Indoor Rental LED Display: Royal EC-R Series
Royal's stage LED screen uses professional design to create an ultra-HD visual experience, adding vitality and atmosphere to your stage.

1. Royal EC-R Series Rental LED Display
2. Advantages of Royal EC-R indoor&outdoor rental LED display
3. What are the factors affecting indoor rental LED display price?
4. Extra Tips: Application scenarios for indoor and outdoor rental LED displays
5. Conclusions

As you know, rental LED displays are tailored for events like stages, concerts, weddings, exhibitions, and more.

Specifically crafted for indoor environments, the indoor rental LED display offers a diverse array of types based on various standards.

Compared to conventional display devices, LED displays boast numerous advantages.

Leveraging customer feedback and comprehensive market analysis, the Royal LED R&D team has launched the EC-R series—an outstanding line of indoor and outdoor rental LED displays.

Today, we’ll delve into its features and the benefits it can bring to your events, weddings, concerts, exhibitions, and other venues.

royal ec-r series rental leddisplay

Royal EC- R Rental LED Display

2. Advantages of Royal EC-R indoor&outdoor rental LED display

The Royal EC-R series rental LED screen stands out with its lightweight, slim design, facilitating swift installation, disassembly, and transportation.

This makes it perfect for large screen rentals and various installation scenarios.

Additionally, the EC-R series supports both synchronous and asynchronous control systems.

Whether you need real-time changes for stage performances or scheduled rotation for advertising screens, the EC-R series can accommodate your requirements.

excellent visual effect

(1) Excellent visual effect

The EC-R series LED rental displays utilize single-point color correction technology for true color restoration.

Seamless splicing enhances the viewing experience, with a wide viewing angle ensuring clear content visibility even from corners, thereby enhancing audience participation and experience.

With 14-bit grayscale and a refresh rate higher than 3840Hz, the EC-R series guarantees excellent display effects and smooth, stable content playback.

(2) High protect level

The Royal EC-R series outdoor rental LED screens feature an IP65 protection level, enabling long-term outdoor use and resilience to changing weather conditions.

Models like P1.95mm and P2.5mm are suitable for indoor activities, while P3.91mm and P4.81mm are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

high waterproof and dustproof
outstanding cost-effectiveness

(3) Outstanding cost-effectiveness

The Royal EC-R series offers excellent color uniformity at competitive prices.

For a quote, please contact us promptly.

(4) Versatile Installation Methods

The Royal EC-R series offers a variety of installation options tailored to specific scenes and event requirements.

These options include suspension, concave and convex configurations, stacking arrangements, and right-angle setups, allowing you to choose the most suitable installation method for your events.

indoor and outdoor rental led display
curved installation

(5) Meticulous Design Details

The EC-R series features a front-service design for easy maintenance and cost savings.

Its high-precision curve lock design ensures precise rotation control, supporting arc installations with adjustments available every 2.5° within a range of -10° to 15°.

Additionally, the power box adopts a hollow design for efficient heat dissipation, while protective corner guards safeguard the LEDs from damage.

The foldable design enhances safety and simplifies transportation, installation, operation, assembly, and disassembly processes.

Left and right quick-locking mechanisms ensure rapid assembly and superior screen flatness.

fast lock

3. What are the factors affecting indoor rental LED display price?

(1) LED cabinet cost

Due to different raw materials and craftsmanship for different cabinets, will affect the changes in rental indoor LED display prices.

For example, the cost of a die-cast aluminum cabinet is more expensive than an iron cabinet.

(2) Control system cost

Many Chinese indoor LED display rentals usually use asynchronous control systems.

So, today, we will mainly talk about what changes to the rental LED display price the asynchronous control system cost will cause.

The key factor that affects the cost in an asynchronous control system is the number of sending cards and receiving cards.

Generally speaking, manufacturers will determine the number of sending cards and receiving cards based on the size of the rental LED display. The larger the screen area, the more cards are used.

(3) LED screen

Apart from the LED cabinet, the LED screen cost, which includes the costs of modules, chips, power supply, boxes, signal cables, and power cables, will also influence the price of the rental LED screen.

(4) Grouped equipment

On the basis of the difference of events and your needs, there are various types of grouped equipment such as computers, audio amplifiers, distribution cabinets, LED video processors, and other equipment.

However, compared to outdoor rental LED display, the grouped equipment of rental indoor LED display is less.

This is because the indoor environment is within the scope of human control, needsn’t lightning protection. Meanwhile, its waterproof requirement is also lower than the rental outdoor LED display.

(5) Installation and setting

The complexity of the installation and setting process will also change the rental charges.

Factors such as site layout, accessibility, and logistical challenges may require additional equipment or labor, which may affect the overall cost of leasing.

(6) Technical fees

When a supplier is required to provide technical on-site support, a certain amount of room and board expenses and round-trip travel expenses will be incurred.

These are also some of the additional costs you will incur when you choose to rent an LED display.

(7) Brand reputation and quality

The reputation and quality of the rental company and LED display manufacturer will also affect the price.

Well-known brands known for reliability, durability, and customer service are likely to charge higher rents than lesser-known or lower-quality alternatives.

(8) Transportation method

Different transportation methods will also affect the pricing of rental LED displays. For example, the price of air freight is much higher than the price of sea freight.

In addition, transportation distance is also one of the factors affecting the price of indoor rental LED displays.

4. Extra Tips: Application scenarios for indoor and outdoor rental LED displays

(1) Stage

In stage performances, LED screens are used as stage background displays or stage performances for real-time communication.

Commonly speaking, the rental LED display screen will be installed in the middle of the stage as the stage background.

Or use the two sides of the stage to show live broadcasts of stage performances and close-ups of performers to the audience in the back row.

In some larger venues, stage LED displays will also be installed in the middle of the venue as an extended screen, so that audiences sitting far away can enjoy the stage performance up close, improving the audience’s viewing experience.

led screen dor stage show
led stage screen
stage rental led display

(2) Wedding

It is a nice choice to use the LED screen rental as the background of the wedding stage or to play everyone’s blessings to the couple or the couple’s love process during the wedding.

Create unforgettable memories for the couple on this special day through dynamic videos or creative displays.

wedding led display screen
LED Wedding Display p3.91

(3) Exhibition

Whether it is a museum exhibition or a car show, using a LED rental screen to display the details of the exhibits will be the right choice.

In museums or exhibition halls, some exhibits can only be viewed from a distance but cannot be touched for the purpose of protection.

However, through the dynamic display and interactive functions of the rental LED display screen, visitors can have a better visiting experience.

Auto shows can use LED displays to vividly present product details and functions to promote sales.

exhibition led 3d display
exhibition 3d led display
events led display screen p3.91

(4) Meeting room

Using LED display in the meeting room or annual meeting site, not only can improve the level but also can make the content to reach every attendee better.

Relying on its wide viewing angle, the people who sit in corners can clearly see the content on the display.

speech performance led display
speech led screen performance

(5) New product launch

How can the new product launch site clearly allow visitors to quickly understand the product and create a desire to consume it?

At this time, video presentation is often more beneficial than text.

With the help of rental LED displays, dynamic and high-definition videos and pictures can display details one by one to better promote new products.

LED Display for auto show

In addition to the above scenarios, the applications of rental LED displays are far more than that.

5. Conclusions

With over a decade of experience, Royal LED Display is dedicated to providing cost-effective LED display solutions.

Ready to elevate your event? Contact us now for professional rental LED display solutions.

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