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Discover the superior quality and stunning visual effects of P5 Full Color LED Module. Our P5 LED modules offer high density, low power consumption, and easy control system integration. Upgrade your visual display with our P5 LED modules today!

What is P5 LED module? And how can we get benefits from P5 SMD LED module? In this post, we will give you everything you want to know about this kind of LED display module including products, prices, how to use it, attention points, and so on.

1. What Is P5 LED Module?

The P5 LED module is an outdoor LED display module that is extensively used for advertising, billboards, and other large displays. It features a high-resolution LED screen with a 5 mm pixel pitch.

The module offers two standard size options: 320x160mm or 160x160mm, featuring 64×32 dots and 32×32 dots, respectively.

P5 LED modules are known for their brightness, energy efficiency, and reliability. 

p5 smd led module

2. Features of P5 LED Modules

There are both indoor SMD modules and outdoor SMD modules with pixel pitch 5mm in the market.

They have many advantages such as high brightness level, wide viewing angle, wide grayscale, and can resist different weather conditions with high durability.

  • High-resolution display with exceptional image quality, making it ideal for outdoor advertising and billboards.
  • High luminous intensity that ensures visibility in bright sunlight or other challenging lighting conditions.
  • Cost-effective performance and affordability, providing a balance between cost and quality.
  • Wide viewing angle allows people to view the display easily from different distances and angles.
  • Compatibility with SMD1921 lamp beads, offering flexibility in its use.
  • Robust design that withstands different weather conditions and is built to last, ensuring long-term durability and reliability

3. Common Applications

(1) Events and entertainment: 

The LED modules are used to display information, graphics, and videos at events, festivals, concerts, and conferences.

(2) Sports stadiums: 

It can be used for displaying important information like scores, live streaming, and game stats. Some of perimeter LED displays apply this kind of module to offer both high-quality visual effects and cost efficiency.

(3) Outdoor advertising: 

This module can be used to construct large outdoor LED billboards to advertise and increase sponsorship revenues!

(4) Retail stores:

It can also be used for indoor applications to show products and services. It can show the contents clearly within a reasonable viewing distance.

(5) Public transportation:

The high durability and vivid display performance make it suitable for showing route information and advertisements.

Royal P5 LED Display Customer Cases!

4. P5 LED Module Price

P5 LED module price can be from ten dollars to tens of dollars depending on color, size, and other elements of configurations.

160 160 p5 module

P5mm Outdoor SMD 160x160mm LED Module

Price: $10.19

Pixel Pitch: 5mm

LED Type: SMD2525

Module Size: 160*160 mm

Model Pixel: 32*32 pixels

320 160 outdoor p5 led

P5mm Outdoor SMD 320mmx160mm LED Module

Price: $12.18

Pixel Pitch: 5mm

LED Type: SMD1921

Module Size: 320*160 mm

Model Pixel: 64*32 Pixels

P5mm Indoor SMD 160mmx160mm 1/16 Scan LED Module

Price: $14.50

Pixel Pitch: 5mm

LED Type: SMD2121

Module Size: 160*160 mm

Model Pixel: 32*32 Pixels

P5mm Indoor SMD 320mmx160mm 1/16 Scan LED Module

Price: $17

Pixel Pitch: 5mm

Module Size: 320*160 mm

Model Pixel: 64*32 Pixels

5. What Are Common Sizes?

There are two common sizes: 320x160mm and 160mmx160mm.

6. What Is the Difference between P5 and P10 LED Display?

As you can see, the most obvious difference is the pixel pitch – one is P5 and the other is P10.

And for the P10 LED module, there are DIP LED module and SMD LED module. But for P5 LED module, there is only SMD LED module.

Moreover, P10 modules are typically used for outdoor scenarios for their comparatively large pixel pitch, while P5 LED displays are common for both indoor applications and outdoor applications.

7. How Long Do LED Modules Last?

The lifespan of LED modules, whether for indoor LED module or outdoor LED module, typically exceeds 100,000 hours. However, the actual usage duration is dependent on factors such as the environment and maintenance.

Proper maintenance can extend their service life, while hot environments can shorten their lifespan.

8. P5 LED Modules Specification

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