P2.5 Indoor/Outdoor LED Module: Products and Prices
Our P2.5 LED Module delivers unrivaled visual performance with its high-resolution display, making it the ultimate choice for showcasing stunning visuals and captivating audiences. Don't compromise on image quality - experience the difference today!

P2.5 LED module includes P2.5 indoor LED module and P2.5 outdoor LED module is popular for many LED projects with its high resolution and cost-effective price. 

In this post, we will discuss what it is, the prices, the specification, and more you need for understanding and selecting this kind of LED display module!

1. What Is P2.5 In LED Panel?

The P2.5 LED module refers to LED module with pixel pitch 2.5mm. Pixel pitch, also known as pitch or dot pitch, correlates with resolution and refers to the distance in millimeters from the center of a pixel to the center of its adjacent pixel.

The common module size can be 320*160mm, and the common sizes for P2.5 flexible module are 320*160mm and 240*120mm.

This type of module has high cost-efficiency with such level of high resolution. For example, a P2.5 LED screen contains 160,000 LED lamp beads per square meter, while a P3 screen has just over 110,000 LED lamp beads per square meter. 

With the same screen area, P2.5 can display about 30% more dots than P3, which means that the P2.5 module has an obviously higher resolution compared to the P3 module.

p2.5 led module
p2.5 indoor led module

2. What Are Sizes of P2.5 LED Modules?

The common size for traditional LED module can be 320*160mm, and we also have P2.5 flexible LED module. And the sizes can be 320*160mm and 240*120mm.

3. What Is the Prices of P2.5 LED Module Price?

Here we give you some of our LED module products for you to refer to. The prices can be various depends on the module type, sizes, brands of LED lamp bead,s and scan modes.

(1) P2.5 Indoor LED module

For example, prices of P2.5 indoor LED module with 320*160mm size, 3840Hz refresh rate, and 1/32 scan mode may be around $25 per unit. And the prices will change if you apply different LED lamp beads such as San’an LEDs, Kinglight LEDs, and Nationstar LEDs

And the costs for the three brands show an increasing trend.

(2) P2.5 Outdoor LED module

Outdoor modules have higher prices than indoor ones as they require better protection ability and higher brightness levels.

The cost can be around $35 and more per unit with a module size of 320*160mm. 

(3) Flexible LED module

The flexible LED modules price with 320*160mm may be around $20 per unit. 

4. Related Product Recommendation

p2.5 flexible led module

P2.5mm Indoor 320mmx160mm Soft LED Module

Price: $19.5

Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm

Module Resolution: 128*64

Module Size: 320*160mm

1920HZ Refresh Rate

led p2.5 indoor

P2.5mm Indoor SMD 320mmx160mm 1/32 Scan LED Module

Price: $25

Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm

Module Resolution: 128*64

Module Size: 320*160mm

LED Type: SMD2121

led p2.5 outdoor

P2.5mm Outdoor Fine Pitch SMD 160x160mm LED Module

Price: $26

Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm

Module Resolution: 64*64

Module Size: 160*160mm

LED Type: SMD1415

5. P2.5 LED Module Specification

6. Conclusions

P2.5 LED module is one of the popular modules for indoor applications as it has a high definition but also high cost-efficiency. In this post, we discuss the products, prices, and specifications for you.

However, you can just send us a simple message so we will give you the useful information you want such as a detailed quotation! Also, our professional LED display factory can enable you high-quality LED screens with best services!

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