) Increase foot traffic

Eye-catching LED screens capture attendees’ attention, increase foot traffic to exhibitor booths, and increase exposure to featured vehicles and products.

car show led display

(1) Enhanced product presentation

The LED display for auto show provides exhibitors with a visually appealing platform to showcase their vehicles, highlighting key features, specifications and brand elements with high resolution and vibrant colors.

(2) Live update

They enable exhibitors to provide real-time updates and announcements about product launches, special offers and events, keeping attendees informed and engaged throughout the show.

Royal Car Show LED Screen Solutions

royal ef-o series rental led display

Royal EF-O Series

Royal EX-A Series

royal EX-A series rental LED display

Why Choose Auto Show LED Display From Royal

Royal is a globally recognized provider of high-quality, affordable LED display solutions, committed to providing professional services to customers around the world.

1. High-quality products: All products use high-quality LED chips, driver ICs, LED modules, and LED boxes.

2. Strict quality management system: all products have passed a 72-hour aging test.

3. Rich experience: Royal has more than 10 years of experience in producing and manufacturing LED displays.

4. Perfect service: Provide 24/7 online technical support services.

5. The LED control system of Royal LED display has passed CE, EMC-B, FCC, and RoHs certification.

6. On-time delivery: Royal has a production capacity of 8,000+ to ensure on-time delivery.

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