Church LED Display Screen

Church LED display that is easy to install and transport improves the impact of worship activities

LED Screen For Church

The Royal Church LED display will enhance the impact of your church activities at very competitive factory prices!

EF-O Series

High Fresh rate HD small pixle
Rental LED display with light weight
Frontal & rear service design

EF-R Series

Rental LED display
With ultra light weight and curve lock
Frontal & rear service design

ex-a rental LED display

EX-A Series

500*500mm size Rental LED display With ultra light weight and curve lock High definition visual effect


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The Advantages of LED Church Screen

church led display

(1) Enhanced visual communication

The LED church display provides vibrant, high-definition visuals that facilitate clear communication of messages, scriptures, hymns and multimedia presentations to the congregation, ensuring better engagement during services.

(2) Expand outreach scope

LED display for church enable live streaming of services, events and information, allowing churches to transcend physical boundaries to connect with wider audiences online and promote community engagement.

led church display

(1) Event promotion

LED screens can serve as an effective marketing tool for promoting your church’s upcoming events, conferences, concerts, and special services.

They can display event details, speakers, performers and ticket information to engage attendees and generate interest.

(2) Increase income

Many churches can supplement their income by hosting weddings, performances or stage events.

Church LED display screens can serve as the background of these activities, thereby increasing the impact and beauty of the activities.

church led screen

(1) Immersive worship experience

By utilizing LED displays, churches can create an immersive worship experience with impactful visuals that promote a deeper connection with the congregation and enhance the overall spiritual atmosphere during worship.

(2) Flexibility and versatility

Church LED displays have the flexibility to display a variety of content formats, including text, images, videos, and graphics, allowing pastors and worship leaders to deliver dynamic sermons and presentations based on the needs of their congregations.

Royal Church LED Screen Solutions

royal ef-o series rental led display

Royal EF-O Series

Royal EF-R Series

Royal EF-R stage LED display

Why Choose Church LED Display From Royal

Royal is a globally recognized provider of high-quality, affordable LED display solutions, committed to providing professional services to customers around the world.

1. High-quality products: All products use high-quality LED chips, driver ICs, LED modules, and LED boxes.

2. Strict quality management system: all products have passed a 72-hour aging test.

3. Rich experience: Royal has more than 10 years of experience in producing and manufacturing LED displays.

4. Perfect service: Provide 24/7 online technical support services.

5. The LED control system of Royal LED display has passed CE, EMC-B, FCC, and RoHs certification.

6. On-time delivery: Royal has a production capacity of 8,000+ to ensure on-time delivery.

led display factory
royal led display factory
royal factory

Church LED Display Screen - Best Choice for Your Church Display

Last several years, the growth of science and technology has changed our communication, amusement, and interactive ways to a large extent. This transformation stretches to a worship place. 

There, congregations seek to create immersive and influential experiences for their members. 

In this process of evolution, the church LED screen has become a powerful tool, not only enhancing the viewing display but also bringing up deeper community awareness and affiliation. 

In this article, we sort out a guideline about LED display for church for you.

Part 1. What is a church LED screen?

Church LED display is an appliance of indoor rental LED display. It can become photos, videos, and text players because of light-emitting Diode. 

Highly tailored is one of its features, using several-sized LED screens to build up big screens of different sizes and shapes.  

The LED displays not only can demonstrate static text content but also can show dynamic videos, getting a rich watching and listening experience for someone who takes part in church’s doings. 

High-quality displaying, whether it is worship lyrics, Bible verses, preaching, or other multimedia content, all can be expressed vividly to improve the sense of participation of participants. 

Furthermore, form a church LED wall by combining multiple LED displays together so that add some unique superiority to your worship services.

church led screen display
LED screen for church

1. High-quality Display

High-quality visual presentations because of the exceptional brightness of LED display. The performance remains unaffected by the ambient light within the church.

Regardless of lighting conditions, it also can ensure consistent and powerful displays.

It showcases high-quality and true-to-life imagery by leveraging advanced technology, deepening the immersive atmosphere within the sacred space.

2. Low-cost Maintain

Church LED screens offer cost-effectiveness because of their low power consumption and operational efficiency, reducing running expenses.

Furthermore, their prolonged lifespan and stable performance contribute to additional cost savings.

3. Durability and Multifunction

As we are aware, churches are designed for long-term use, so durability is a crucial consideration when selecting suitable equipment.

Royal LED Display’s products get an enduring lifespan and reliable durability by employing high-quality LED chips and materials.

Moreover, connecting with a sound system offers a richer activity form.

4. No Limited by Scenarios

Unlike the traditional LCD screen for church, LED displays for church offer more flexible installation method, allowing for tailored setups that meet the specific layout and requirements of the church.

This adaptability ensures wherever church members are, also can be watched conveniently.

Part 2. What is the LED screen for church made of?

Most people know that the LED display screen is composed of multiple LED screen panels connected. But few people learn what is made of LED screen panels.

Here, we will show you a series of essential factors that are made of LED screen panels for church.

1. Cabinet

The cabinet can be divided into magnesium alloy cabinets, strong iron cabinets, and aluminum cabinets.

Different cabinets have unequal odds. You are able to choose a fairish cabinet according to its features.

(1) Magnesium alloy cabinets

Low density and High strength. Excellent heat dissipation and shock absorption.

It has a greater ability to withstand impact loads than aluminum alloys, and has good corrosion resistance to organic matter and alkali.

High-cost performance and installation simple.

magnesium alloy cabinets

(2) Strong iron cabinets

Wonderful sealing, preferential cost, and flexible size.

strong iron cabinets

(3) Aluminum cabinets

Light cabinet and easy to install. High accuracy and strength. Good heat dissipation and flexible size.

But more expensive than the above two cabinets.

aluminum cabinets

2. Powerful Supply

The LED powerful supply is a special powerful supply device.

The main function is changing the electric energy that comes from the power grid or other power input to electric current and voltage that is suitable for LED screen light systems.

3. Sending and Receiving Card

The main function of sending and receiving cards is to transport signals.

Input to sending and receiving card by internet signal, then sending and receiving card edit program, finally transport to modules with the ways of cables or adapter board.

Sending and receiving cards can be divided into single and double colors and full colors.

According to module interface and load points choose the suitable sending and receiving card.

4. LED Module

LED modules also can be divided into 2 types: single and double colors and full colors.

Single and double colors modules mean one color’s LED panel, like a single red, blue, or green, also available in white and other color combinations.

Full colors module is a square module that makes up for Light-emitting diodes of three colors: red, green, and blue, and is driven by coordination to create full-color pixels.

led module front
led module back

5. PCB

PCB, a full-name printed circuit board, is used to fix surface mount lights through welding.

It has two sides, one side is used to stick and fix on the circuit board, and the other side uses the IC to control the display effect of the surface-mounted light through the circuit board.

6. Driver IC

LED screen diver IC is an electronic component that designed for controlling and driving LED screens.

The driver IC fundamental relates to current control, dimming, scan control, image data processing, and others of LED displays.

For full colors LED display screen, diver IC is a role that receives video card or processor information from the source.

Part 3. What is a video wall for church?

You know that the LED display screen for church is an immediately-use product while opening the box, but the church LCD video wall is not. 

Actually, The video LCD wall is a customized multiple-screen setup. Constituting or tiling multiple LCD screens or monitor combinations together and becoming a big screen.

For example, if a 15-inch LCD screen for church can’t meet your needs, you can connect six 15-inch LCD monitors together to consist of a 90-inch big screen, not buy a heavy 90-inch LCD monitor.

Don’t forget, that it is necessary thing that own a video wall processor to control what content to display and how to display it when you install the LCD video wall for your church. 

This is because if you want to achieve from displaying different content of different monitors to identical content of different monitors, the processor is bear important function.

Part 4. What is the difference between church LED video walls and church LCD video walls?

At present, you already know what a church LED screen is and what is video wall for a church. So, in this part, we will show the difference between them.

LED video wall
LCD video wall
More expensive. Because of more advanced technology and high-quality material.Less expensive.
Unlimited size, you can assemble it to any size you want.Limited size. Usually, the size is fixed and cannot be changed.
Consists of various LED modules and no seams or bezels.Consists of multiple LCD displays/monitors and with visible seams or bezels.
Loading Requirements
Lighter than LCD displays, easier to transportation.Heavier and transportation is relatively difficult.
Highly customized, you can design a unique shape for your worship services.Limited shape.
Contrast Ratio
Indoor or Outdoor
Indoor & outdoorIndoor
Installation Time

Part 5. Where can church LED displays be installed?

1. Sanctuary

It is a key part of the church. And it is a place where the congregation gathers for worship services, sermons, and special events.

Effectively enhance the visuals of your worship service, displaying hymn words, scripture passages, announcements, and dynamic visual content that complements the spoken word by installing an LED screen for the church in the sanctuary.

2. Foyer or Lobby

The foyer or lobby is the welcoming center of a church, where worshipers gather before and after services and during events.

The church LED display can be used for offering event information, welcome information, announcements, and encouraging images to attract attendees and develop a sense of community.

church led screens

3. Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor LED display is an ideal choice that expand the scope of dissemination of church information.

Whether near the entrance, in the courtyard, or along the road, it can convey upcoming events, service time, encouraging information, and community outreach activities for passers-by and visitors.

outdoor church led display
church led display screen outdoor

4. Education Wing

There are many churches that have dedicated educational activity spaces, such as Sunday school classrooms, youth group meeting areas, adult education rooms, and so on.

The church LED display screen in these spaces can promote interactive learning experiences, display course materials, show multimedia content, and strengthen key teaching.

5. Event Halls or Fellowship Areas

You know, there are many events that will be held in a church, such as weddings, receptions, meetings, and community gatherings.

LED displays in event halls or networking areas can serve as dynamic backdrops for presentations, display event schedules, share multimedia content and enhance the overall atmosphere of the party

events led church screen

6. Mission Outreach

Church LED displays can also be used for missional outreach efforts.

Such as displaying messages of hope, sharing information about charity events, promoting volunteer opportunities, and raising awareness of social justice issues within and beyond the local community.

Part 6. How to choose the best LED screen for your church?

Now, for some people who are church managers, may want to know how to choose the right church LED displays urgently. In this part, we will offer a guide for choosing church LED screens for you.  

Before choosing LED screens for church, you demand to reflect on some questions below:

1. What content does your church plan to display?

First of all, the display content in your church LED screens is a question that you must consider. 

Lots of people can’t think about this matter when choosing pixel pitch, but it is very important. 

Because different contents require specific functions for effective running, you can get the best church LED displays.

church led display shows

2. What is the environment in which the church LED display is placed?

Different positions require unequal features of LED screens for church. 

So it is a significant thing to define the location of church LED displays before buying an LED screen.

For example, whether the church’s natural brightness affect the church LED screen brightness display? 

Or, whether the space and structure of the church are suitable for placing LED displays, etc.

3. What is the distance between the church display screen and the front row?

The probable distance between the first row and church LED displays decides the pixel pitch you need to choose.

What’s more, the pixel pitch is an important criterion when you pick up the LED screen for church.

After considering clearly, you can begin to select a suitable church LED display. These factors you need to square up:

1. Reliable Supplier

The first step is to choose a fair-weather supplier when selecting church LED screens. 

It thrifts lots of time for you and offers technical recommendations and support. 

Simultaneously, a reliable supplier is a warranty of product quality and after-sales service.

Royal LED Display is a professional manufacturing company with over 10 years of experience in outputting and manufacturing LED screen displays. 

And it obtains various LED control system special certifications. 

Royal builds up a strait quality management system and furnishes excellent LED display solutions for users.

Moreover, Royal offers 7*24 hours’ services and support, solves problems for users in a timely manner, and provides a perfect consumer experience.

2. Your Budget

The budget decides the functions and capabilities that the LED display for church will own. 

It is a natural thing that paying out higher price will get more functions and better capabilities. 

But when select LED screens for church, not seeking higher-price products, rather than meeting your needs. 

It is the best choice that choose church LED screens according to your needs and budget.

3. Installation and Maintenance

Determining and purchasing church LED displays does not mean ending this work, later installation and maintenance are also a necessary part.

For example, What installation method is suitable for the location of the church LED display? Is it wall-mounted, recessed, or suspended?

The use of LED display screens in churches is a long-term matter. 

When installing, you also need to consider whether the later maintenance is convenient and how to maintain it.

Part 7. How much is the church LED screen price?

The church LED screen price may be the first thing you want to know when you decide to buy LED screens for church. Here, we will introduce the effect factors of price for you.

1. Size

It is a bound thing that product size will influence LED screens’ cost. The larger the size, the higher the cost, and the higher price.

2. Panel Quality

The panel quality is a key factor that affecting the church LED display price. 

The higher the panel quality, the higher the church LED wall price. Here, we also sort out the list of factors affecting panel quality:

(1) Refresh Rate: The refresh rate of church LED panels determines the quality of displaying images and videos. The higher the refresh rate, the more complicated the technology, and the more expensive the price.

(2) Sending and Receiving Card: The sending and receiving card decides the output quality of LED screens. So high-quality sending and receiving cards lead to higher costs.

(3) Maintainability: Whether easy to maintain also affects the church LED display price. The more difficult for maintain, the higher the cost.

(4) Service Lifetime: More service life needs more advanced technology to support, and the cost is also more expensive naturally.

(5) Additional Features: You can select the additional features that your LED display owns. But you need to know that more additional features mean more advanced technology and more expensive prices.

3. Installation and Design Preferences

The church LED screen design, goal, and needs, all can directly or indirectly influence the cost. More complex designs mean more dear costs.

Installation is also one of the important factors that affect the price, different installation ways fit different LED screens. Of course, the price will be different.

Part 8. Extra tips: The Royal's church LED display is your best choice

Royal LED Display is a professional manufacturer that owns technical devices and workshops. 

Servicing over 1000 industry major customers and touching upon 110+ countries and regions

Here, we will share 2 series of Royal’s LED screens for church with you.

royal ef-o series rental led display

Royal EF-O Series LED Display

Videos Center

Royal EX-A series LED Displays

royal EX-A series rental LED display

You can contact Royal LED Display directly if you want to get more support.

Part 9. Conclusions

This synthesized guide expounds on everything about church LED screen for you. And Royal LED Display may be your best choice if you are looking for a suitable LED display for your worship services.