Customized Rental LED Display Screen-Royal EX-A Series
Royal EX-A series indoor and outdoor customized rental LED display offers high resolution, high refresh rate to ensure excellent visual effect

1. Royal EX-A Series Customized Rental LED Display

2. The Advantages of Royal Indoor & Outdoor Customized LED Rental Display

3. The Applications of Royal EX-A Series LED Rental Screen

4. Conclusions

Customized rental LED display screens refer to a type of LED screen or panel designed for rental for specific events, performances, exhibitions, or other temporary facilities.

These displays are customized to meet the special needs and requirements of event organizers and clients.

According to clients’ feedback and comprehensive market analysis, the Royal R&D team rolls out the EX-A series – Excellent indoor and outdoor LED display rental.

Therefore, today, we will deeply talk about what benefits can it bring to your specific activities, shows, exhibitions, and other application places and where it usually can be used.

1. Royal EX-A Series Customized Rental LED Display

royal EX-A series rental LED display

Royal EX-A Series LED Display

Support Curved Installation

The Royal EX-A series customized rental LED display screen is equipped with high precision curve lock to offer rotational control, more accurately.

At the same time, easy to use and fast adjusts the curve degree.

Supports curved installation to meet more creative installation needs.

Front and Rear Dual Service Design

The front and rear dual maintenance design makes operation simpler, makes subsequent maintenance more convenient, and saves maintenance costs.

Provides shortcut keys for LED module replacement, and the back cover is removable for easy access.

dual service with customized led rental display

Lightweight Design

The 500*500mm cabinet weighs only 8 kg, and the 500*1000mm cabinet weighs only 13 kg.

Ultra-light and ultra-thin design, easy to transport and install, more convenient to operate, and can be used in different scenarios.

EX-A 500X500mm Rental LED Display Weight


EX-A 500X1000mm Rental LED Display Weight


2. The Advantages of Royal Indoor & Outdoor Customized LED Rental Display

1. High-quality products

Royal offers high-quality LED renal indoor and outdoor display with bright colors, high resolution, and excellent brightness levels to make sure the best visibility and visual impact of events.

2. Multiple choices

We offer various choices of LED display, including different sizes, resolutions, configurations, and others to meet the requirements and budgets of various events.

various size of customized rental led screen 1
various size of customized rental led screen

3. Custom made

The rental LED screens offer customized options, such as curved LED screens, creative shapes, and modular design.

You also can build special and wonderful functions to suit the needs of activities.

4. Professional installation and support

Royal offers professional installation services to ensure the seamless installation and operation of LED displays.

What’s more, we also can offer technical support and on-site assistance.

5. Reliability and durability

The rental LED display screen of Royal can endure various environments to ensure reliable performance.

As well as, the high protection level makes it normally work outdoors, even when it rains.

6. Scalability

Royal’s LED display rental services offer scalability, allowing customers to easily expand or modify their display setup as needed to accommodate changes in event requirements or audience size.

7. Cost effective solution

Royal can provide competitive rental LED display factory prices.

8. Delivery on time

Royal has a production capacity of 8,000+ units to ensure the timely delivery of LED display equipment, thereby helping customers avoid disruption to event schedules to the greatest extent.

9. Expertise and experience

With years of experience in the LED display industry, the Royal team has the expertise and knowledge to provide customers with the best display solutions to meet their specific needs and ensure the success of their events.

10. Customer satisfaction

Royal prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing responsive customer service, listening to customer feedback, and striving to exceed expectations in every aspect of our LED display rental services.

3. The Applications of Royal EX-A Series LED Rental Screen

1. Auto show activities

At auto shows, the dynamic visual effects of LED displays attract more visitors and enhance brand influence.

At the same time, the LED monitors can also be used to display vehicle details, advertisements, specifications, functions and other features in high definition, allowing attendees to see brand information more clearly.

Auto shows provide manufacturers with an opportunity to promote their brand image.

Rental LED displays can be used to display brand logos, slogans and brand messages, enhancing brand recognition and association with quality and innovation.

auto show led display

2. Wedding event

Wedding is one of the most important occasions in everyone’s life. In addition to the flowers, romantic lights, and delicious food on this day.

The wedding LED display is also an excellent tool to enhance the wedding atmosphere.

It can be used as a wedding video background wall, to play wedding photos and wedding videos, or to connect with other electronic devices at the scene to create a romantic atmosphere.

With the help of a wedding LED screen, add beautiful, wonderful, and unforgettable memories to this day!

wedding led rental display

3. Hotel

Many hotels will also use LED displays to enhance the service experience and hotel decoration.

This is because the hotel LED display can quickly switch content to adapt to different themes and festival activities.

It not only meets the hotel’s requirements for quick response to events but also saves the cost of re-making theme posters for each event.

Meanwhile, you can also use it to display basic hotel information: such as accommodation, prices, or route guidance, saving customers time.

Or display local cultural tourism promotional videos to promote local tourism and earn extra revenue for the hotel.

hotel led display rental

4. Stage performance

The use of LED displays on stage is no surprise.

It can be used as a stage background, and the background can be switched flexibly to match the live performance and increase the audience’s immersive experience.

Moreover, the stage LED display can also be hung on both sides of the stage as a sub-screen or extended screen, giving the audience a better experience.

stage led screen rental

5. Church activities

The use of LED displays for church activities is an innovation in experience.

Use church LED displays to display Bibles, carols, worship activity content, etc., to increase believers’ sense of participation and experience.

At the same time, it can also be used to display church event announcement information.

With its high brightness and eye-catching features, it can attract more believers to participate in the event and enhance the influence of church events.

In addition to the above scenarios, the Royal Rental LED display EX-A series can also be used in more scenarios, such as fashion shows, conferences, and so on.

church led screen rental

4. Conclusions

To sum up, you will find that compared to fixed LED displays, rental LED displays will be more convenient in terms of installation or transportation.

This is because LED rental displays usually adopt a more lightweight and user-friendly design.

The Royal EX-A series of high-quality customized rental LED displays feature user-friendly design, excellent visual display effects and extremely competitive price advantages, making it the first choice for LED displays in different activities.

Want to know more? Contact us today to create a bigger impact for your next event.

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