Mobile LED Screen Rental: 2024 Ultimate Guide
Royal mobile LED screen rental can be used for various scenes, such as sports events, church activities, and advertising with factory price.

Part 1. What is the mobile LED screen rental?
Part 2. Royal 2024 newest mobile LED Screen solutions
Part 3. The advantages of mobile LED screen hire
Part 4. The applications of LED screen truck rental
Part 5. The price of mobile LED screen trailer for sale
Part 6. The notice when you buy it
Part 7. FAQs about mobile video wall
Part 8. Conclusions

Looking to extend the reach of your advertising efforts to any location?

Interested in streamlining the setup of your LED display for events?

If so, consider opting for a mobile LED screen rental.

This option is favored by event planners and advertisers alike for its adaptability, broad coverage, and other advantageous features.

Today, we’re excited to present you with the latest guide for 2024 on mobile LED display screens.

Part 1. What is the mobile LED screen rental?

The concept of rental mobile LED screens revolves around providing portable LED panels for diverse events and occasions.

These screens boast LED technology, ensuring high-resolution, vibrant displays, and they’re effortlessly transportable and installable across various venues.

Typically utilized for outdoor events like concerts, festivals, sports gatherings, corporate functions, trade expos, and public assemblies, these LED trailer rentals offer versatility in size, layout, and setup preferences.

This adaptability renders them perfect for dynamic, visually striking presentations.

Opting for mobile LED screen hire enables event organizers to deliver captivating visual experiences without the need for permanent installations or investments in costly equipment.

mobile led screen rental
hire mobile led display
led screen display hire

Part 2. Royal 2024 newest mobile LED Screen solutions

EF-O Series Rental LED Display

royal EX-A series rental LED display

EF-Y Series LED Rental Display

Part 3. The advantages of mobile LED screen hire

1. Flexibility

Renting an LED screen truck offers the convenience of easy transportation to various locations, making it a perfect fit for outdoor concerts, festivals, corporate gatherings, sports events, and more.

mobile truck led screen
truck led screen rental
rental truck led display

2. High visibility

LED monitors provide bright, energetic displays, it can endure high visibility even under sunlight or in large venues.

This makes them very suitable for outdoor activities with strict visibility requirements.

led mobile rental display
mobile led rental display

3. Customized

Mobile LED screens come in a range of sizes and configurations, allowing for customization to suit the specific requirements of each event.

Whether you require a sizable display for concerts or multiple smaller monitors for trade shows, they can fulfill all your needs.

4. Participation

The dynamic capabilities of LED screens capture viewers’ attention and elevate engagement levels.

Whether showcasing real-time data, promotional materials, or interactive features, LED screens create an immersive experience that resonates with attendees.

5. Save money and time

The Royal mobile rental LED display offers hassle-free installation, removal, and transportation, providing event organizers with a time-saving solution.

This guarantees seamless operations and minimal disruptions throughout the event, allowing for a smoother experience overall.

6. Reach a wide audience

When juxtaposed with fixed LED displays, mobile LED displays boast distinct advantages.

Their mobility allows them to be relocated to various venues, expanding audience reach and achieving broader coverage across different locations.

mobile led screen wide viewing
wide viewing mobile led screen

Part 4. The applications of LED screen truck rental

It is discovered that mobile LED screen has extraordinary advantages in some environments that require many people to watch the content outdoors during the day.

This also makes them the first choice of any outdoor events that have 50 or more participants.

1. Concert

In concert, the LED video wall commonly is used for amplifying performance, displaying signage, and sponsored ads.

The LED screen truck rental is very suitable for this purpose in outdoor environments.

mobile concert led display
concert led screen mobile

2. Fairs and festivals

In different fairs and festivals, the mobile LED screen hire normally put to use for displaying information, playing advertising, clipping video, and conveying live performances.

3. Golf tournament

In golf tournaments, use rental mobile LED displays as scoreboards or sponsorship signs.

golf led screen mobile
mobile golf led display

4. Marathon

Set up mobile LED screen rental along the marathon route to display live video, provide directional signage, communicate safety alerts, display race results, or express gratitude to sponsors.

At the same time, it also expands the brand influence of sponsors and achieves a win-win result.

5. Trade show

If you need to participate in different trade shows to attract more attention, LED trailer rental will be your best help.

It allows for easy transitions and high-definition, vivid visuals that will help you stand out from the crowd.

trade show led display mobile
led screen trade show mobile
mobile trade show led display

Maybe you know about trade show LED display

6. Watch party

It is an excellent aid to enhance the performance of movie viewing events or grand premieres of programs organized in some parks or communities.

With high-definition display and wide viewing angles, even viewers sitting in corners can get a good visual experience.

mobile rental led video wall
rental led screen mobile

7. School

Whether it is real-time scoring of graduation ceremonies or school sports games, it is a worthy choice.

With dynamic displays, playing graduation videos or photos of graduates, leave unforgettable memories for students.

7. Activism

It is easier and more effective to use mobile LED displays to convey your message to the masses at parades or rallies.

8. Commercial front desk signage

Place a mobile LED screen at the front of the store to display signage, announcements and advertising.

They’re a great way to create a buzz by adding an element of flexibility.

rental advertising outdoor led display
led advertising display mobile
mobile advertising led screen

9. Church

Gather your congregation outdoors by displaying sermons, lyrics and other signage at your church or place of worship.

Part 5. The price of mobile LED screen trailer for sale

The mobile LED screen trailer for sale price will be different due to its specification, availability, function, and so on features.

So, most suppliers are not willing to list the specific price online.

But you also can estimate the approximate cost according to some key factors.

Here, we list it for you:

(1) Pixel pitch: It refers to the distance between two neighboring pixel centers. The smaller pixel pitch means a higher resolution, so the cost to pay for also will be higher.

(2) Size: The bigger size of LED panels represents a higher price.

(3) Refresh rate: The higher resolution implies more advanced LED display technology, so the cost will be more expensive.

(4) Protection level: The higher the protection level, the more expensive the price. Generally, outdoor requirements require a protection level of at least IP65 or above.

(5) Brightness: The higher the brightness, the higher the price. Usually, higher brightness is required outdoors to ensure the normal display of content.

(6) Additional function: The more additional features, the more technical support required and the higher the price.

For a specific quote, please contact our sales staff today.

Part 6. The notice when you buy it

When you decide to purchase a mobile LED screen rental for your event to enhance its impact, you also need to know what preparations you should make.

1. Define your needs

Firstly, You need to know what content you will play on the mobile LED display, video, text, or text? 

Second, be clear about where you need to use it. Although most of the time it is used outdoors, in some cases it can be used indoors.

Finally, be clear about the size of the event you need to host. This will determine how much pixel pitch is appropriate to achieve the desired effect.

Generally speaking, in events such as music festivals and new product launches, when the viewing distance is relatively close, it is recommended to choose LED screens with smaller pixel pitch.

You may be interested in: small pixel pitch LED display.

On the contrary, please choose an LED screen with a larger pixel pitch, which will not only provide excellent visual effects, but also save certain costs.

2. Find reliable suppliers

A reliable supplier must be something worth noting. It not only determines the quality of your LED display products, but also determines the services you will receive.

Here we will introduce you how to choose the right supplier:

First of all, you should know that suppliers are not good at manufacturing all LED products. They usually have their own flagship products or focus on a certain type of product.

Therefore, you need to know in advance those suppliers who have succeeded in manufacturing mobile LED screen rental.

Then, you need to make further decisions about the selected suppliers.

Step 1: Obtain the supplier’s qualifications and reputation

Find out whether the supplier has obtained a business license, tax registration, and so on. This step determines whether you can get the promised service.

Find out whether the supplier has obtained relevant industry certifications. For example, ISO9001 quality management system certification.

Check for customer feedback from this supplier. Just like when you decide to go to a restaurant, you need to know what consumers say about the restaurant.

Step 2: Evaluate Product Quality

First, understand the product evaluation criteria, including its performance, reliability, durability, safety, service life, energy consumption, display effect, and so on.

Then, each product should be tested for quality. You can obtain this step through on-site inspection or requesting relevant videos.

Step 3: Consider after-sales service

The supplier’s after-sales service should also be included in the scope of inspection.

This is because the LED display screen is not a one-time use product, and there will always be unavoidable problems encountered during use.

At this time, good after-sales service is the guarantee for the smooth use of LED display products.

Royal provides each customer with a 3+ year warranty and 5% spare parts service.

Meanwhile, Royal will also provide 7*24 hours free online technical support services. If necessary, Royal will also provide you with on-site technical support services.

3. Develop a reasonable budget

Budget is also something that everyone who chooses to purchase an LED display must do.

When formulating a reasonable budget, you need to consider the additional possible costs of the LED display’s inherent costs, installation costs, and maintenance costs.

When considering inherent costs, you can consider the price impact of LED displays.

Installation and repair costs, you need to factor in the cost of having technicians on site for support.

Additional expenses such as travel expenses incurred by technicians also need to be considered.

Part 7. FAQs about mobile video wall

Q1: What are the benefits of using a mobile video wall?

Mobile video walls offer a variety of benefits, including high visibility, flexibility, quick setup, and the ability to engage audiences in both outdoor and indoor environments.

They are ideal for events such as stage shows, festivals, trade shows, new product launches and sporting events.

Q2: Are trailer LED walls suitable for indoor events?

Yes, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

They can be used in venues such as conference centers, exhibition halls, ballrooms and retail spaces to create immersive visual experiences and capture the attention of your audience.

Q3: Can the content of the rental mobile LED wall be customized?

Yes, trailer video walls hire can display a variety of content, including live video feeds, pre-recorded videos, graphics, animations, and interactive elements.

Content can be customized to fit event themes, branding and audience preferences.

Q4: Can mobile video walls be rented for short-term events?

Yes, mobile LED wall is typically hired for short-term events such as one-day conferences, trade shows, product launches and festivals.

Rental periods can range from a few hours to several days or weeks, depending on event duration and requirements.

Q5: Can mobile LED video wall trailer be used for advertising purposes?

Yes, mobile rental LED video walls are effective advertising tools and can be used to display promotional content, ads, sponsor messages, and brand visuals.

They offer high visibility and engagement opportunities, making them a popular choice for marketing campaigns and brand activations.

Part 8 Conclusions

At this point, you will find that mobile LED screen rental is a worthwhile investment.

Because it can help you increase the impact of your event, thereby gaining higher attention and traffic.

Similarly, using the LED trailer screen rental as a carrier for outdoor advertising, it can enhance the impression of your brand with wider coverage and reach more consumers.

In addition, even as a display platform for trade shows, it also allows you to stand out from your competitors with more vivid displays and higher visibility.

Do not hesitate! Contact us to get professional solutions and satisfactory services, and get ready for your next event!

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