LED Wall Display Screen Rental for Stage, Wedding, and More
How much do you have to cost when you want to get an LED wall display screen rental? In the 2024 newest guide you will get all information.

Part 1. The Advantages of LED wall display rental
Part 2. Royal LED display wall rental solutions
Part 3. When do you want a rental LED wall for your events?
Part 4. The applications of them
Part 5. LED wall rental price: How much will it cost?
Part 6. Conclusions

Harnessing breathtaking visual effects and customizable features, LED screens have become essential instruments for captivating audiences and crafting unforgettable experiences for event organizers.

Whether energizing the stage with lively graphics and live streams or adding elegance with personalized displays, the possibilities for creating unforgettable experiences are limitless.

LED wall display rental offers unparalleled flexibility and influence.

Feeling like doing to learn about the LED rental video wall, don’t miss this brand-new guide that regards its advantages, applications, and price.

Part 1. The Advantages of LED wall display rental

1. Easy to install and transport

The Royal rental LED display boasts an innovative ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight design.

In fact, our lightest LED cabinet weighs merely 6.5kg, offering unparalleled convenience for both transportation and installation.

Not only does this feature streamline logistics, but it also translates into significant savings on transportation and installation expenses.

2. Excellent visual effects

In contrast to conventional display technologies, our rental LED video wall boasts superior resolution, refresh rate, and contrast, delivering stunning ultra-HD display effects.

What sets it apart is its ability to showcase mesmerizing visual effects through dynamic content and true-to-life color restoration, creating an immersive viewing experience like no other.

3. Compatible with modern technology

Our rental LED display screen video wall is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of electronic equipment, including audio and photography gear, to enhance stage effects and elevate performances.

What’s more, it effortlessly adapts to changes in stage dynamics, ensuring a smooth and timely response through seamless switching, ultimately delivering an unforgettable and impressive stage experience.

rental led video wall
led display wall rental

4. Interactive features

At lively events like music festivals, LED displays step up to engage the audience in interactive experiences.

Picture this: attendees connect their gadgets, sending real-time messages that light up the screen in a barrage of excitement, boosting everyone’s feeling of being part of something special.

5. Seamless splicing

When it comes to visuals, LED displays have a magic touch that sets them apart from LCD screens: seamless splicing.

This means your eyes get treated to a smooth, unified picture that’s pure eye candy.

So, whether you’re watching videos or checking out images, it’s a feast for the senses that’s hard to beat.

led video wall rental
lcd video wall

LED Video Wall VS LCD Video Wall

6. High cost performance

Although in the short term, LED displays are a costly investment.

But considering the subsequent maintenance, service life and profit return from the results, it is still a worthwhile action!

Part 2. Royal LED display wall rental solutions

Solution 1: EC-O Series Rental LED Wall Display

quick keyholes

Solution 2: EX-Y Series LED Wall


Part 3. When do you want a rental LED wall for your events?

This is really a question worth discussing!

It is a sensible choice to rent an LED wall for your event when you want to improve the audience’s experience and leave an enduring impression.

When you organize these activities, please consider the rental LED wall:

1. Big event

For conferences, trade shows, concerts, and festivals, you need to attract large audiences with high-quality visuals and dynamic content.

At this time, LED rental walls can help you achieve this goal. High-definition content display and a wide range of perspectives can reach as many audiences as possible.

rental led video event wall
led event video wall
event led video wall

2. Outdoor party

Whether it’s an outdoor concert, sporting event, or community festival, LED video walls ensure your content remains visible even in bright sunlight or adverse weather conditions.

3. Corporate functions

From product launches and corporate meetings to dinners and award ceremonies, LED walls can add a touch of professionalism and sophistication to your corporate events.

conference led video wall
led wall display screen rental

4. Live performance

DJs, bands, and performers can enhance their performances with stunning backdrops, live videos, and interactive visuals to enhance the entertainment value for their audiences.

led stage video wall
stage rental led video wall

5. Branding and marketing activities

Effectively promote your brand, product, or service at trade shows, exhibitions, and promotional events by displaying eye-catching brand elements, product demonstrations, and engaging content on LED walls.

led walls for advertising

By hiring an rental LED display  for your event, you can create an immersive experience that captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impression that sets your event apart.

Part 4. The applications of them

1. Concerts and live events

The rental LED wall usually is used for concerts, music festivals, and live stage performances to create an immersive visual experience for audiences.

It generally serves as dynamic backgrounds for displaying high-resolution graphics, real-time video sources, and synchronized lighting effects that enhance the overall ambiance.

concert rental led video wall
concert led display wall

2. Sports venues and gymnasiums

For the stadium, an LED wall display screen is an indispensable part, it can display the live reply, player statistics, and sponsored advertisements to enhance the experience for the audience.

The LED video walls not only add to the pleasure of competitions but also provide real-time valuable information for audiences.

sports led display wall
sports led display screen wall

3. Weddings and special events

On special days, such as weddings, receptions, or other special occasions, you can create meaningful and unforgettable memories with the help of LED video wall.

They can display personalized messages, photo slideshows, and live video streams, creating unforgettable moments and enhancing the overall atmosphere of your event.

wedding led rental display
excellent visual effect by wedding led display

4. Broadcasting and film production

LED video walls are also used as virtual backgrounds and sets in television studios, film sets, and broadcast facilities.

They enable dynamic scene changes, realistic visual effects, and immersive environments, improving the production value of movies, TV shows, and live broadcasts.

Overall, the applications for LED video wall display rentals are nearly endless.

Delivering unparalleled versatility, visual impact, and engagement across a wide range of industry and event environments.

rental led display screen wall
led display wall for rental

Part 5. LED wall rental price: How much will it cost?

We are usually used to finding its price on the Internet, but we find that it seems that all suppliers don’t like to list prices.

This is because there is a large spread may exist according to different product quality, specification, availability, place, service hours, and other factors.

So, how much influence do they have on the rental cost of LED display screens?

Here, we list some factors that you must consider:

1. Pixel pitch

Usually speaking, the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution, and the clearer the image display.

However, it is not a golden rule to choose LED screens, because it also means higher cost.

Therefore, we will suggest choosing a suitable pixel pitch on the basis of the specific needs.

2. Event location

Will the event be indoors or outdoors? The price of an outdoor LED display wall rental will be more expensive than an indoor one.

Because outdoor requirements require higher protection levels and higher brightness.

3. Service time

Generally speaking, the first day of rental will usually cost more than other times.

Because you need to pay for some extra fees, such as installation, transportation, and others, on the first day.

What’s more, the fee will decrease in subsequent days. The longer the rental period, the higher the price.

4. Installation method

You will need some tools to help you when installing the LED display screen video wall for rental. In addition, if the installation is more complicated, it also consumes more cost and labor.

5. Modular or mobile

Renting a modular unit usually costs more than renting a mobile one.

The mobile LED display will be installed on movable vehicles forever to meet the need that reach as many target people as possible.

Usually used in amusement parks, parades, electronic music festivals, and so on.

There is a can’t be ignored extra expenditure: You need to equip a person who controls the LED wall display screen rental in the car.

The modular LED screens are usually built on-site and require metal frames as supports.

They are generally more popular for indoor events, such as concerts, car shows, performances, and other activities, and have more possibilities for customization options.

Furthermore, it can meet the needs of oversized sizes, even LED walls.

modular led video wall


mobile led video wall


6. Size

As conventional thinking goes, a bigger size means a higher price.

However, the oversized LED display screen video wall for rental can achieve massive viewing at the same time and respond promptly to surrounding changes.

This is a variety of possibilities that other media tools cannot achieve.

led wall display rental
led video rental display wall
led rental video wall

How to calculate the LED wall rental price?

You can roughly estimate your rental costs based on the following methods:

Step 1: Calculate how many LED panels you need for your wall.

Step 2: Calculate the total cost according to single LED panel price.

Step 3: Add labor costs, equipment costs, and so on to the rent.


(1) The rental fee also includes the cost of LED technicians on-site to help you set up, operate and disassemble the LED screen.

(2) When you consider that sound and power can sometimes be masked and require additional equipment and services, such as camera feeds and content guides, you’ll also need to pay a premium.

Some points to note about LED rental wall price

(1) Structural cost

Obtain CAD drawings of the LED cabinet from the supplier and consult a local structurer to obtain structural costs for the frame components.

Then coordinate with installer to estimate installation costs.

(2) Freight

Please offer the pickup address, estimated shipping date, and precise package dimensions for ensuring the freight.

If choosing shipping, please ensuring the destination fee, including unloading fee, terminal handling fee(THC), port service fee(PSC), operating fee, port congestion fee, and other fees.

These fees will be paid for when the goods arrive at the port.

You can get detailed charging standards and freight information form freight agency.

In addition, please pay close attention to freight trends and allow some leeway when providing quotes to end users.

(3) Taxes

We suggest reaching out to your local broker to grasp the tax and customs obligations concerning LED displays.

These regulations can fluctuate based on your country or region.

For instance, in areas like the EU, there might be no customs duties, but a 15% VAT (which is refundable) is applicable.

Meanwhile, in countries such as Jordan, Brazil, or the United States, tariffs of 20% or more could be enforced.

Additionally, there could be other potential expenses to consider before arriving at a final approximate cost.

Please bear in mind that the rental price of an LED display can fluctuate based on its specifications and various factors.

Should you wish to inquire about the most recent LED rental wall prices, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Part 6. Conclusions

Want more explosive stage effects? Want a more romantic wedding backdrop?

Come and use the LED wall display rental!

With dynamic effect display and high-definition, smooth images, you can add a unique style to your event.

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