LED Screen Hire – Indoor & Outdoor LED Display Rental
Royal LED screen hire has high quality, high grayscale, high contrast, and high refresh rate for various indoor and outdoor applications.

Part 1. The applications of LED screen hire
Part 2. 2024 Royal hire LED screen solutions
Part 3. What can it bring to us?
Part 4. The indoor & outdoor LED screen hire price
Part 5. Royal: The excellent China hire LED screen manufactures
Part 6. Conclusions

In the world of event planning, captivating visuals are non-negotiable.

Enter LED screen: Making any space become dynamic solutions for immersive experience.

Whether for indoor corporate presentations or outdoor festivals, the LED screen hire provides unparalleled flexibility and brightness.

From enhancing product releases to improving wedding ceremonies, these energetic displays have attracted audiences relying on their clarity and versatility.

In this article, we will talk about why the LED display is the final choice for event professionals.

It offers seamless integration and a wow factor, ensuring your event sparkles from start to finish. Let’s shed light on the possibilities together.

Part 1. The applications of LED screen hire

1. Corporate and Business Events

Utilizing an LED screen to serve as a dynamic stage backdrop during performances, or employing it to showcase presentation content at corporate annual gatherings or merchant expos, significantly elevates the caliber of these events.

At the same time, the dynamic presentation and high-quality display also make participants have better visual experience.

conference room led display screen
conference led video wall

2. Launch New Products

Incorporating LED screens into a new product launch conference enables the audience to effortlessly absorb and retain the product’s advantages and features with a quick glance, enhancing their overall comprehension and engagement.

In tandem, with high brightness, high contrast and high smoothness, it can attract the audience’s attention immediately even outdoors.

In addition, the wide viewing angle design can also ensure wider coverage, ensuring that consumers even in corners can clearly see the displayed content and understand the product.

indoor hire led screen

3. Sports Events

LED screens in stadiums have many uses.

It can be a scoreboard during the game or a multimedia replay of game highlights.

Naturally, in sprawling stadiums, the LED display serves as an expansive canvas, seamlessly broadcasting real-time game action to the audience, thereby enhancing their viewing pleasure and overall experience.

In parallel, renting LED displays can also bring additional income to event organizers: rotating sponsor advertisements between games.

sports led scren hire
hire sports led display

4. Retail Store

Transform your retail frontage with LED monitors, dynamically cycling through video content to captivate passersby.

Or spotlight special product launches to entice potential customers with an ever-changing visual narrative.

Moreover, you can also rent LED screens when opening new stores or holding events to announce some information to let people know about your upcoming opening or events.

retail led display hire

5. Concerts and Outdoor Festivals

Elevate the ambiance of concerts and outdoor festivals by opting for LED display screen rentals, transforming venues into dynamic showcases that mesmerize attendees with dazzling visuals and unforgettable moments.

Infuse stage performances with immersive energy by leveraging concert LED displays as dynamic main stage backdrops, sub-stages, or extended stages, enveloping the audience in an unforgettable sensory journey.

During outdoor festival activities, use outdoor LED screen hire to connect to speakers or other electronic products to play festival theme songs and event videos to create a festival atmosphere.

concert led screen hire
festival hire led screen

6. Trade Show

Looking to steal the spotlight at a trade show? Leave competitors in the dust and commandeer attendees’ gaze?

Opting for a hired LED screen proves to be a savvy choice that ensures your booth stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Harness the power of high brightness and dynamic displays to instantly captivate attendees, drawing them like moths to a flame to your booth, and compelling them to pause and explore what you have to offer.

Meanwhile, the visually impactful images always make attendees unable to resist picking up their mobile phones to shoot videos and post them online, thereby gaining more traffic and additional exposure opportunities.

hire led display trade show
hire trade show led display
trade show led hire screen
trade show led display hire

7. Live Events

LED wall monitors/panels rented by event organizers enhance live events.

What’s more, with the advantage of seamless switching, it can quickly respond to the screen or content requirements of different programs to ensure the smooth progress of the event.

hire event led screen
events led hire screen
led screen hire event

8. Charity Dinner

Charity dinners usually use LED screens hire as the background or some auction items to display, giving participants a better visual experience.

Simultaneously, it can also be used at the entrance of a dinner party to display some important information to guests.

charity gala event led screen

9. Fashion Show

The rental LED display is usually as a catwalk background or is used for displaying the clothing details to make audiences feel design details from various angles.

Certainly, it can also be used as an advertising display platform.

During the intermission, rotate sponsor ads or clothing brand ads to earn extra revenue.

fashion show screen led
fashion show led display

10. Conference Room

Using hire conference room LED display to display result reports, conference content, or dynamic data changes to make every attendee can actively participate in it.

Also, those who actively participate in the meeting and are located in the corner of the meeting room can clearly see the screen display content and receive meeting information in a timely manner.

led screen for meeting room
meeting led display screen

12. Outdoor Cinema Screen

In addition to providing the ultimate cinematic experience, the huge high-resolution LED screen hire also attracts crowds.

Combined with surround sound, you get the ultimate outdoor cinema experience.

cinema hire led screen

12. Advertising

Reaching more consumers with the same investment as competitors is something almost all advertisers want to achieve.

With the help of hire LED panels, you can attract consumers in the first place with dynamic and charming displays.

Meanwhile, with support from wide viewing angle, your advertising will cover more consumers and you can get higher traffic.

hire advertising led display screen
hire led screen advertising

Part 2. 2024 Royal hire LED screen solutions

EF-Y Series Hire LED Hire

EF-Y rental LED display screen

EC-L Series LED screen Hire

More Details

ec-l rental led display 500
ec-l display led rental 500
ec-l rental display 500
ec-l led rental display 1000
ec-l display led rental 1000
ec-l rental led display 1000

Part 3. What can it bring to us?

1. Create an Atmosphere

Whichever concert or event site, the LED screen hire can follow the theme or changes of performance to make the right response in timely.

Banking on dynamic images and connection with other electronic equipment on site, transform the event into a high-end audio-visual feast and bring to more immersive experience for the audience.

Coinciding with, for some larger venues, the hire LED display can be highly customized to different sizes and shapes to install in different locations.

Bring the atmosphere of live performances to audiences in different corners at close range.

2. Get Traffic

Either indoor or outdoor, they can attract people’s attention immediately depending on energetic display and high-quality images.

This visual appeal can attract passers-by and curious onlookers, increasing foot traffic to your event or venue.

In concert, irrespective of whether displaying dynamic advertisements, live event broadcasts, or interactive presentations, LED displays can effectively engage the audience.

3. Huge Returns

In this era where traffic is king, with the high traffic brought to us by LED screen hire, you can also earn huge profits from it.

No matter whether it is used as an advertising display to increase awareness of your brand, or to provide you with additional advertising booths at events, it is one of the ways for you to earn huge returns.

4. HD Display

Royal rental LED display screen brings you high-definition and smooth display of content with its high contrast, high grayscale, and high refresh rate.

Concurrently, the easy transportation and installation features can also save you a certain amount of installation and transportation costs.

5. Wide Range of Applications

In either case indoors or outdoors, whether it is a stage performance or a conference presentation, the LED display hire can accurately present the content in front of people.

At once, it provides participants with an immersive atmosphere and an impactful visual experience.

6. Price Advantage

Depending on different specifications, brands and other factors, the price of the display will vary.

Royal rental LED screens are sold at factory prices while ensuring the high quality of the products.

Part 4. The indoor & outdoor LED screen hire price

If you have made a decision to purchase a LED screen hire for your event, then price will definitely be your concern.

In fact, the price of hire LED screen will be affected by many factors, such as its specification, practicality, protective, and so on.

Therefore, almost all LED display suppliers are unwilling to list their prices online

But it doesn’t matter, you can still estimate its approximate price by understanding some important factors:

1. Pixel Pitch

This term refers to the distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels. Generally speaking, a smaller pixel pitch means a higher price.

Small pixel pitch LED displays are usually used indoors (It typically refers to the LED display whose pixel pitch under P2.5).

2. Size

Different panel sizes will also bring about price differences. Usually speaking, the larger the size, the higher the price.

Furthermore, some creative shapes of LED screens also are the reason for the cost increase. Like mask LED display, cylindrical LED display, four-sided LED display, and so on.

Because the shape is more unique, the technology requirements will be higher, and the cost will be more expensive.

3. Protection Level

The higher protection level means more complex display technology and the cost will be higher.

For example, the protection level of outdoor LED screen hire(At least reach up to above IP65) is usually higher than that of indoor LED screen hire.

4. Installation Method

Different installation methods also cause different prices. The more complex the installation method, the higher the price.

This is because the complex installation method needs professional technicist support, so you need to pay some extra fees.

5. Maintenance Method

Different maintenance methods will cause the cost of buying LED display hire to increase. The more convenient the maintenance, the lower the cost.

6. Brightness

In general, the higher the brightness, the more expensive the price. As well as, the brightness requirements of outdoor LED screen hire are ordinarily higher than those of indoor LED screen hire.

7. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is one of the important factors to ensure screen smoothness. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the images, the more deal the price.

Commonly, the refresh rate requirements for sports LED display rental are very high. The refresh rate of the Royal LED display is as high as 3840HZ or more.

7. Other

By all means, you can customize other functions, for instance, connect it with other technical equipment at the event site.

But you need to know, that these extra functions are not free.

If you want to get a detailed quotation, you can contact our salesperson. They will offer a detailed list, and it contains the quotation you need.

Part 5. Royal: The excellent China hire LED screen manufactures

As a supplier focused on rental LED display manufacturing, Royal has its own strict standards and management system in terms of product quality, delivery, and service.

What you can get when you choose Royal:

High-quality Products

Every product is equipped with high-quality LED chips, drive IC, LED modules, and LED cabinets.

The Royal’s LED control system has passed CE, EMC-B, FCC, and RoHS approval.

Each product has passed a 72-hour aging test before leaving the factory.

Experienced Team

Royal has 10+ years of experience in producing and manufacturing LED displays.

Our team is always focused on R&D and manufacturing LED screens and is dedicated to offering a one-stop solution for our customers.

We have serviced 1000+ major industry customers and covered over 110 countries and regions.

Capability of Delivering on Time

Royal has a factory area of 25,000+ square meters and a production capacity of 8,000+ square meters to ensure on-time delivery.

Perfect Service

We provide 3+ years warranty and 5% spare parts service.

7*24 hours online technical support.

Part 6. Conclusions

LED screen hire can be used in all walks of life, and with humanized design, it can quickly respond to different activity needs.

Royal hire LED screen has high quality, high refresh rate and high gray scale, bringing excellent visual effects to your activities.

Simultaneously, Royal adopted a lightweight design, the lightest cabinet weighs only 6.5kg, easy to transform and install, saving more cost for you.

Now, please contact us with no hesitance, and get ready for your next event!

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