P10 LED Module Display: A Full Guide in 2024
Discover P10 LED module in our comprehensive guide. Learn about its products, prices, and how it can bring you benefits. Illuminate your message like never before with P10 LED module. Read on to learn more.

Part 1. What is P10 LED module?
Part 2. What is the use of P10 LED display?
Part 3. Why P10 LED display module is widely applicable for outdoor occasions?
Part 4. What is the difference between P10 and P5 LED display
Part 5. Royal P10 LED module solutions
Part 6. P10 LED display modules specifications
Part 7. How much power does a P10 LED module consume?
Part 8. How to install P10 SMD LED module?
Part 9. Common FAQs about P10 LED display module
Part 10. Conclusions

In this post, we will give you the most important details of P10 LED module including products, prices, installation, and so on.

This module is a hot-sale mode and is often used as outdoor LED module worldwide.

Many customers are interested in this type of module.

However, you will often find it challenging to choose the most suitable and high-quality option due to the need for a comprehensive understanding of the different modules.

Meanwhile, in this no-nonsense guide, I will cut out all the noise and show you exactly the details of the P10 SMD and DIP LED display modules!

Part 1. What is P10 LED module?

A P10 LED module comprises an array of individual LED lights grouped together into modules, typically 32×16 or 16×32 in size. 

These modules are widely utilized in creating large LED displays for various applications such as advertising, scoreboards, and outdoor displays.

The name “P10” denotes the pitch of the LED lamp bead, which is the distance between adjacent pixel centers.

 In this case, the pitch measures 10mm. A smaller pitch translates to a higher display resolution.

2 types of P10 modules

There are two main types of P10 LED modules.

(1) SMD LED module

SMD LED modules have high color uniformity and brightness level.

It has a wider viewing distance than the DIP LED module with smaller LED lamp bead sizes.

P10 SMD LED module now is one the most popular module on the market now.

(2) DIP LED module

DIP refers to direct insert light. The main advantages of DIP LED modules rely on their high brightness and excellent waterproof effect so they are widely used in outdoor displaying fields.

However, color consistency and narrower viewing angle are drawbacks compared with SMD LED modules.

At the same time, the DIP LED modules are mainly used for outdoor displays.

SMD LED Module

p10 dip led display module

DIP LED Module

Part 2. What is the use of P10 LED display?

The P10 LED module is generally used for outdoor LED display screens that require long-distance viewing.

For large outdoor screens with a regular viewing distance of more than 10 meters, we recommend using the P10 rgb LED module.

Common P10 LED display panel application areas


Part 3. Why P10 LED display module is widely applicable for outdoor occasions?

First of all, the P10 LED wall dispay rental has high brightness, high refresh rate and high contrast, and has absolute visibility outdoors, even in direct sunlight.

Second, the outdoor P10 LED panel has a high protection level, making it an excellent choice in various climate conditions.

Finally, the P10 LED monitor is suitable for longer viewing distances and is the best choice and most valuable investment for outdoor open environments.

Part 4. What is the difference between P10 and P5 LED display

1. Pixel Pitch

This term refers to the distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels.

P10 LED display: The “10” in P10 stands for 10mm, meaning the P10 display has a pixel pitch of 10mm.

P5 LED screen: Similarly, the “5” in P5 stands for 5 mm, indicating that the distance between pixels is 5 mm.

2. Resolution

P10: The P10 display has a lower pixel density compared to the P5 display due to the larger pixel pitch. This means fewer pixels per square meter, resulting in lower resolution.

P5: The P5 monitor features smaller pixel pitch and higher pixel density, resulting in higher resolution and more detailed images.

3. Viewing Distance

P10: Suitable for longer viewing distances. The recommended minimum viewing distance is usually around 10 meters or more. Ideal for large outdoor displays where the viewer is far from the screen.

P5: Suitable for shorter viewing distances. The recommended minimum viewing distance is approximately 5 meters or more. Ideal for indoor settings or outdoor displays where the viewer is relatively close to the screen.

4. Application

P10: Commonly used for large outdoor LED displays such as billboards, stadium screens, and other large applications where audiences view the screen from a distance.

P5: Typically used for indoor LED displays such as shopping malls, conference rooms, or exhibitions, as well as outdoor applications that require higher resolution and closer viewing distances.

5. Cost

P10: Usually cheaper due to lower resolution and fewer LEDs per unit area.

P5: More expensive due to higher resolution and more LEDs per unit area.

Part 5. Royal P10 LED Module Solutions

You know that P10 LED module price can be from ten dollars to tens of dollars depending on color, size, types of LED modules such as SMD LED module or DIP LED module, and configuration.

Today, we will recommend some Roya P10 LED display modules at factory prices.

Solution 1:

p10 smd led module

P10 Outdoor SMD 160mmx160mm LED Module

P10 Outdoor SMD 320mmx160mm LED Module

p10 rgb led display module
p10 indoor led module

P10 Indoor SMD 320mmx160mm LED Module

P10 Outdoor DIP 320mmx160mm LED Module

p10 dip led module

Part 6. P10 LED display modules specifications

Part 7. How much power does a P10 LED module consume?

Here is a chart for you to check the power consumption of P10 LED modules!
P10mm LED ModuleInput VoltageInput CurrentPower ConsumptionBrightness



5V8A40W7000 -10000 nits



5V7.5A37.5W6500-7000 nits



5V8.5A42.5W6500-7000 nits



5V5.5A27.5W4500-5000 nits



5V16A80W6500-7000 nits



5V16A80W6500-7000 nits

There are some other factors that will influence power consumption such as working temperature, input voltage, and brightness level.

The most accurate method for you to calculate power consumption is to ask your providers for specific parameters and calculate electricity charges according to the local electricity bureau.

Part 8. How to install P10 SMD LED module?

If you choose to install LED display by LED modules, there are several steps for you to follow:

Step 1: Calculate the LED display size

Step 2: Make the structure frame

Step 3: Assemble power supply, LED control card and connect them

Step 4: Install LED display screen modules

Step 5: Configuration

Compared with installation by LED cabinets, installation by LED screen modules will be more complex.

Here we’ll list for you exactly what you need to do for each of the above steps

Step1: Calculating LED display sizes

Height = LED module height * numbers of LED modules in vertical

Width = LED module width * number of LED modules in horizontal

For instance, there are ten P10 LED modules with the size of 160*160, so the final size of the display will be: 1.6m*1.6m.

In some cases, there will be a need for stainless steel flat sides and seams between modules and frames. 

In this case, we would add 10mm to the length and width, so the final size will be:

1600mm + 10mm = 1610mm in width

1600mm + 10mm = 1610mm in height

Step2: Make the structure frame

You will need to make a structure frame based on the structure.

There are some important points for installers to attach importance to:

①Easy Installation and Maintenance:

The design of the structure should take into account the convenience of installation and maintenance, such as repair channels, cable channels, etc.


The structure must be stable and balanced at various force points, and the load-bearing capacity should be greater than 20% of the weight of the display screen body, based on the actual on-site conditions.


In addition to the screen body itself, the display screen structure also includes other auxiliary equipment, such as audio, exhaust fans, air conditioning, etc.

The placement of this auxiliary equipment, the edge area of the external structure, and the installation of outdoor lightning protection facilities should ensure quality and practicality. 

As well as make the display screen aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.


The flatness of the structure surface directly affects the flatness of the display screen surface after installation, which has an important impact on the final visual effect.

Ensuring flatness requires a complete combination of the structure surface framework and the installation box of the display screen, and the welding flatness should be guaranteed during the welding process.

Step3: Assemble power supply, LED control card and connect them

First, we will assemble a power supply. Please notice the voltage of connecting the cable between power supplies should be 220V.

And for power supply with different parameters such as 5V, 40A, and 220W, we can connect 4pcs LED modules with them. And for 5V, 60A, and 300W, 6-8Pcs LED screen modules can be loaded!

Second, we will install LED control card:

a. Fix control cards, then connect them with power suppliers. Mind you distinguish the positive pole and negative pole of the card.

The positive pole should be connected to the +5V on the control card, and the negative one should be connected with GND on the card.

b. LED control cards should be connected with LED modules with flat cables.

Select the corresponding type of interface connection on the control card according to the type of unit board interface. 

The screen from top to bottom corresponds to the corresponding interface type on the control card 1, 2 …..

c. Check the wiring before powering on, please check to make sure the wiring is correct before powering on, the power and control card will light up red after powering on!

Step4: Install LED display screen modules

If you want to install LED display module, you need to follow the sequence of installation: from bottom to top, middle to the two sides. This sequence helps us to control the flatness of the whole screen.

Also, attach importance to the length of the flat cable. For instance, flat cables on the top or bottom should be the longest.

Step5: Configuration

After installation, power on the screen to test the operation. After turning on the test button on the control card, the screen will display red, green, blue, line, field, and point pattern in turn.

Part 9. Common FAQs about P10 LED display module

Q1: What are common sizes?

There are three common sizes: 320x160mm, 160mmx160mm, and 320mmx320mm.

For the 160mmx160mm LED module, the suitable LED lamp bead modes are DIP346 and SMD3535.

For the 320x160mm LED module, the suitable LED lamp bead modes are DIP570 and SMD3535.

And for 320x320mm LED display module, the LED lamp bead modes are often DIP346, DIP570 and SMD3535.

Q2: How long do LED modules last?

Whether it is indoor or outdoor LED modules, the service life is more than 100,000 hours.

How long it can actually be used is also closely related to the use environment and maintenance. Good maintenance can prolong the service life, and hot-use environment will shorten the life span.

Q3: Important points of selecting P10 LED display modules

(1) If you want a high brightness level, Nationstar LED lamp bead will be the most suitable, and it can reach a 6000nits brightness level.

(2) There are two kinds of scan modes – 2 scans and 4 scans. Customers need to choose from them based on their requirements for brightness.

(3) 2 Scan mode will need more power consumption than 4 Scan mode. And the number of power supplies will be almost double that of 4 scan LED modules.

Q4: Will the P10 LED display overheat?

Of course not! Modern P10 LED display technology has an efficient and reliable heat dissipation system that can effectively prevent the LED screen from overheating.

10. Conclusions

Thanks to this post, we can know the prices, products, and many other important parameters of the P10 LED module to have everything you need to get started on your LED display projects!

As you see in this post, P10 LED dip module and P10 smd LED module all have high-standard visual quality, and are popular in LED display market. 

With these modules, you can build high-quality LED screens with cost-effective budgets.

Before you start your purchasing of these modules, make sure to send a simple message to us to let us know your specific requirements and give you fast feedback!

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