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Part 1. What is an LED screen for car?
Part 2. The features of smart LED display screen for car
Part 3. Car LED display screen recommend
Part 4. The price of LED display board for car
Part 5. The types of it
Part 6. How to choose the best LED screen for car?
Part 7. Why choose Royal car LED display?
Part 8. Conclusions

With the growth and maturity of LED display technology, the LED display for car has become a new trend in advertising media.

It is a replenishment of advertising media, it can make your advertising cover a wider communication surface benefits from its mobile features. Even though the alley that those big screens never involved.

Please take over this guide about LED screens for car, and build more chances for your brand promotion.

Part 1. What is an LED screen for car?

Without a doubt car LED display refers to the LED display that is installed in cars. Including the body and top of the car.

Its purpose is to display text or brand logos, slogans, videos, animations, and other promotional advertisements.

Your brand promotion will have more traffic potential because of its appearance. Because it can make anyone who goes on the street become your potential customer under certain probability.

Of course, like other LED displays, it can be customized highly. You can design the size, shapes, and other functions according to your needs.

led screen for car
car led display screen

Part 2. The features of smart LED display screen for car

As a product of the development of LED display technology, what are the fascinating features of smart LED display screen for car?

Don’t hurry, here, we will list for you:

1. High resolution and clarity

Smart LED display for car offer high-resolution and clear content relying on advanced display technology, and depending on dynamic visual content to attract clients’ attention within the shortest time.

Whether display the text ads, multimedia content, or vehicle information, these LED screen can provide normal and clear displaying even no exception under the strong light outdoors.

2. Highly customized

Whether size or shape, it can be customized highly.

What’s more, you can use multiple LED displays to splice into one large LED display in a relatively large area such as car widow.

Thanks for its seamlessly splicing, you can get excellent visual effect for your advertising.

3. Single and double sided LED display

The choice between a single-sided or double-sided LED display for vehicle mounting depends on the installation location.

For instance, when mounted on the rear window or other sections of the car body, a single-sided LED display is suitable.

Conversely, if it’s positioned on the car’s roof, a double-sided LED display would be the preferred option.

4. Easy to manage

It facilitates seamless wireless transmission via both 4G and WiFi networks, boasting excellent real-time performance and top-notch stability.

Additionally, it enables network cluster control and management, empowering users to operate and manage network terminals from any location, and ensuring timely responsiveness to evolving circumstances.

5.High protection

Waterproof: Achieving an IP66 rating, this device maintains operational integrity even during rainy conditions.

Rust-proof and UV-resistant: Constructed with an aluminum shell, which undergoes default oxidation. Moreover, it can be coated with anti-UV and anti-powder outdoor paint to prevent rust and aging.

The outer shell is crafted from transparent frosted PC protective board, renowned for its exceptional light transmittance and anti-ultraviolet properties, effectively preventing screen yellowing and aging.

Featuring a robust power supply protection design, it incorporates a high-performance power control unit that provides comprehensive safeguards against overvoltage, overload, and short-circuits, while also offering delay-switching functions to ensure the safety of vehicle-mounted equipment.

Shockproof: Demonstrating excellent shockproof performance, mitigating the impact of vehicle movements on the screen during operation.

6. 24/7 non-stop work

Vehicle-mounted LED displays enable continuous 24/7 rolling advertisement broadcasts, eliminating concerns about fading into obscurity like traditional advertising methods.

With the low energy consumption characteristic of LED displays, worries about high energy costs become a thing of the past.

7. Large storage space

The screen has a large amount of information storage and can present daily advertisements, news and other information to the public through the electronic screen.

Part 3. Car LED display screen recommend

Taxi LED display

led display for car

1. How to install it? Only 12 steps!

Video Guide

Specific Steps:

Step 1: Remove screws and brackets

step 1

Step 2: Place the crossbar in the center (you can use a ruler to help you measure)

step 2

Step 3: Install the screws and secure bracket

step 3

Step 4: Connect the power supply(align the two small white dots)

step 4

Step 5: Lift the taxi screen onto the car and place it in the center

step 5

Step 6: Slowly slide the four pivot points of the luggage rack

step 6

Step 7: Choose a hook that fits your car’s roof

step 7

Step 8: Hook the door frame and tighten the hook

step 8

Step 9: Connect the power cord to the cover battery

step 9

Step 10: The yellow wire connects to the positive terminal, the black wire connects to the negative terminal

step 10

Step 11: Install the wire along the sealing strip

step 11
step 11-1

Step 12: Glue the GPS to the car and tie it.

2. 5 steps to debug the Loader of taxi LED display

Video Guide

Specific Steps:

Step 1: Click terminal control and enter the password

Step 2: Click the penultimate button and click update

Step 3: After confirming the length and width of the card, click read back

Step 4: Then click Send data

Step 5: Next, click the save to solid data

3. How to poster a video on taxi LED display? Only 4 steps!

Video Guide

Specific Steps:

Step 1: Connect the taxi LED screen Wi-Fi

connect the led display wifi

Step 2: Enter the software and click Edit

run the software
click the edit button

Step 3: Clear the All Media

click the all media button

Step 4: Click on the video to add a program, then click publish

upload the video and click the publish button

Part 4. The price of LED display board for car

You need to know the influence factors when you evaluate the price of LED display board for car so that you can make reasonable budget choice.

Here, we list some key factors for you:

1. Size and resolution

The higher resolution and bigger size LED display often required the more expensive price due to producing larger and more specifically screens will cause additional cost.

2. Protection level

The LED screens for car also is a kind of outdoor LED display, so its protection level need to reach up to IP65 at least.

Certainly, the higher protection level means more costly price.

3. Installation

The installation methods used in different installation locations will also be different, which will naturally lead to differences in pricing.

Generally speaking, more complex installation methods mean higher costs.

4. LED cabinet

The material of the cabinets will also affect the price. The die-cast aluminum box is beautiful and lightweight. Iron cabinets are low cost and can be customized in size.

5. Pixel pitch

Different pixel pitch also can cause price changes. Generally speaking, the smaller the pixel pitch, the deader the price.

6. Brightness

Outdoors, higher screen brightness is required to ensure that your ads can be seen under natural light or strong light.

But you need to know that the higher the brightness level, the higher the price.

Part 5. The types of it

The advertising LED displays for car are generally common in buses and taxis, so here we only discuss bus LED displays and taxi LED displays.

1. Bus LED display

Bus LED displays are generally installed around the bus body.

The LED screens on the front and rear windows are used to display bus information or text advertisements.

The LED displays on both sides can usually be used to show dynamic advertisements, such as videos, animations, graphics, etc.

2. Taxi LED display

Taxi LED display, the full name of taxi roof LED display, is a new advertising media that can display advertisements innovatively and beautifully.

As taxis drive around the city, your ads will appear everywhere throughout the city.

taxi led display

Of course, it can also be divided into window LED displays, roof LED displays, etc. according to different installation locations.

Extra tips: Why do cars LED display advertisements choose buses or taxis as carriers?

1. Wide coverage

As important means of transportation in the city, buses and taxis are huge in number and have numerous lines, and their penetration in the bustling sections of the city is unparalleled.

The key point in choosing advertising tools is the size of the audience rate and the scope of communication.

2. Improve city image

At the same time, buses and taxis are good carriers to display the image of the city.

Placing LED electronic displays on the bus body, front, rear, taxi roof or rear window not only serves as a platform for information release, but also beautifies the city.

3. Not limited by space

It has the characteristics of strong liquidity, wide release coverage, high effective arrival rate of information, and is not limited by time and space.

outdoor advertising without limitation

4. Optimize brand promotion

The height of the vehicle-mounted advertisement is at the same level as people’s line of sight, which can disseminate the advertising content to the public at a close distance.

And achieving the greatest visibility opportunities and the highest reach rate, which can effectively increase brand traffic.

expand brand influence

Part 6. How to choose the best LED screen for car?

here are many choices in market, so it seems a difficult task that choose the best LED screen for cars for your brand promotions.

However, you can ensure to make a wise decision that meet your needs and preference by considering some key factors.

The following comprehensive guide can help you choose a perfect LED display for cars to improve your advertising revenue.

1. The advertising content

Considering what content do you want to display can make you ensure the screen size, pixel pitch, installation method, and so on.

2. Single side or double sides

LED board for car is a relatively special LED display technology. You can choose a single-sided LED display or a double-sided LED display according to your needs.

3. Brightness and viewing angle

Consider the LED screen’s brightness level and viewing angles, especially when used in environments with changing lighting conditions

4. Additional functions

You need to consider how much is extra cost because of the additional function when you choose LED display for car.

5. Budget

Establishing a reasonable budget can help you narrow down your choices and choose an LED display at the right price, rather than choosing an LED display quality that exceeds your needs.

6. Supplier

During the selection process, reliable suppliers can provide professional advice and services, and can help you achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Part 7. Why choose Royal car LED display?

1. Professional production line

Royal has 10 years of experience in producing and manufacturing LED displays.

We have professional equipment and workshops, including SMT LED display machines, production lines, assembly lines, aging lines, etc.

All LED modules undergo strict 72-hour aging test.

2. Guarantee of on-time delivery

A factory area of 25,000+ square meters and a production capacity of 8,000+ square meters guarantee on-time delivery.

The perfect production line is also the guarantee for Royal’s on-time delivery.

3. Professional team

Have the latest production equipment and calibrated test tools.

Professional technical team provides you with 7*24 hours technical support services

We have served 1,000+ major industry customers, covering 110+ countries and regions.

4. Perfect service system

We provide 3+ years warranty service and 5% spare parts service.

Royal provides customers with professional pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services.

5. High quality product

Leading LED display manufacturer with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 certification.

Royal’s products are tested using 5A standards to provide every customer with high-quality LED products.

6. High quality raw materials

Has more than 20+ stable partners.

All products use high-quality LED chips, driver ICs, LED modules and LED cabinets.

Part 8. Conclusions

Nowadays, the era when the smell of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley is gone.

How to increase exposure for your brand and obtain high traffic has become a question that every advertiser should think about.

LED displays for car can bring your advertisements to every corner of the city and are a choice you can’t miss.

How to obtain professional services? Please contact us now to get your vehicle LED display solution.

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