Poster LED Display

Slim & Lightweight Design, Little Space to Install, Excellent Visual Display, Adjustable Back Bracket, Smart Cloud Management, Multi-installation Method.

P1.86 & P2.5mm (GOB LED)

Plug and Play

Slim Appearance

Attractive Display

Mobile App Wifi Control

Product Features

LED Poster Display Screen Totem

LED Poster Display  has the feature of lightweight, frameless design, easy operation, easy placement, portable, movable and easy operation via Network or USB, etc.

Royal LED delivers the various digital LED Poster Sign to different applications including shopping malls, showrooms, exhibitions and so on.

Slim & Lightweight Design

Royal LED Poster Screen banner is lightweight, and the cabinet frame and LED parts are reliable and portable. Frameless design makes the product easy to move and be suitable for narrow space.

Smart Cloud Management

Royal Poster LED Screen supports Synchronous & Asynchronous Control Systems. The LED screen content can be updated via iPad, phone, PC computer, or notebook.
Support Real-time Play, Cross-platform Publish, and USB or WIFI.
Support operation by IOS or Android devices.
Support Built-in Media Player to store and play content.

Unique Base-Standing Bracket Banner

Base-standing Bracket makes the LED poster stand on the ground stably. The bracket is movable with 4 wheels,
which makes the poster rotate freely, and allows freedom of movement in all directions.

Adjustable Back Bracket

Royal poster series LED Poster Screen is equipped with Hydraulic Back Bracket, which makes it stably standing on the ground.
This unique feature makes adjustable viewing angles available, allowing more audience to reach the content easily.
Back Bracket is easy to pull out when you want to support the LED poster, and put in when you don’t need it.

Product Details

led poster base details
base details led banner
power supply display
buttom wheel led poster
buttom wheel open
buttom wheel closed

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Product Parameters

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About Digital LED Poster Display All You Need- 2024 Full Guide

On the modern city’s bustling streets, and in the noisy events and kaleidoscope advertising, how to attract the customers’ attention for the first time? This is the current confusion of most of the advertisers.

If you are so now, it is time to learn LED poster display technology. It has changed limited to static poster format, and you can draw clients’ minds with live, breezy, and dynamic posters to improve your brand traffic.

Keep reading this article, as we delve deeply into everything you need to know about the banner LED display.

digital led display

Part 1. What is the LED poster display?

The LED poster display is an emerging promotional display tool, it mainly is used for commercial advertising, information release, new product promotion, and other fields.

Furthermore, this serves as a tangible demonstration of the practical applications of commercial LED display technology.

Additionally, the totem LED display is often referred to as a mirror LED display due to its ultra-thin profile.

Part 2. 8 Benefits of it

1. Seamless splicing

The digital LED poster is an integrated independent LED display, you can use with single one, or multiple combinations.

It is worth noting that when you use multiple splicing together, you can get more excellent visual effects to benefit from its seamless splicing feature.

seamless spciling led banner

2. Adjustable rear stand

The Royal poster LED display comes equipped with a hydraulic rear bracket. This feature not only guarantees stability on the ground but also facilitates effortless adjustment of the viewing angle to suit individual needs.

bottom wheel of led totem

3. Various installation methods

The Royal banner LED display provides a range of flexible installation choices, such as standing, fixed mounting, hoisting, and hanging configurations.

4. Intelligent cloud management

The Royal digital LED Poster Display supports both synchronous and asynchronous control systems, allowing for content updates via various devices like mobile phones, iPads, and computers.

With intelligent cloud management, seamless real-time playback and cross-platform publishing are easily achievable.

5. Stable base bracket

The robust base bracket ensures the LED poster display remains securely anchored to the ground.

Moreover, with four wheels integrated into the base bracket, the digital poster LED display can effortlessly rotate in any direction to accommodate specific requirements during usage.

stable base bracket led poster

6. Excellent visual effects

The amalgamation of high brightness and a rapid refresh rate ensures a seamless and uninterrupted display of content.

This, complemented by precise color reproduction and dynamic content effects, markedly enhances the visual appeal, delivering an immersive and lifelike viewing experience.

7. Increase brand traffic

As we all know dynamic visual effect is better than still images.

Everyone who is a passerby will be attracted unconsciously when they pass by, and they will take out their mobile phone to shoot something to upload the social media. These are potential brand traffic that can bring unexpected effects.

poster led display visual effect

8. Innovative publicity methods

The poster LED screen not only displays still text or image posters but can also display dynamic video posters to make your promotional content become more creative and attractive.

Part 3. Types of the LED banner display

1. Indoor LED poster display

The digital LED poster is seen usually indoors, such as hotel lobby, restaurants, educational institutions, and so on.

The hotel LED poster display can be used for displaying the creative “Welcome!”, while the restaurant LED banner display is used for previewing today’s menu or signature dishes.

banner led display indoor
indoor led banner poster
indoor led poster
led poster indoor

2. Outdoor LED poster display

You can often see the outdoor poster LED display at the bus stop, station, and street, it is used for displaying brand advertising, event promotion, or other activities.

led banner outdoor
led poster outdoor
led totem outdoor

3. Transparent LED poster display

The transparent LED display gradually become popular in recent years because of its aesthetics. So, in some indoor environments, such as shopping malls, hotels, and so on, some merchants will use it for displaying poster content.

led transparent poster

4. Alien LED totem display

With the development of LED display technology, the alien LED banner displays are gradually rising. It is more distinctive, not only can be used for promotion but also can be decoration to decorate the environment.

5. Double-sided LED banner display

As the name suggests, the double-side poster LED screen is meaning that can display information on both front and rear sides.

Part 4. How to choose a digital LED poster screen?

How to choose a suitable LED poster screen for your brand? You need to consider a few questions before choosing.

1. Installation environment

Different installation environment decides on some necessary features that banner LED displays must have.

For example: if your LED poster screen needs to be installed outdoors, its protection level at least reaches up to IP65.

2. Display effect

The display effect is critical for brand promotion. There are some factors that will influence the display effect, such as resolution, brightness, contrast, and other parameters. It is a sensible choice that select an affable LED poster display screen according to your needs.

3. Management method

The management method decides the convenience of changing and controlling content playback.

The Royal LED Display has a smart cloud management system to support synchronous and asynchronous control systems.

It also supports mobile iPhones, iPads, computers, and so on to control and change the display content.

4. Reliability

The reliability and stability of digital LED posters are very important. To ensure the device can run normally, you need to choose a brand that has good after-sales service and high-quality products.

Part 5. The LED poster display price

There are many factors that will influence the digital LED poster price. Here, we list a few key factors:

(1) Installation: Different installation place needs different installation methods. Usually speaking, the more complex the installation method, the higher the price.

(2) Pixel pitch: As you arrive, the smaller the pixel pitch, the more expensive the price.

(3) Size: The size of the Royal LED poster display is 40×1920×35mm. But if you want to assemble it to a bigger size or LED wall, the digital banner LED price will be higher.

(4) Cabinet: The different cabinet means different manufacturing processes, and the price will be divergence. More complex craftsmanship means higher cost.

(5) Transportation: Transportation is also a part of the cost, different transportation will lead to price changes. For example, the sea freight price will be lower than the air freight price.

Part 6. Royal LED Display: The best LED totem display solutions

1. 7 reasons of why choose Royal LED Display

(1) Strict quality management system, and get the LED control system’s CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHs approved.

(2) All LED display products outfit high-quality LED chips, driver IC, LED modules, and LED cabinets to achieve the best effects of LED display and its control system.

(3) Every product all pass 72 hours’ aging test.

(4) Own 10 years’ experience of producing and manufacturing LED display.

(5) Have serviced over 1000 industry major customers, and touch upon 110+ countries and regions.

(6) With a production capacity of 8000+, we ensure on-time delivery.

(7) Provide 7*24 hours technical service support to ensure users’ consumption experience.

2. Recommend Royal poster LED display

royal led poster display

Single LED poster screen display

signle display led poster
single poster led

Part 7. F&Q about digital LED poster

Q1: What is the difference between posters and digital LED posters?

Like traditionally printed posters, digital posters also have visual aids available to display your technology at poster meetings.

The main feature is that it allows you to display dynamic content to enhance the interactivity and attraction of information transfer.

Q2: Why is the digital LED banner better?

Because it breaks the shackles of static and traditional posters and brings a new way of display for the brand.

The brand can use digital LED totems to display animation, video, GIF animation, graphics, and other multimedia formats to improve the effect of information transmission. It also can better promote products, services, and events to attract more looks.

Q3: Who will use the digital poster LED display?

LED poster displays are widely used in shopping centers, public transportation hubs, busy streets, retail stores, schools, and almost all walks of life.

They are also called digital signage or digital monitors. The companies will use them to intuitively display information, advertising, announcements, or targeted messages.

Q4: What is the best format for digital posters?

The best formats are vector formats such as EPS, CGM, PICT, and WMF.

Part 8. Conclusions

The LED display has broken the limitations of traditional posters and brings new vitality and creativity to brand advertising and information transportation.

Because of its appearance, you can gain more traffic for your brand in the era when traffic is king.

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