Reception LED Display – Effectively Enhance Visitor Experience
The shopping mall LED display can bring excellent visual effects and high popularity to make your shopping mall become a landmark stricture.

Part 1. What is an reception LED display?

Part 2. Where can you use it?

Part 3. The LED reception screen price

Part 4. How to install and use it for display effectively

Part 5. The reasons for choosing the Royal LED display

Part 6. Conclusions


In an age where digital technology reigns supreme, businesses are continually looking forward to innovative ways to attract guests and guide them to communicate effectively when they step through the doors.

If you are agonizing over it, it is time to exploit the reception LED display!

It is a top solution for transforming first impressions into dynamic artist forms.

From the fashion lobby of high-tech companies to the bustling front desk of gorgeous hotels, the reception screen has started to redefine interactive ways between the company and clientele, and between staff and visitors.

They use clear images and customized content to draw up new thresholds of a warm welcome.

Today, we will talk about the must-learn things about reception LED displays in this article.

Part 1. What is an reception LED display?

To use reception LED display to draw visitors’ attention and improve the first impression by displaying information, graphics, videos, and animation.

It regularly is used for all kinds of agencies’ reception areas and lobbies to display company information, greet visitors, brand promotion, or guide guests to visit the installation.

reception led screen display

The key features:

(1) High brightness: High brightness is one of the features of LED reception screens. It ensures normal display and is seen by visitors even in sufficient light.

(2) Energy economizing: The reception LED display is a product under the display technology towards maturity. So compared to the traditional display method, it is more economizing energy.

(3) High stability: Relying on more advanced technology supports, it owns more service lifetime.

(4) Customized: Compared to older monitors, LED reception screens can be customized highly, regardless of shape or size.

(5) Seamlessly changing: All content can be seamlessly changed, no matter the dynamic or still content. It meets all your needs even though plays circularly different contents.

Part 2. Where can you use it?

1. Office

The reception area is a company facade, it offers direct vision contact points for clients, staff, and visitors.

Get help from reception LED displays to make your company’s front desk more attractive.

Relying on dynamic and influential effects, it not only can display company information but also can leave a virtuous impression on visitors who first step in the door.

As well as, bring a good chance for branding promotion.

2. Hospital

The bubbly reception LED screens can be used for the information center at the entrance of patients, visitors, and staff members to offer a warm welcome while simplifying the patient process.

Besides, it can guide patients and visitors through complex aisles, and brush up on navigation to save time.

At the same time, some important information also can be displayed by digital lobby display.

3. Educational institution

The educational institution generally uses an LED reception screen to display subject information or teaching result videos.

Making use of dynamic and outstanding display to trick more visitors’ attention.

As well as, call for more students to come and sign up subjects that they need.

4. Hotel

In modern hotel areas, reception LED display have become an important function to enhance the experience when visitors step into a hotel.

They can be used to display welcome information, hotel brands, or urgent information, such as check-in instructions and installation.

As we all know, depending on lively visual effects, LED screens are especially effective in transmitting high-resolution images and video. And it can attract clients to learn hotel’s products or publicize local tourist attractions.

5. KTV

Believing everybody can be attracted by playing in a loop big screen when they walk into a KTV.

The LED display creates an enthusiastic welcome atmosphere by virtue of rotating colors and arresting animation and reflects the vibrancy of the venue.

They can declare the latest popular songs, epidemic room themes, and ongoing promotions, even though display musical videos to audiences.

6. Visitor reception center

Every visitor center has a unique chance to leave a deep impression on visitors.

When travelers walk into the visitors’ center, they are usually looking for directions, and information, or want to learn the identity of visiting place.

The reception LED display meets these requirements relying on unparalleled efficiency and styles.

It pushes out some location’s history, achievements, or related details for visitors through energetic dynamic videos.

Certainly, there are more scenes that can use reception LED displays that are worth exploring!

7. Wedding scene

Whether you have taken part in or held a wedding, you should find that LED displays are already used for weddings.

Using dynamic videos to tell the process of new people falling in love and getting to know each other to those who come to bless by LED wall for wedding reception.

It can connect with audio equipment to play wedding songs, create an atmosphere, and build unforgettable memories for new people.

Part 3. The reception LED screen price

1. The key factors of reception LED screen prices

(1) Pixel pitch: The smaller the pixel pitch, the price usually is higher.

(2) Size: The bigger size means need more raw materials, and the cost will be more expensive. Certainly, some sizes such as creative LED display need to be customized, the cost also will be more dear.

(3) Brightness: The higher brightness means more mature technology, so the price will naturally be higher.

(4) Refresh rate: Relying on a higher refresh rate, the screen display will be more stable, and the video play will be more smooth, However, all these benefits depend on more advanced technology supports, so the price will be higher.

(5) Cabinet: Different cabinets have different prices depending on the complexity of the process used. For example, a Die-cast aluminum cabinet is more expensive than an iron cabinet.

(6) More functions: The functions of LED display can be customized according to your needs. But, the higher the customized, the higher the price.

2. How to calculate its price?

We offer professional service in LED display calculation, if want to get an accurate quote, just contact us directly.

Part 4. How to install and use it for display effectively

The final goal of learning the reception LED display is not buying but using it.

How to make the reception LED screen display normally and bring the effect we introduced before?

Here, we will elaborate carefully on the components, tools, and install steps, adjust the software steps, and change the video steps.

The needed components and tools: LED modules, connected pedals, USB disk, power cable, network cable, screw & screw driver, cabinets.

reception led display componenets and tools

1. Install steps:

Step 1: Unpacking and checking whether the components are complete or broken.

Step 2: Use the colored marker pen to position the drilling locations for screws.

Previous slide
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Step 3: Using the screws tighten and fix the connected pedals at the location where the holes were punched in the previous step.

Step 4: Install the cabinets and using screws tighten and fix. At the same time, screw the connection lock between boxes.

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Step 5: Connect the cabinets’ main power cables and connect the power cables between different cabinets.

Previous slide
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Step 6: Connect the network cable. Then you will see a green light flashing on the receiving card once the network cable has connected.

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Step 7: Install LED modules.

2. Adjust steps:

Step 1: Insert the USB into the computer, open the software in the USB flash drive and unzip it.

Step 2: Connect the Wi-Fi of the product.

Step 3: Click user-media player and log in to connect system.

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Step 4: Click screen config-next.

Step 5: Click read from and click the OK button. You will see the pixel pitch on the window.

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Step 6: Click the screen connection on the window top and click the Reset All button.

Step 7: Click the screen accordingly then click SEND and SAVE

3. Change video steps:

Step 1: Open another software in the USB and then click the File button.

open software and click file

Step 2: Then choose a video that you want to display on the LED reception wall and click the open button.

choose video

Step 3: Click the full screen icon and set the video playback time in this window.

click full screen

Step 4: After all settings are completed, click the publish icon.


Step 5: Then select the video you just uploaded.

Now, the reception LED wall will show the content that you set.

4. Complete video tutorial

Part 5. The reasons for choosing the Royal LED display

1. Product quality warranty

2. Service quality warranty

3. Main recommended product:

400*450mm led display series

Royal 400*450 series

Royal 600*337.5 series

royal 600*337 series

Part 6. Conclusions

The reception LED display is not only a delightful choice but also a marketing strategy selection.

The energetic, fascinating display makes the visitors have lasting memories even though their space stay is already ending.

If you want to get professional reception LED display support, please contact Royal LED Display.

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