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Royal offers you high-quality full-color rental LED display with extremely competitive factory prices.

Royal LED rental display uses high-quality LED chips and drive IC to ensure high refresh and high grayscale. Meanwhile, we provide full range of rental LED display modules of various pixels, such as P10mm、P8mm、P6mm、P5mm、P4mm、P3mm、P2.5mm、P3.91mm、P4.81mm, and so on.

EC Series Rental LED Display

Soft Connection:

Front & Rear Service For Indoor.
Rear Service For Outdoor.
royal LED display

EC-R Series

Ultra light weight and ultra thin
Rental LED Display LED Video Wall
To meet Hign-end rental requirements

EC-L Series

High precision aluminum cabinet
Rental LED display support
Curve installation Seamless Splicing

ec-o series 500*1000mm

EC-O Series

HD visual effects Rental LED Display
Install and transport easily
Applicated for various events

EF Series Rental LED Display

Hard Connection:

Front & Rear Service For Indoor.
Rear Service For Outdoor.

EF-R Series

Rental LED display
With ultra light weight and curve lock
Frontal & rear service design

EF-O Series

High Fresh rate HD small pixle
Rental LED display with light weight
Frontal & rear service design

royal ef-y series

EF-Y Series

HD rental LED display
Support dual service(indoor)
With frontal and rear Easy operation

EX Series Rental LED Display

Hard Connection:

Front & Rear Service For Indoor and Outdoor.

EX-R Series

500*500mm size Rental LED display
High definition visual effect
For indoor and outdoor display

EX-O Series

Small pixel Rental LED display
With ultra light weight and
Curve lock Seamless connection design

EX-Y Series

Frontal & rear service
Rental LED display
Easy installation with fast lock

ex-a rental LED display

EX-A Series

500*500mm size Rental LED display
With ultra light weight and curve lock
High definition visual effect

Royal Rental LED Display Videos

Rental LED Display Screen - Powerfully Elevating Events Influence

Part 1. What is Rental LED display

LED screen rental (rental LED display) is a LED display specially used for stage performances and cultural activities.

Generally, it appears in the form of a rental, so it is named LED rental screen.

The LED rental display is light in weight, thin in structure, and has hoisting and quick installation functions, so as to meet the requirements of quick installation, disassembly, and handling required by rental occasions.

Easy to install and disassemble, easy to operate, the whole screen is fixed and connected by fast bolts, it can be installed and dismantled accurately and quickly, and different shapes can be assembled to meet the requirements of the site.

Part 2. Advantages of Rental LED Screen

The LED rental display is designed as a customized die-casting aluminum box, and its most important features are lightness, thinness, and quick installation.

The LED display cabinet is light and thin, can be installed, removed, and transported quickly, and is suitable for large-area rental and fixed installation applications.

It is processed by a synchronous control system and can accept various video input signals such as DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, and YUV. It can play video, graphics, etc., and play various information in a real-time, synchronous, and clear way of information dissemination. The colors are vivid and adaptable.

1. Ultra-light

The weight of the rental LED display is only 7kg. And it can be carried by one person. It is easy to install.

2. Ultra-thin

The cabinet is formed by die-casting aluminum, which has high strength, strong toughness, high precision, and is not easy to deform, which saves labor for transportation.

3. High precision

Dimensions are electromechanically machined to an accuracy of 0.1mm.

4. Compatible

The new structural design meets the requirements of hoisting and stacking, as well as indoor and outdoor requirements.

5. Fast installation

The upper, lower, left, and right connections of the cabinet adopt a quick locking mechanism, and the installation of a cabinet can be completed in 10 seconds, with high installation accuracy.

6. Reliable

High strength and hardness, good heat dissipation effect.

7. Cost

The cabinet is light in weight and requires low installation costs. The LED display cabinet has low power consumption, saving operating costs and reducing labor costs.

Part 3. When Will You Need LED Screen Rental

There are three popular options on the market – projectors, televisions, and LED displays. Depending on the specifics of your event, you’ll need to decide which one is best for increasing your traffic and revenue.

In any of the following situations, you need to choose a rental LED display to help you.

Part 4. LED Screen Hire For Events

1. For corporate activities

LED screen rentals are mainly used in corporate conferences, exhibitions, training, offices, and other publicity activities.

Among them, the use of LED wall rental can be seen in some high-end corporate conferences and exhibitions, and can also be used as one of the ways of corporate publicity. For example, installing LED rental screens in large conference venues is a very good way of publicity.

2. For the performance scene

LED rental screens can also be used for stage performances. Many large-scale cultural evenings, event sites, concerts, etc. will use giant LED screens rental to create an atmosphere.

Moreover, LED video wall rental can generally be divided into main screens and several secondary screens, which are used together. Let the audience see the stage performance in all directions.

3. For public places

LED screens rental will also be used to display advertisements. Especially in places such as large shopping malls, airports, or stations, LED screens rental often appear.

Not only can it provide people with a shopping experience, but it can also provide a good advertising effect, killing two birds with one stone.

Part 5. LED Screen Cabinet

The LED screen cabinets we use mainly include the following types:

1. Die-cast aluminum cabinet

The die-cast aluminum cabinet is light in weight, reasonable in structure, high in precision, and can basically realize seamless splicing. The die-casting aluminum LED rental screen cabinet is not only a simple upgrade of the traditional display cabinet but also has been fully optimized and updated in terms of structure and performance. It is a compact indoor LED rental screen made of patents. Disassembly and maintenance are extremely convenient.

2. Magnesium alloy cabinet

Magnesium alloy is an alloy composed of magnesium and other elements.

Its characteristics are low density, high strength, good heat dissipation, and good shock absorption. The ability to withstand impact loads is greater than that of aluminum alloys, and it has better corrosion resistance to organic substances and alkalis.

Magnesium alloy used as LED screen is cost-effective, easy to install, and has excellent heat dissipation making the product more market-leading.

Die-cast aluminum cabinet

Royal EC-O Series Rental LED Display

Magnesium alloy cabinet

960X960 R Series Outdoor LED Display

Part 6. LED Wall Rental Price

Factors affecting the price of LED rental screens

(1) Pixel pitch

The smaller the pixel pitch of the display, the more lamp beads.

For example, the price of a P2.5mm rental led panel is higher than that of P3.91mm. Choose the display screen that suits your solution according to the corresponding viewing distance.

The clearer the picture displayed by the LED, the higher the price.

(2) Environment

The working environment of outdoor rental LED panels is more complicated and more variable than that of indoor LED panels, and waterproofing and dustproof must be considered.

Outdoor rental displays must take additional protection measures, so the cost will increase.

(3) Installation method

More difficult installation methods require more staff and the guidance of an experienced technician.

The simpler the installation method for rental LED panels, the lower the price.

(4) Mobile or modular

Mobile rental LED panels cost less than modular LED video walls.

Because the movement, assembly, and disassembly of large-area modular led displays require more workers.

(5) Brightness

Compared to indoors, the outdoor rental LED display usually needs higher brightness to ensure a normal and smooth display of the content under natural light.

As you think, higher brightness needs more advanced technology to support it, and the price is also more expensive.

(6) Refresh Rate

The refresh rate determines whether the screen can be played and displayed smoothly. A higher refresh rate means more mature display technology, and therefore a higher price.

(7) Viewing angle

In order to ensure that viewers in any corner can view the LED wall content, a wider viewing angle is required. This also means that its cost will be higher.

(8) Additional function

Some events may require special add-ons. But what you need to know is that this also requires more advanced technical support. The more additional features, the higher the price.

Part 7. LED Screen Rental Installation & Control

1. LED Screen Rental Installation Method

Rental screens are mostly used for temporary activities

Therefore, the on-site installation should be quick and convenient, and it can be easily taken to another venue after the event. The volume should not be too large, and the quality should not be too heavy.

(1) Handle with care

During the moving process, avoid bumping and causing the LED lamp beads to fall, which will affect the use effect.

(2) Check and install before the box is energized

Do not install when the power is on, which may easily lead to safety accidents. Check the LED module with a multimeter before powering it on, and eliminate the problem before it can be used normally.

(3) Hanging method and stacked method

The hanging method requires special tools, such as using a lifting crane or a crane to place the rental LED display at a certain height. To ensure the stability of the cabinet, it is necessary to fix and support the LED display in multiple positions.

The stacking type is to put the weight of the LED display on the ground and splice the LED display cabinets into pre-specified specifications.

Whether it is the hanging method or the stacked method, it is necessary to provide short-term fixed support for the cabinet and the entire display screen.

Hanging Method

Stacked Method

2. LED Screen Rental Control Method

During the entire use process, the rental LED display needs a control system to change the real-time playback content.

For the synchronous control system, the computer needs to be connected to the sending box, input information, and display the synchronous content.

Rental LED display generally adopts a synchronous control system.

There is also a kind of asynchronous control, the display content is inconsistent with the content on the computer, which means editing the content on the computer, and then sending the content to the receiving card

How to control LED rental screen - synchronous control system

Part 8. 6 reasons to choose Royal

(1) Royal has more than 10 years of experience in producing and manufacturing LED displays.

(2) Royal has a factory area of 2500+ square meters to ensure the product possibility.

(3) Royal has developed a strict product quality management system, and all products have undergone a 72-hour aging test.

(4) Royal has obtained CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHS certification for LED control systems.

(5) Royal provides perfect LED display solutions to 1,000+ major industry customers, covering 110+ countries and regions.

(6) Royal provides 7*24 hours technical service support.

Part 8. Conclusion

For LED screen rental events that need daytime viewing, simultaneous mass viewing, and may face some uncontrollable environmental factors such as wind and rain, rental LED display can be the optimum choice.

It is easy to install, control and can enhance your events largely.

Royal Display has been focusing on LED display for many years and has a professional R&D design team. More cases are for your reference, and we will provide you with a comprehensive LED display quotation and service.

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