Hotel LED Display Screen

Enhance your hotel’s brand image, stand out among many competitors, and earn huge returns by virtue of the customizable hotel LED display.

LED Screen For Hospitality

The Royal rental hotel LED display is easy to install and transport, and stands out in the market with a very competitive price!

ec-o series 500*1000mm

EC-O Series

Ultra-light and ultra-thin die-cast aluminum box, easy to install and transport rental LED display. Suitable for use in a variety of activity scenarios

EF-O Series

High Fresh rate HD small pixle
Rental LED display with light weight
Frontal & rear service design

ex-a rental LED display

EX-A Series

500*500mm size Rental LED display With ultra light weight and curve lock High definition visual effect


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The Advantages of Hostel LED Display

hotel led display screen

Optimize Service Experience

The LED display not only has excellent visual attractiveness, even more, it is also a carrier of information.

Relying on the hotel LED display, the customer can get the all information that they want to obtain in a timely, such as hotel rates, hotel events, hotel directions, and so on.

Saving customers time, while better-improving user check-in experience and optimizing hotel service system.

improve hotel image by led display

Improve Hotel Image

As we all know this is an era where traffic is king. So, if you want to improve hotel income, you need to adapt to the times and use traffic to build hotels.

How to attract more clients to come and check in? The LED display will be a wonderful choice.

It can change the contents to meet different events and themes and also can simulate an immersive experience to leave a deep impression and be irresistible.

increase income with hotel led screen

Increase Income

You know, the hotel is also an area with relatively concentrated human traffic, so it is a way of increasing returns that use hotel advertising LED screen to play advertising promotion.

Meanwhile, it also can be used to display local weather, travel information, and so on. All these can improve guests’ experience, optimize hotel service, and hoist brand image to gain more passenger flow.

In addition, LED displays can also be used to inform the hotel that it can undertake various large-scale events, such as annual meetings, corporate training, birthday parties weddings, etc., in order to increase hotel revenue.

Royal Hotel LED Screen Recommended

royal ef-o series rental led display

Royal EF-O Series

Videos Center

Royal EX-A Series

royal ex-a series rental led display

Hotel Hospitality LED Display Screen 2024 Full Guide

As market competition intensifies, how to make your hotel stand out among many competitors has become a question that you must think about.

In addition to optimizing services, enhancing your hotel brand image, and increasing investment in publicity, you can also make an additional effort – the hotel LED display.

It can be used as a carrier for information dissemination, allowing your customers to quickly learn the basic information of the hostel, such as prices, activities route information, etc.

It can also be used as a decoration to quickly respond to changes and update the display content to make your tavern more distinctive and attract more customers to check-in.

What’s more, dynamic displays, can also make the hotel’s welcome more unique.

Want to learn more about hotel LED screens? Then don’t miss this latest guide.

Part 1. What is a hotel LED screen?

Hotel LED screens are advanced digital screens specifically designed for use in hotel environments.

These displays utilize light-emitting diode (LED) technology to deliver bright, high-definition visuals and can be used for a variety of purposes throughout Inn facilities.

Typically, LED displays for hotel come in a variety of sizes, from small screens for individual rooms to larger displays for common areas such as lobbies, meeting rooms, restaurants, and event spaces.

They can be wall-mounted, integrated into fixtures, or set up as free-standing units, offering flexible placement to suit each hostel’s specific needs and layout.

led hotel display screen
hotel led digital signage

Part 2. 5 reasons for choosing an LED screen for hotel

1. Dynamic visual impact

Hotel LED digital signage provides unparalleled visual impact, attracting guests with vibrant colors, crisp images and HD clarity.

Whether showcasing promotional offers, event schedules or local attractions, these screens grab attention and leave a lasting impression on guests, increasing brand awareness and recognition.

2. Versatility and flexibility

From lobbies to guest rooms, conference centers to restaurants, hotel LED display screens can be deployed in different locations and environments to serve a variety of functions.

Their versatility allows hotels to adapt and customize displays to specific needs, whether it is showing information content, wayfinding or interactive experiences.

3. Enhance communication

Clear and effective communication is crucial in the hospitality industry.

Hostel LED screens are powerful communication tools that deliver information to guests in real time.

Whether welcoming guests, providing event updates or delivering safety messages, these displays ensure important information is communicated timely and efficiently.

4. Strengthen guest experience

You should know that the primary goal of LED screen for hotel is to enhance the guest experience.

Whether offering interactive navigation solutions, crafting immersive entertainment experiences, or showcasing personalized content.

These displays enhance guests’ experiences, ensuring memorable and enjoyable stays, thereby fostering loyalty and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

5. Generate income

Hotel LED screens offer opportunities for revenue generation through advertising and promotional activities.

Inns can use these screens to showcase partner businesses, promote on-site amenities, or promote local attractions, thereby increasing revenue streams while providing valuable information to guests.

Part 3. The hotel LED display solution of Royal

royal ex-a series rental led display

EX-A Rental LED Display Series

Images Gallery

royal ex-a series1
royal ex-a series 2
royal ex-a series 3
royal ex-a series 4
royal ex-a series 5
royal ex-a series 6
royal ex-a series 7
royal ex-a series 8

Part 4. Where can the hotel LED digital signage used?

1. Reception/lobby

A hotel can accommodate thousands of people every day, and with the help of reception LED displays, every visitor can easily access real-time changing information.

For instance, hotel announcements, local events, weather updates, and cultural promotions can be efficiently conveyed through hospitality LED screens.

This not only saves time for guests in accessing information but also alleviates the workload of front desk staff.

2. Meeting room

Using the conference room LED display screen, you can easily change the screen, and switch pictures, videos, etc. that meet your needs according to different conference themes.

The LED display screen is not affected by external sunlight and does not affect its normal display without closing the window.

At the same time, stable and smooth images can also increase the participation of attendees.

3. Bar/restaurant

Bars or restaurants inside taverns can also use LED displays to enhance their style.

Use LED display screens as electronic menus in restaurants to facilitate customers’ ordering.

Simultaneously, the vivid display of images or dynamic videos ensures that customers can easily discern whether the meal they ordered meets their expectations.

Installing a DJ LED screen in a bar can be used as the background of a stage performance, integrating it with the live performance through quick switching, bringing a better consumer experience to customers.

dj led display screen for hotel
DJ LED screen display
led screen for restaurant

4. Corridor

LED screens in hotel corridors are usually used to display route information.

But some of it will also be used for advertising, through embedded information transmission, to enhance the brand’s impression in consumers’ minds, thereby achieving publicity effects.

5. Gym

The hotel’s fitness center is also an excellent area for LED displays to show off their skills.

Dynamic videos can be used to show users the correct use of fitness equipment to minimize injuries caused by improper use of equipment during fitness.

Concurrently, it can improve the efficiency of hotel services while elevating the hotel’s brand image.

6. Swimming pool

Hotel swimming pools can also use LED displays as a carrier to convey safety reminder information.

Remind users to pay attention to safety through videos. Dynamic reminders are often better remembered by customers than signage.

7. Open-air movie on hotel rooftop

On the hotel rooftop, you can enjoy the colorful night view of the city and look up at the stars.

Just like people who like to watch movies or football games, LED displays provide high-definition, colorful pictures, which improves the comfort when staying and greatly restores the reality of the viewing scene.

LED display can also be used to hold various activities during the day, and the high-definition effect will not be affected by the strong light during the day.

This meets the needs of some people for social activities and leisure entertainment, making your hotel experience more colorful.

8. Hotel entrance

Through eye-catching advertisements on LED displays, hotels can successfully promote their best rooms, tickets to local attractions, tours and gourmet meals, thus increasing their revenue streams.

Outdoor LED billboards bring many benefits, attracting more advertising sponsors to invest in LED display advertising.

This cooperation model creates a win-win situation for hotels and advertisers, especially the effect of advertising at different precise time periods.

led display in enterance
hotel led display screen

9. Hostel decoration

In addition to these practical uses, LED displays can also become a part of decoration, for example, you can install an LED wall to add more beauty and artistry to your hotel decoration.

Switching between different colors or displaying images attracts customers’ attention, prompting them to take photos or videos to share online, thus bringing significant online traffic to the hotel.

hotel led decoration display

Part 5. The price of a hotel LED display screen

When considering investing in hotel LED displays, it’s crucial to understand the factors that influence pricing and how to find the best value for your hotel.

Hotel LED display prices can vary greatly based on several key factors:

1. Size and resolution

The size and resolution of an LED display play a crucial role in its price.

Larger screens with higher resolutions generally cost more due to the increased materials and technology required to produce them.

However, these screens also offer enhanced visual impact and clarity, making them a worthwhile investment for hotels looking to create an immersive guest experience.

2. Customization and integration

Hostels often require LED screens that integrate seamlessly with their existing branding and design aesthetic.

Customization options such as curved screens, custom mounting solutions, and branded content creation may incur additional costs but can significantly enhance the overall visual appeal and brand consistency of a display.

3. Pixel pitch

This term refers to the distance from the center of a pixel to the center of an adjacent pixel.

Generally speaking, the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price will be.

4. Brightness

Different usage environments have different requirements for brightness.

And the brightness will affect whether the content on your LED screen can be displayed normally under natural light.

Generally speaking, higher brightness means higher price. But the brightness of indoor LED displays is usually lower than outdoor ones.

5. Installation method

An LED display screen has a variety of installation methods, and the complexity of different installation methods is also different.

Generally speaking, the more complex the installation, the higher the price. Because the complex installation method requires the support of professionals, it will cause certain additional expenses.

Part 6. Why choose Royal as your hospitality LED screen solution?

1. High quality products

Each of Royal’s products undergoes a 72-hour aging test before leaving the factory to ensure that every product delivered to customers is of high quality.

At the same time, Royal’s LED control system has passed CE, EMC-B, FCC, and RoHs certifications.

2. On-time delivery capability

Royal has a production factory area of 25,000+ square meters, covering all aspects of LED display production. And has a production capacity of 8000+ to ensure on-time delivery.

Therefore, by choosing Royal, you don’t have to worry about your event not going ahead as planned.

patch room
SMT workshop

3. High quality raw materials

Each of Royal’s products is equipped with high-quality LED chips, driver ICs, LED modules and LED boxes to provide users with a better product experience.

4. Stable partner

Royal has 20+ stable partners to obtain high-quality raw material channels.

5. Rich experience

Royal LED Display has more than ten years of experience in producing and manufacturing LED displays.

As a professional rental LED display manufacturer in China, Royal has served 1,000+ major industry customers, covering 110+ countries and regions.

6. 24/7 technical support service

Royal provides 24/7 technical support services to every customer to ensure customer experience.

Whenever you need it, Royal will be at your side to provide you with practical help.

7. Very competitive price advantage

For various applications of rental LED display screens, Royal can provide you with factory prices and fast delivery.

Provide you with professional LED display solutions at very competitive prices.

Part 7. Conclusions

From captivating visual impact to versatile functionality, hotel LED screen offers numerous benefits that go far beyond traditional signage solutions.

Whether showcasing promotional offers, providing wayfinding solutions, or creating immersive entertainment experiences, these displays play a key role in shaping the guest experience and driving positive brand interactions.

Want to drive more traffic to your hostel? Contact us to get professional hotel LED display solutions.