P3.91 LED Display Screen Full Guide in 2024
Royal's stage LED screen uses professional design to create an ultra-HD visual experience, adding vitality and atmosphere to your stage.

Part 1. What is the P3.91 LED screen?
Part 2. 10 key influence factors of P3.91 LED screen price
Part 3. Why do you choose it?
Part 4. Royal P3.91 LED module products
Part 5. The types of P3.91 LED display
Part 6. What is the difference between the P3.91 indoor LED display and the P3.91 outdoor LED display?
Part 7. What are the solutions for the P3.91 LED display?
Part 8. 5 reasons for choosing Royal LED Display as the solution for P3.91 LED display
Part 9. Common FAQs about it
Part 10. Conclusions

In today’s visually-driven world, standing out amidst the dazzle of the market is crucial for any advertisement to make its mark.

If you find yourself grappling this challenge, it is time to discover the allure of LED display!

In this discussion, we will deeply research the P3.91 LED screen, including its applications, advantages, prices, common FAQs, and so on.

Part 1. What is the P3.91 LED screen?

In the field of visual technology, LED display technology is a creative lighthouse, and it thoroughly changes the way that we experience digital content.

In that way, what does the P3.91 LED display mean? Or, why it called P3.91 LED display, not others?

It is actually really simple, P3.91 LED display means that its pixel pitch is 3.91mm.

Maybe now you will have another confusion: What is the pixel pitch?

This term means a distance from a one-pixel center to its neighboring pixel center.

Because the pixel pitch reflects the size of space between two pixels, the smaller the pixel pitch, the narrower the space between pixels.

In other words, it means higher pixel density and higher screen resolution.

For instance, compared to the P3.91 LED screen, the P4 LED display has lower pixel density and screen resolution.

However, it is better suited for viewing from greater distances.

Part 2. 10 key influence factors of P3.91 LED screen price

1. IC - Drive IC

While LED screens utilize various types of integrated circuits (IC), the drive IC typically constitutes more than 90% of the total IC usage.

So, here, we will mainly talk about the influence that drives IC for LED display price.

The drive IC has the function of offering compensation current during the process of the LED display working. It also will directly influence the color uniformity, grayness, and refresh rate.

2. The quality of LED chips

The quality of LED chips plays a crucial role in determining the performance and lifespan of LED screens. Higher-quality LED chips result in better capabilities and longevity.

While superior chips come with a higher price tag, they ensure long-term brightness, color accuracy, and reliability of LED displays.

Over time, the investment in high-quality chips pays off by maintaining optimal performance, thus justifying their initial higher cost.

3. Size

Obviously, different sizes will bring the differentiation of the price. The bigger the size, the more expensive the price.

4. Protection level

In different environments, the required protection level usually is different.

For example, in the outdoor environment, the protection level must reach up to IP65 at least, which means a higher price.

5. Installation method

Different installation method means different complexity, and the professionals required also vary and bring about different prices.

wall mounted type of P3.91 LED display
wall embedded type of led display P3.91
hanging type p3.91 led screen

6. Transportation method

Prices will naturally vary depending on the transportation method.

For example, the air freight price will be higher than shipping, but it needs less transportation time.

7. Maintenance method

Different maintenance designs also influence LED display prices.

8. Control systems and processing capabilities

The control system and processing hardware/software used to drive an LED display affect its performance and functionality.

Advanced control systems that can support complex content and integrate seamlessly with other equipment typically come at a higher price.

9. LED power supply

The LED display module operates at a voltage of 5V, which contrasts with the international voltage standards of 110V/220V.

Therefore, a power supply is necessary to convert the 110V/220V voltage to the required 5V during the LED screen’s operation.

Typically, every square meter of LED screen necessitates 3-4 power supplies.

Consequently, as the power consumption of the LED display increases, so does the size and cost of the required power supply.

10. LED cabinet

Different cabinets require different processes and raw materials, so the prices will also vary.

Part 3. Why do you choose it?

1. Excellent Visual clarity

You know, the pixel pitch of LED display P3.91 LED is 3.91mm, so it can offer amazing image clarity and details.

Whether you show high-resolution graphics, video, or text, this LED display can ensure every pixel will get precise rendering, and the contents can attract audiences relying on their clear and vivid visual effects.

excellent visual effect of p3.91 led display

2. Multifunctional application

From indoor advertising to outdoor events, from corporate presentations to live shows, the LED screen P3.91 is outstanding in various environments.

Its multifunctional design and strong structure make it suitable for wide applications, and enhance your event’s influence to attract clients.

rental p3.91 led display
p3.91 led display indoor
outdoor screen led display p3.91

3. Best viewing experience

Depending on the high refresh rate and adjustable brightness level, the LED display P3.91 can offer an immersive viewing experience even though under challenging lighting conditions.

No matter than day or night, indoor or outdoor, it can ensure the best visibility and performance, and improve the content influence at the maximum limitation.

led display p3.91 trailer
Mobile LED screens for digital advertising p3.91

4. Energy efficiency

The one of advantages of the P3.91 LED display is energy saving while having excellent capabilities.

Its advanced LED technology not only decreases the running cost but also conforms to the goal of sustainable development.

5. Cost-effective solution

Compared with a higher-resolution LED display, the P3.91 LED display screen gets the balance between capability and cost-effectiveness.

Its moderate pixel pitch and competitive price make it an attractive choice for someone who wants to invest in professional visual solutions without spending too much cost.

6. Easy to install and maintain

The modular design of Royal P3.91 LED display is easy to install, disassembly, and maintenance.

Whether you are temporary installation for your events or fixed installation, it can offer convenience and flexibility to save your time and energy in long term.

7. Seamlessly splicing

Seamlessly splicing and seamless integration with existing audio-visual systems, P3.91 LED screen can connect easily and compatible various content source.

Whatever the content you are displaying like multimedia presentation, real-time video, or dynamic graphics, it ensures the smoothest operation and the best performance under various situations.

8. Customization options

High customized sizes and ships is also its one of advantages, you can customize special size and ship according to your needs, like curved LED display, ribbon LED display, and so on.

As well as, whether you want fashion LED display or LED video wall, the P3.91 LED displays all can meet your visual needs.

9. Reliability and durability

The outdoor P3.91 LED display is designed for bearing harsh environment, and it has reliability and durability.

Sturdy construction materials and quality workmanship ensure long-term performance, giving you peace of mind and maximizing return on investment.

Part 4. Royal P3.91 LED module products

Indoor P3.91 LED module

More Details

indoor led display module
indoor led display module
indoor led display module
indoor led display module
indoor led display module
indoor led display module

Outdoor P3.91 LED module

outdoor led mosules p3.91

More Details

outdoor led module display p3.91
outdoor led module display p3.91
outdoor led module display p3.91
outdoor led module display p3.91
outdoor led module display p3.91
Royal GOB LED screen

GOB P3.91 LED module

More Details & Video

p3.91 gob led display module
p3.91 gob led display module
p3.91 gob led display module
p3.91 gob led display module

Part 5. The types of P3.91 LED display

1. Outdoor P3.91 LED display

The outdoor LED display P3.91 refers to the LED display that is used for outdoor activities.

Their protection level reaches up to above IP65 and can be suitable for changes in outdoor environments.

At the same time, it can consist of an LED wall with a few P3.91 outdoor LED modules to cover more people and gain more traffic for your brand promotion.

outdoor led display p3.91
p3.91 outdoor led screen

2. Indoor P3.91 LED display

The indoor P3.91 LED display is an LED display for indoor activities, and its pixel pitch is 3.91 mm.

Usually used for indoor activities, such as weddings, commercial activities, and some entertainment venues.

indoor led screen p3.91

3. Rental P3.91 LED display

Rental P3.91 LED display screen refers to the LED display screen for rental, which can be used indoors or outdoors.

In general, it has the characteristics of flexible installation and disassembly and is easy to transport.

retal led display p3.91
p3.91 rental LED display screen

Part 6. What is the difference between the P3.91 indoor LED display and the P3.91 outdoor LED display?

1. Different usage environments

As the name suggests, the outdoor LED screen P3.91 is used for LED outdoor environments, while the P3.91 indoor LED display is used for indoor environments.

2. Different protection level requirements

Because of enduring outdoor terrible weather conditions, the protection level of outdoor LED displays P3.91 must measure up above IP65 at least.

Moreover, it also has a sealed cabinet to protect against water damage, dust, extreme temperatures, and so on.

3. Different brightness

Indoor lighting conditions are usually consistent and controlled, so the brightness of indoor LED displays is usually lower than that of outdoor LED displays.

For outdoor LED screens, higher brightness is required to ensure a normal display of content under natural light.

4. Durability varies

The indoor LED display P3.91 is designed for indoor use, so its durability may not be as good as the outdoor LED screen P3.91.

5. Energy efficiency varies

Indoor P3.91 LED screens tend to be more energy efficient because they don’t require the same high brightness levels as outdoor displays LED.

Outdoor P3.91 LED displays may use more power due to their higher brightness and additional weatherproofing.

6. Cost is different

Compared to outdoor LED displays P3.91, the upfront cost of indoor LED screens P3.91 will be lower due to their brightness requirement and the structural sturdiness lower than outdoors.

So, the outdoor LED display P3.91 cost will be more expensive than indoors.

Part 7. What are the solutions for the P3.91 LED display?

1. Outdoor advertising

Relying on high brightness and high resolution, the P3.91 LED display can directly reach consumers outdoors.

Furthermore, depending on dynamic videos, and images to catch clients’ eyes, get more traffic, and earn high returns.

p3.91 led display stage
stage led display p3.91

2. Wedding

Believing every new couple who is preparing for the wedding all hope can leave some wonderful memories on this special day.

The P3.91 LED display can be used as a wedding background board to play wedding videos or connect to speakers to play songs to create special memories for the couple.

LED Wedding Display p3.91
wedding led display screen

3. Education and training

In educational institutions and training facilities, the P3.91 LED display can promote interactive learning experiences and visual performances.

Whether displaying educational content, interactive maps, or multimedia presentations, it all can enhance the participation and understanding of students.

4. Corporate communications

In corporate environments, the P3.91 LED display can serve as a valuable communications tool for delivering presentations, announcements, and corporate messages.

Its high-resolution display ensures information is conveyed clearly and effectively, making it ideal for boardrooms, lobbies, and meeting spaces.

corporate led display p3.91

5. Entertainment place

In some entertainment places such as theaters, concert halls, stadiums, and so on, it can enhance wonderful moments and atmosphere for live shows and events.

From showing live-action footage to showcasing pre-recorded videos and graphics, the display enhances the overall viewing experience for viewers.

entertainment p3.91 led display
p3.91 commercial led display
commercial LED display screen p3.91

6. Indoor events and exhibition

Whether it’s a corporate meeting, trade show, or product launch, the P3.91 LED display enhances the visual experience of attendees.

Its crisp visuals and dynamic content display capabilities create an immersive environment that engages viewers and leaves a lasting impression.

In addition, the P3.91 LED display can also be used in many other scenarios to add attraction and impact to your activities.

p3.91 indoor events led display
exhibition led display p3.91
events led display screen p3.91

Part 8. 5 reasons for choosing Royal LED Display as the solution for P3.91 LED display

Royal LED Display can offer you:

1. Product quality assurance

2. Professionalism guaranteed

3. On-time delivery guaranteed

4. Technical support services

5. Intimate after-sales protection

Part 9. Common FAQs about it

Q1: What content can the P3.91LED screen display?

P3.91 LED display supports to display of various contents such as videos, images, texts, graphics, and live streaming.

They can display dynamic multimedia presentations and interactive content.

Q2: How to choose a P3.91 LED display that meets your needs?

Please consider the viewing distance, environments, brightness, resolutions, budget limitations, all functions, and so on when you choose the LED display P3.91.

Q3: What is the service life of P3.91 LED displays?

Usually speaking, the lifespan of an LED display is about 100,000 hours.

However, during the process of use, the intensity of use, operating conditions, and maintenance practices will influence its lifespan.

Q4: How to control P3.91 LED screens?

Royal supports both synchronous and asynchronous control systems.

Synchronous control system: It refers to the LED display control system in which the content displayed on the display screen and the signal editing and playback end are displayed simultaneously.

synchronization control system

Asynchronous control system: It means that the display data edited by the computer is stored in the display control system in advance. After the computer at the editing end is shut down, it will not affect the normal display of the LED display.

asynchronous control system

Part 10. Conclusions

So far, you will find that the LED display will have different characteristic according to the different applications even though at the same pixel pitch.

Relying on the different characteristics and functions of P3.91 LED display, you can enhance more charm and attraction for your event, and improve the event traffic.

If you want to get better understanding of P3.91 LED display screen or have any confusion about it, please contact us right now, and we will offer professional solutions for you.

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