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Outdoor LED Display

High quality full color outdoor LED display with best color uniformity and factory price. we offer all series LED display module with various pixel such as P10mm, P8mm, P6mm, P5mm, P4mm, P3mm, P2.5mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm, etc. Our indoor LED display are made with high quality LED chips and driver ICs which ensure the LED screen is high fresh rate and high greyscale.

960X960-R Series

Hot Sale Frontal&Real Service Outdoor LED display with 480*320mm panel and 960*960mm led cabinet size.

960X960-O Series

IP67 960*960mm Frontal service LED screen with die casting module design and 320*320mm module.

960X960-Y Series

Customized Outdoor fixed LED display high brightness high waterproof IP65 LED video wall.

960X960-A Series

Hot Sale Real Service Outdoor LED display with 320*160mm panel and 960*960mm led cabinet size.

1000X1000-R Series

High brightness Royal Front Maintenance High-end Outdoor Billboard LED Display LED Video wall

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Outdoor LED Display Screen -Factory Price & Motivate Advertising Spreading

In this age where digital technology dominates, the outdoor LED display represents the cutting edge of outdoor advertising and information sharing. These beautiful and dynamic screens stand at the forefront of attracting audiences in various environments.

The outdoor LED screens catch customers’ eyes immediately with colorful visual effects, bring huge traffic for your advertising, and improve your brand.

1. What is the outdoor LED display?

The outdoor LED display is a dynamic visual technology intended to transport highly influential information in an open-air environment.

They have weather resistance and durability by designing carefully, so they can hold excellent image quality while enduring terrible weather.

There are many sizes and resolutions of outdoor LED screens to meet all kinds of needs – from the huge advertising board of highway to stadium’s digital signage or smaller screens that are used for storefront advertising for retail stores.

Their capabilities of displaying dynamic graphics, videos, and real-time content can effectively attract the public, radio advertising, transport information, or just add beauty to some areas.

 As well as, to get more traffic for your brand, get LED wall by combination to build a huge screen to gain a wide viewing angle to attract more clients.

At the same time, they quickly become a popular modern advertising method with higher protection levels, higher durability, more comprehensive function, and longer service lifetime.

2. Why Choose An Outdoor LED Display

2.1 Strengthen the visual impact

Giant outdoor LED display with larger size, high-definition picture quality, and outdoor full-color LED screen can more comprehensively promote the visual impact of the masses, can quickly transmit information, and promote people’s consumption.

2.2 Wide coverage

Outdoor advertising LED display screens usually appear in high-end shopping malls and traffic hubs with concentrated traffic. Being able to establish stable and good communication with consumers, arouse consumers’ strong desire to buy things.

2.3 Long release time

The outdoor LED screen for advertising can not only play 24 hours a day, but also save energy and protect the environment, work around the clock, and can fully adapt to various harsh outdoor environments.

The overall performance is strong. It is good enough to guide potential customers so that enterprises can achieve better advertising effects with fewer investment costs.

2.4 Low advertising cost

Outdoor full-color LED screens can more effectively cooperate with traditional TV advertisements. The outdoor LED screens’ price is only 1% of TV advertisements to achieve the effect of ordinary advertisements.

2.5 Advertising content is easy to modify

Compared with the traditional forms of advertising, facing overwhelming advertisements, printed leaflets, posters, etc., people began to slowly lose interest in watching.

The LED billboard advertising display only needs to be modified on the terminal equipment and does not require extra printing costs, and it is convenient to change the text content of the screen at any time.

3. Application of LED Outdoor Advertising Display

3.1 Square

You can see the shadow of outdoor LED displays in lots of squares. They are responsible for transporting information, advertising, and so on.

Such as the train information display on station squares, or the advertising on squares that are outdoor in office buildings.

3.2 Large shopping malls

The LED display in large shopping malls is usually used for displaying brand advertising. They are normally installed on the wall outside the shopping mall to display some event information or product promotions.

3.3 Chain stores

The chain stores are generally famous brands. So, some chain stores will use LED screens to display dynamic videos to convey their brand values or history to improve customer stickiness and attract more customers to stop here.

3.4 Science and Technology Museum

The LED display is used for informing some exhibition or event information in science and technology museums.

As well as, it can improve human traffic by creative expression.

3.5 Shop windows

As you see, the LED screens always can be seen in shop windows to display details of new products. For example, the milk tea shop will use dynamic videos to display drink images or production details to irritate customers’ desire to buy.

3.6 Construction media

Some construction media also will take LED screens to improve creativity. Such as the video ads or light shows outside office buildings.

3.7 Marathon

The sponsor will use an LED display outdoors to record mileage, information on contestants, or real-time progress during the marathon. These clear presentations by LED display give audiences more immersive feelings when they watch competitions.

Apart from these, there are more possible applications of outdoor LED display screen worth us to explore.

4. Advantages of LED Outdoor Advertising Display

4.1 At least IP65 protection level

The IP rating is made up of two numbers – the first number indicates the degree of dust resistance, from 0 to 6, and the second number indicates the degree of water resistance, from 0 to 8.

The outdoor environment is unpredictable, so the outdoor LED display needs to have a high protection level to prevent rain and dust from entering the display, thus not affecting the normal operation of the display.

Generally speaking, the waterproof and dustproof level of the outdoor LED display should be at least IP65, and IP68 is better.

4.2 Screen brightness can be adjusted automatically

Large-screen LED displays installed outdoors will be affected by the outdoor weather. For example, the outdoor brightness of a sunny day is different from that of a cloudy and rainy day. If the brightness of the display screen cannot be adjusted automatically, the effect will be different or even greatly reduced under different weather conditions.

In order not to affect the viewing effect of the target audience, the outdoor large LED display will have an automatic brightness adjustment function. That is, according to the outdoor weather conditions, the brightness of the display screen is automatically adjusted to achieve the best display effect.

4.3 Easy operation and maintenance

The full-color outdoor LED display is large in size and heavy in total weight. Therefore, it is very important to install the display screen. Because complex operations or unstable structures will increase labor costs and risks.

Under normal circumstances, the outdoor large LED display can be maintained from the back, and some displays are the front maintenance, of course, both the front and rear maintenance can be realized.

If you need to install the screen on the wall, you can choose the way of front maintenance. We provide LED screens with competitive prices and high quality to our customers worldwide.

4.4 Save the cost of building lighting

If the outdoor LED video wall (transparent LED screen) is installed, a large part of the lighting lamps on the exterior wall can be saved. At the same time, the LED screen is more attractive, which can save costs and have advertising benefits.

4.5 Energy saving

As we mentioned before, outdoor LED displays are larger in size. An energy-efficient LED display can save you a lot of money in the long run because of its low power consumption and long lifespan.

Lower electricity costs also reduce excess heat, extending the life of internal components.

4.6 Simple operation and strong controllability

It can be connected to a computer, graphics card, and remote transceiver through a network cable. It can also be controlled wirelessly through remote clusters to change the displayed content at any time.

5. The Difference Between Indoor LED Display and Outdoor LED Display:

Strong outdoor light leads to higher brightness requirements for outdoor LED displays. Outdoor LED displays are generally placed in the sun and exposed to direct sunlight. If the brightness is not handled properly, or reflections occur, the viewing effect will definitely be affected.

Indoor LED display screens do not need to have waterproof and fireproof requirements due to the location of use.
Due to the diversity of use environments, outdoor LED displays need to have a highly waterproof and dustproof function.

The higher the pixel, the clearer the display, and the larger the information capacity that can be contained, so the closer the viewing distance is.

The requirements for pixel density outdoors are not as high as indoors, because the observation is far away, so the pixel density is low, and the pixel pitch is larger than indoors.

6. What Aspects Should We Pay Attention to When Purchasing LED Displays?

6.1 The flatness of the display screen

The flatness of the display screen surface determines the display quality of the LED display screen. The surface flatness of the display screen should be within 1mm to ensure that the displayed image does not distort.

If the flatness of the screen is low, there will be local protrusions or depressions, resulting in dead angles in the viewing angle of the picture, which will affect the look and feel. The flatness of the screen determines the quality of the LED display to a large extent, and the quality of the flatness is mainly determined by the production process.

6.2 The brightness of the display screen

The brightness of the LED display is also one of the important indicators for choosing a good LED display.

The brightness is determined by the LED die, and high-quality LED displays usually have higher brightness and wider viewing angles. Therefore, brightness and viewing angle are also the main factors in understanding the quality of LED displays.

6.3 The color of the display screen

The color of the LED display is composed of multiple color pixels, and the white balance effect is one of the most important indicators of the display. In terms of color science, when the ratio of the three primary colors of red, green, and blue is 3:6:1, pure white will be displayed. If the actual ratio slightly deviates, there will be a deviation in the white balance.

Generally, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the white color is blue or yellow-green. The quality of the white balance is mainly determined by the control system of the display screen, and the die also affects the reproducibility of the color.

If there is a constant light or a small black square on the display, it indicates that the module in this part is dead, which is caused by the poor quality of the connectors of the display which are easily damaged.

Before buying a professional LED display, if you want to check its quality, you can observe whether there are mosaic points on the screen plane.

6.4 The power consumption of the display screen

The power consumption directly affects the service life of the LED display. The high power consumption not only consumes electricity but also tends to accelerate the aging of the LED tube. After a long time, the display screen will turn yellow and darken, which will also have a certain impact on the visual effect.

6.5 After-sales service

Although there are generally no problems with LED displays, if something goes wrong, it will be very troublesome to repair. Most LED display manufacturers provide warranty services ranging from 1 to 3 years. It is best to ask about these small details before purchasing.

7. Key factors of outdoor LED display price

7.1 Pixel pitch

The term means the distance between the center of a certain pixel on an LED display and the adjacent pixel center. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price.

7.2 viewing angle & brightness

If want to get better coverage, will need a wider viewing angle and higher brightness. And these all need more mature technology, so the price will be higher.

7.3 Refresh rate

The higher the refresh rate, the displayed images will be more stable, and the price will be more expensive.

7.4 nstallation method

Relying on different installation methods, the fees charged will be different. The more complex or more professional the installation method, the higher the cost.

7.5 Additional function

You can customize some additional functions for your outdoor LED screens according to your needs. But you need to know that more additional functions means higher costs.

8. What Makes Royal Displays A Trusted Manufacturer?

Royal Display is a professional LED display manufacturer with 10 Years’ experience in producing and developing LED display, and the LED Control Systems are CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHs approved. 

(1) Mature and advanced production line

(2) High-standard raw materials

(3) 24/7 Worry-free services

(4) High-quality LED display

9. Conclusions

Royal Display has been focusing on outdoor LED display for many years and has a professional R&D design team. More cases are for your reference, and we will provide you with a comprehensive LED display quotation and service.

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