Event LED Screen Display for Wedding, Shows, Stages, and More
Get high influence, or leave unforgettable memories by using events LED display screen in activities, like stage, shows, weddings, and so on

Part 1. What is the event LED screen?

Part 2. What are the benefits of LED screen for events?

Part 3. What are their application scenarios?

Part 4. How to choose a suitable LED display for them? 

Part 5. How much are the LED screens for events price?

Part 6. Royal LED Display: The perfect solution for event LED displays

Part 7. Conclusions

In this full of innovation and infinite possibilities in the digital era, the event LED screen is changing our viewing experience at amazing speed. 

The brand promotion, event marketing, and audience interaction are improved to a new level benefiting from this attractive and influential display technology.

Today, we will focus on exploring everything about event LED screen rental. Go on for more details.

event led screen dispay

Part 1. What is the event LED screen?

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with event LED screens, but you must be familiar with rental LED display. That’s enough because they are applications for rental LED displays.

Also, the LED screen for events covers different scenes, such as stage, brand promotion, shopping mall, commercial street, various squares, and so on.

In different scenes, the functions of the LED screen for events are also different. 

Such as, if you want to hold a concert, its intention may bring an atmospheric light effect to guide audiences to enjoy stage content more immersive.

If you need to run a charity gala, the LED screen for events is used to display important information to the people who take part in these activities. 

If in commercial streets or shopping malls, its function is to display product information for branding promotion.

So, you will find, that the LED display for events contains huge energies and it is infinite possibilities. 

With the help of this advanced technology, not only changed our viewing experience but also altered our lives unconsciously.

Part 2. What are the benefits of LED screen for events?

The indoor and outdoor events LED display can emerge many benefits for you when holding some activities. Here, we list some advantages that you wish to learn.

2.1 More imaginative watching experience

The LED screens can be spliced seamlessly, and the higher clarity and resolution bring a better watching experience. 

At the same time, the wider angle breaks the limited viewing angle, wherever corner you are, also can watch the display content clearly.

Moreover, with the ongoing development of technology in LED screens, it can show lifelike and solid stage effects for audiences.

 It also is able to transport immersive experiences and unlimited envisage to audiences. The Chinese Spring Festival Gala in 2017 had evidenced this point.

2.2 More notable display content

The traditional advertisement form always received sundry limitations. And we know, that text content is always inferior to video content, and more lifelike videos are more attractive for audiences.

The events LED screens not only can display simple text content but also can display vivid and abundant video content. It both covers the functions of traditional advertisement and owns a unique advantage.

attractive content from led screem

Try to think, if you stand in the commercial center, does text with a sign catch your eye more, or does a dynamic video attract your attention more? The answer to the cause is dynamic videos. 

Because text requires you to see it at close range, but with video you can hear the sound hundreds of meters away.

So, with the growth of technology and science, LED displays are more and more popular among someone who needs promotion for their brand.

2.3 Wider application scope

Whether compared to traditional advertisement forms or once prosperous LCD monitors, LED screens for events have a wider application scope.

No matter your event is held indoors or outdoors, both can use LED displays for events to expand the impact of the event or display the important information. 

Because text requires you to see it at close range, but with video you can hear the sound hundreds of meters away.

These limitations have break also shown that more advanced technology is supporting the development of LED screens.

2.4 Longer service time

Benefiting from the more advanced technical support, the event LED screen has a longer service time. 

Whether stably running for a long time, or enduring the terrible weather outdoors, both are the features and advantages of the event rental LED displays.

Normally, the running life of an LED screen is about 100,000 hours, in other words, that is around 10 years. But it is established on proper maintenance and better working environment.

2.5 More convenient maintenance method

In recent years, LED screen technology has become riper and riper. So the users can choose the maintenance method depending on their needs. 

The more convenient maintenance method gives LED screens better protection during the progress of working and extends its service life.

2.6 More diverse installation method

The wider application scope makes event LED screens own a more diverse installation method. Different installation ways are suitable for different application scopes and installation environments.

The common installation methods cover wall-mounted, cantilever, hanging, column type, mosaic, standing, and roof type.

According to the unique installation environment or building structure choosing affable ways is the best choice.

2.7 Easier to change display content

The LED screen for events plays and changes the content decided by its control system, such as pictures, texts, or videos, so compared to the LCD monitors, changing the display content is easier.

The control system of LED screens is divided into two types, one is the synchronous control system, as well as another is the asynchronous control system.

The synchronous control system transports the information of the control computer to sending and receiving cards to achieve synchronous playback.

synchronization control system

As well as, the asynchronous control system supports computers, mobile phones, and tablets to transport information to asynchronous sending cards by Wi-Fi to achieve control of the screens.

asynchronous control system

2.8 Various sizes

You will find with more careful, the diversity of event LED displays. Whether small screens, big screens, or LED walls, it can conform to your needs entirely.

Moreover, it also can meet your needs when your events need some special shapes of event LED screens, such as cylindrical screens, spherical screens, curved screens, Rubik’s cube screens, and so on.

Part 3. What are their application scenarios?

After introducing what is the event LED screen in part 1, you have already learned the wide applications of event LED displays. So, in this part, we will list some specific application scenarios.

3.1 Stage

The stage is the most common application of LED screens for events. Whether the light or background of the stage, there are always existed LED displays for events.

It is more beneficial to create an immersive stage and give a better watching and listening experience to audiences with the help of lifelike color reproduction and vivid display of event LED display.

stage led display event
stage led display screen application 3

3.2 Worship services

When your church needs to hold some large worship services and needs to display some major information, the church LED screen will be the best choice.

The super wide angle makes every believer watch the information clearly that you hope they can notice, even though the corner’s believers. 

Simultaneously, showing the Eulogy and Bible on LED screens for events also can reach a better communication effect.

worship service led screen
church led screens

3.3 Shopping mall

Today, the LED displays that can be seen everywhere in shopping malls are no longer new. 

Almost every brand is using LED screens for events to display product details. Some brands will use transparent LED displays for the beauty of their stores.

But these are a part of event LED screens’ applications. 

There are big and small activities that are held in shopping malls that also use LED displays for event. Display information or become the background of stages.

shopping mall led display
famou shopping mall

3.4 Charity events

It is not a fresh thing that uses LED screens for charity events

With the help of the features of events LED screen rental, which is spread widely and attractive, to display some important information and activities processes for attendees.

charity gala event led screen

3.5 Squares

It is more and more universal that use event LED screens on some squares. 

Such as displaying today’s weather details on public squares. 

Showing the train information on station squares. Or exhibiting some brand information and other important things on commercial squares.

square event led screen
led poster outdoor

3.6 Wedding

Nowadays, it is no longer surprising to use LED displays or LED walls at weddings.

You can use the wedding LED display screen as a wedding background wall or to play wedding MV or wedding photos, so that the guests present can be immersed in a romantic atmosphere.

At the same time, use event rental LED display with cameras or audio equipment to create a romantic and unforgettable memory for your marriage.

show more details wedding display
excellent visual effect by wedding led display

3.7 Auto Show

The auto show is an excellent platform for displaying your products and gaining exposure and attention.

However, how to make your brand stand out in an exhibition where many brands gather is a question that every exhibiting brand needs to consider.

Maximize the attention of attendees relying on auto show LED display.

Dynamic videos, high-definition displays, and interactive function settings can leave a deep impression on every participant.

led auto show displays
car show led display
Interactive LED floor auto show

3.8 Fashion Show

Fashion shows are also one of the places that need to rental LED displays for events.

It can show the detailed design of clothing to the live audience in a more dynamic way.

And can also complement the fashion theme to create a creative fashion stage and increase the influence of the fashion show.

Meanwhile, the easy installation and transportation features can also be used at different event locations, thereby saving long-term costs.

fashion show screen led
fashion show led display

3.9 Annual Meeting Activities

Annual meeting events usually use LED displays as the background for annual meeting stage performances or to display information such as presentations, videos, or graphics.

While enhancing employee participation, it can also better enhance the brand image.

speech performance led display
speech led screen performance

Part 4. How to choose a suitable LED display for them?

If you have planned or decided to choose an events LED screen for your activities, but don’t know how to select. 

Don’t worry! Here, we sort out a guideline about choosing a suitable LED screen for events for you. Move on!

Before choosing the LED displays for events, you need to consider a few questions:

4.1 What activity do you plan to hold?

The different activities need different event LED displays. For example, if your event is held outdoors, the protection level of LED screens attain IP65 at least.

If need to hold a concert, charity gala, or some worship services in church, the installation method is a question that you must consider. 

Because different building structures are suitable for different installation methods, and the cost is also unique.

4.2 What content do you want to display?

The display content is a question that most users easily ignore while they plan or decide to buy event LED screens. 

However, you will find it is important actually! Because it determines the pixel pitch you need and the best distance between the first row and the LED display.

what content display on event led screen

Of cause! These all condition your activity scale. Trying to think, your event venue is limited, the closer distance between the first row and LED display is meaning the same venue can cover more customers.

4.3 How much is your budget?

The budget conditions what is the most suitable product you can choose. In fact, the more expensive the product, the better. But not all events need to use the best LED screens.

With the scope of the budget, choosing the event LED screen that meets the requirement reasonably is the best way.

After considering these questions, you can choose a reliable supplier according to your needs. And to gain professional services and get twice the result with half the effort.

At the same time, a reliable supplier can offer the product guarantee and technical suggestions

Just tell your needs and budget so that you will get a satisfied event LED display, and improve more influence for your events.

Besides the reliable supplier, you must also learn some features the LED screens must cover, such as brightness, resolution, viewing angle, energy saving, and so on. 

Whether the durability meets your needs is also considered.

Part 5. How much are the LED screens for events price?

The price is the most considered thing when every user chooses the event LED screen. Here, we list some factors that will affect LED screens for events price.

(1) Size and resolution: The LED displays’ sizes and resolutions will influence the price directly. The larger size and the higher resolution need the higher cost.

(2) Pixel pitch: The different pixel pitch conditions have different prices. The smaller the pixel pitch, the more expensive the price.

(3) Brightness and color performance: The higher brightness and wider colors always need a more expensive price. Because these performances are important for the application of reverting colors to meet the demands of the outdoor environment.

(4) Installation method: The different installation methods (such as indoor wall-mounted, outdoor hanging, and so on) require different supporting structures and protective measures, these will influence the LED screens for events price.

(5) Control system and software: The high-end control system and flexible software will add to the extra cost but also can offer more customized functions and remote management capabilities.

(6) Supplier and brand: Different suppliers and brands will exist a difference in product quality, after-sales service, and functions. So, the price is different certainly.

(7) Customized needs and special functions: The customized needs and special functions (such as surface design, transparent LED display, and so on) will increase the cost usually, because these functions require extra engineering designs and cost of production.

(8) After-sales service and warranty period: The longer warranty period and the more comprehensive after-sales service will lead to price increases, but while can offer a better user experience and indemnification.

Part 6. Royal LED Display: The perfect solution for event LED displays

Royal LED Display is a leading brand that is dedicated to offering the best solution for customers. 

It owns a passionate and creative team and pursues innovation continuously. And building special and immersive viewing experiences for customers is it’s always pursued.

Royal LED Display products are known for their excellent quality and reliability.

So Royal is dedicated to supplying great value products and services always.

Except for professional technology and high-quality products, Royal LED Display has high-cost performance

Because Royal firmly believes that high-quality products are should not linked to expensive prices. 

So Royal is dedicated to supplying great value products and services always.

Royal EC-L Series-
Royal EC-L Series
Royal EF-O Series
Royal EF-O series

Videos center

Part 7. Conclusions

The LED screens for events are an effective helper for subjoining the atmosphere and influence of events. 

This guideline talks talking everything about LED displays for events. 

If you are confused about how to choose a suitable event LED screen now, it would be better to contact Royal and get professional and cost-effective services.

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