Royal 400×300mm Indoor Small Pixel LED Display

High Refresh rate 400mm×300mm die-casting Aluminum panel small pixel indoor LED display LED Video wall with best color consistance and excellent visual effect for indoor installations.

  • Indoor Installation
  • Frontal maintenance Design
  • 200*150mm module size
  • 400*300mm cabinet size
  • Die-casting Aluminum panel
  • 4:3 ratio design
  • CE,RoHS,FCC Approved
  • 3 Years Warranty

Product Features

Ultra HD Visual Effect

Single-point color correction technology, to achieve a true color reduction, smaller pixel pitch, the world is unfolds in your eyes.

4:3 Ratio Design

Desighed as 4:3 ratio design with the size of 400*300*58mm dimention. excellent cabinet design with the feature of ultra light and ultra thin.

Modular Design

Magnetic suction structure, can achieve fast maintenance and installation, maintenance speed is 5 times higher than traditional products, greatly saving customer maintenance time.

High Quality LED module

Unique LED module design with the size of 200*150mm dimention. Easy installation and replacement, ultra-thin design.

Frontal Service Design

Frontal service design for LED receiving cards, HUB Cards, power supplies and LED modules. Double backup function of power supply and signal.

Product Applications

Security monitoring System
Conference System
Command System

Product Parameters

Pixel Pitch1.25mm1.56mm1.667mm1.923mm2.5mm
Pixel Density640000409600360000270400160000
Pixel ConfigurationSMD1010SMD1010SMD1010SMD1010SMD1010
MAX Power Con680w/Sq.m640w/Sq.m620w/Sq.m600w/Sq.m580w/Sq.m
AVG Power Con350w/sq.m320w/sq.m320w/sq.m300w/sq.m280w/sq.m260w/sq.m
Module Dimension200x150mm200x150mm200x150mm200x150mm200x150mm
Module Resolution160×120 dots128×96 dots120×90 dots104×78 dots80×60 dots
Cabinet Dimension400x300x77mm
Cabinet Resolution320×240 dots256×192 dots240×180 dots208x156dots160x120dots
Cabinet Weight5.85kg
Service AccessFront
Rotation Angle-10° and +10°
Brightness (nits)≥1000
Refresh Rate (HZ)3840
Grey Scale (bit)16
Viewing Angle (H/V)160 / 160
IP RateIP54
Input Voltage (AC)110 / 240V

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