Shopping Mall LED Display Screen Solutions in 2024
The shopping mall LED display can bring excellent visual effects and high popularity to make your shopping mall become a landmark stricture.

Part 1. Why do you need a shopping mall LED display?

Part 2. 6 Benefits of it

Part 3. 8 common types of LED screens in shopping center

Part 4. Explore more possibilities of them

Part 5. The key factors when you choose shopping mall LED screen

Part 6. Why choose Royal’s shopping mall LED Display?

Part 7. Conclusions

We already know that shopping malls usually gather large crowds. 

If your shopping mall is empty, it’s time to discover the appeal of a shopping mall LED display.

Currently, there is a steady advancement in display technology, with LED screens emerging as a mature and efficient option for displays.

It appears in our daily lives, in various industries. Even, when you go out home, there are the appearance of LED displays.

You can play dynamic videos, images, or text displays during the meeting progress by them. 

Of course, you can utilize science and technology along with LED screens to enhance your brand promotion and draw in a larger customer base to purchase your products.

shopping mall led display

Part 1. Why do you need a shopping mall LED display?

Nowadays, when LED displays are so common, it is not surprising to see them in shopping malls.

It can manifest throughout the shopping mall’s interior, whether as an advertising promotion or a navigation interface, among other possibilities.

No doubt, it can also be found outside the shopping mall, at the entrance or the exterior walls, or even in the mall’s square.

Across these locations, it can all aid in enhancing your shopping mall’s popularity, drawing in more consumers, igniting their desire to make purchases, boosting overall business, and ultimately leading to high returns.

1. Surprising advertising effect

Undoubtedly, the implementation of LED screen technology necessitates more advanced technological support.

Consequently, the cost of shopping mall LED displays is higher compared to traditional or previously prevalent display technologies.

However, the wonderful effect of sight and benefits already hedge out the cost perfectly. This is the reason why so many merchants are willing to pay for it.

Under the help of the LED screen of shopping mall , your advertising will have a higher high-quality visual impact and more realistic color reproduction to hit customers’ hearts.

Amidst a bustling shopping mall, advertising featuring dynamic and rich special effects consistently captures people’s attention first, drawing more individuals to visit your shopping mall and engage with the content.

At this time, your mall will be the center of popularity like most famous shopping malls.

famou shopping mall
shopping mall led screen
shopping mall led display

2. Excellent advertising display platform

The shopping mall is a huge building that covers eat, drink, and be merry.

In today’s era of traffic, the shopping mall is an outstanding offline advertising platform.

By leveraging the shopping mall LED display, advertising can target not only customers inside the mall but also those near and even passing by the vicinity.

This broad reach potentially draws these individuals into your shopping mall for consumption or to engage with the featured brands.

Therefore, for most merchants, it not miss this excellent chance for brand promotion.

3. Convenient navigation platform

Assuredly, apart from the advertising promotion, navigation is also a kind of function of shopping mall LED display.

For most consumers, the clam text version navigation may be invalid. But the shopping mall LED screen will change this plight.

Display the shopping mall layout with dynamic videos, and offer different routes for customers to make sure that people can find their destination with the fastest time limit.

At the same time, some low-price promotions and brand discount information will be more prominently displayed by LED display.

Thus, the customers learn this exciting information timely and encourages client consumption.

All above can help your shopping mall gain more human traffic and higher profit returns.

Part 2. 6 Benefits of it

1. High brightness display

If want to display advertising clearly and normally outdoors, the required LED screen brightness is at least not lower than 5500nits. 

This is because under natural light, only brighter brightness the brighter content can be seen with consumers.

As well as, for higher coverage, a wide viewing angle is also a necessary feature of the LED screen. 

Depending on this feature, nearby consumers also can be attracted successfully when the outside shopping mall LED screens are boosted.

2. Wonderful visual effect

The video always more easily irrupts people’s hearts than words. 

And you will find, compared to text advertising, people are always more willing to see a video, even though it is only 3 seconds long.

So, vivid video advertising gradually replacing the words advertising is becoming a trend.

The shopping mall LED screen that has a wonderful visual effect is just adapting to today’s development trend.

outdoor advertising billiboard
shopping mall 3d led display

3. Space optimization

Using dynamic effects to show the shopping mall layout by shopping mall LED display.

Therefore, on the whole, the shopping mall layout is not influenced by the golden area. Because all areas can be found within fast time benefit from the simple and clear navigation.

4. High stability

The longer the advertising display, the more odds the deep impression will stay in the customer’s mind.

The long time and stable running of shopping mall LED display to achieve this image. 

Keep working over 10 hours to increase the probability that clients want to enter your shopping mall when they want to do so.

At the same time, following the constantly upgrading technology, lengthy service time reduces your payment cost further.

5. Seamlessly change content

They can reach to change the display content seamlessly.

Usually speaking, the control system of the shopping mall LED display is the asynchronization control system

It just needs you to transport the content that you want to display to the storage space of sending and receiving cards. 

And use many methods such as mobile phone Wi-Fi, iPad, or cloud platform to achieve automatic loop playback.

When you need to change new content, just import the new content asynchronously to the internal storage space of sending and receiving cards.

6. Dynamic advertising videos

The regular posters or advertising are usually displayed as still words. But with the development of the era, dynamic videos tend to hit customers’ hearts with ease.

The creative show results not only can excite consumers’ desire to buy but also arouse the idea that customers shoot a video and share it on social medium.

This online propagation will bring unexpected effects to your shopping mall.

Part 3. 8 common types of LED screens in shopping center

1. Indoor LED screen

The indoor LED display usually appears in shop windows, supermarket shelves, and so on.

The merchants regularly use them for displaying their mainly recommended products or celebrity endorsement advertising.

For example, the clothing outfit videos appearing in Uniqlo store windows make consumers feel the product effect intuitively.

Perhaps the celebrity endorsement ads often appear in Sephora windows. This is because these celebrities are more convincing to customers. As well as, there are also some fans who will pay for it.

2. Outdoor big LED screen

The outdoor LED display generally is installed on the building’s exterior wall or in a commercial street plaza.

The high light and clearly display make these locations become popular advertising platforms.

At the same time, some shopping malls make use of displaying a few holiday videos on LED screens or LED wall, like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and so on. Fascinating numerous people come and check in.

3. Transparent LED display

The appearance of transparent LED display make the aesthetics of display technology improve one level again.

Its transmittance familiarly can reach up to 60%-95%. Not only does it not influence the daylight and views of transparent glass walls but also does not occupy space.

Although its price is a little bit higher than other displays, because of its high aesthetics and attraction, lots of merchants also willingly pay the fee.

4. Interactive floor tile LED display

It offers many interesting for customers because of the appearance of the interactive floor tile LED display.

To bring laughing interactive with customers by infrared or gravity sensor. Improving consumers’ experience and attracting more clients to enter the mall.

5. Canopy LED display

The canopy LED display is usually seen on the ceiling of the shopping mall to improve the whole atmosphere.

Such as displaying soft lighting effects, funny videos, or advertising.

People can’t help but take out their mobile phones to shoot a video for social media because of these astonishing effects. And bringing unexpected promotion effects to your shopping mall.

canopy led display

6. Holographic LED display

The holographic LED display is more beautiful than transparent LED screens.

The reason is that seeing the shape and structure of the transparent LED displays when it does not display any content. But the holographic LED screen can’t appear in this condition.

Surely, compared to other LED screens, the holographic LED displays cost will be higher. 

However, because of its excellent aesthetic effect and return, many merchants will pay for it willingly.

7. Cylindrical LED display

You generally see the cylindrical LED display in the shopping mall corridor or the square outside the shopping mall.

When the clients stop and rest, or just wander around the mall, its displaying content will catch the customers’ eyes and reach up to the purpose of instant consumption.

In the square, it usually is used for displaying all brand logos that the shopping mall covers and the merchants will pay the fee.

8. Rental LED display

Compared to fixed LED display, rental LED display has some advantages in installation and transportation.

For short-term shopping mall activities or new product releases, renting LED display screens is a better choice.

Because it is more cost-effective, you can get perfect visual effects and appeal without paying high costs.

Apart from the LED screen that we list above, there are many other LED screens walked in shopping malls. Such as the Rubik’s cube LED display, and spherical LED display.

Part 4. Explore more possibilities of them

Using LED screens for advertising display or becoming advertising platform maybe to a certain extent benefit from the original function of shopping mall.

However, have you ever thought about: Except for it , what else can bring by your shopping mall LED display?

Maybe you can get an idea from flourishing Japan Shinjuku mall- Making your shopping mall become more stereoscopic and more vivid.

Using your imagination, there is an elephant walking around in front of you, whether you feel surprised? And shooting a video to transport the Facebook, INS, or other social medias?

Let your imagination run wild, and make your shopping mall become a look as your thinking.

(1) Using LED display for making your shopping mall put on artistic outerwear and become a landmark art installation.

(2) Science and technology + LED screen technology, building an creative advertising content for your shopping mall.

(3) High interactive and interesting naked-eye 3D effect, make your advertising no longer stick to flat, but a three-dimensional effect.

(4) VR+immersive LED screen products, further upgrading the consumption experience.

Part 5. The key factors when you choose shopping mall LED screen

1. The planned content display

The display content usually decides the types of LED screens that you need.

For example, if you just want to display the content on the showcase, you needn’t consider the outdoor LED displays.

Generally, most users will ignore this question when they choose LED displays. But you will find that it is an important existence during the choosing LED screens process.

2. Site space conditions

The site space conditions decide the installation method and maintenance method of LED displays.

For example, some places are only suited for suspended installation, therefore you can’t choose the wall-mounted screens.

3. Brightness

Different environments require different brightness.

The LED display brightness of the indoor environment is usually between 200-1000nits. The 600nit is a numerical value that most users require brightness.

The LED screen brightness generally is between 5500-6500nits in outdoor environments.

Only choosing a suitable brightness to warrant the content display normally and effectively.

4. Maintenance method

The maintenance method of LED screens can be divided into front maintenance and back maintenance.

When using the back maintenance method, you need to reserve enough space so that the professional staff to carry out maintenance operations when installing the LED screen.

However, when using the front maintenance method, needn’t do so.

Certainly, a few LED screen maintenance methods have front and rear double maintenance. Thus, it is more convenient when you need to do maintenance operations

5. Power consumption and power requirements

The power consumption and power requirements are closely related to the shopping mall LED display cost.

Different LED screens require different energy consumption and power requirements.

So, this is worth considering thing when you choose a shopping mall LED screen.

But you need to know, the less power consumption of LED screens than the traditional LCD monitors.

6. Supplier

Different suppliers offer different product quality, price, service, and so on.

The reliable supplier usually has a strict quality control system to ensure high quality products. For example, the Royal LED Display.

The professional suppliers will offer technical service during your purchasing process. Such as the explanation of product related parameters and the pros and cons of different LED screens.

7. Price

The shopping mall LED display price is a caring thing when someone plans to buy or is about to buy LED screens.

As well as, there are many factors that can influence its price, and the price change will follow these factors to wave.

(1) Pixel pitch: The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price. The common pixel pitch of outdoor LED screens: P4, P6, P8, P10… The common pixel pitch of indoor LED screens: P1.87, P1.92, P2, P2.5…

(2) Size: The larger the size, the more expensive the price. In addition, the higher customized the size, the higher the price.

(3) Color reproduction: The more realistic color reproduction needs more advanced technology to support it, and the cost also is higher.

(4) Viewing range: Same reason, the wider viewing range also relies on more advanced technology to achieve, the more expensive cost is reasonable.

(5) Installation method: There is a certain price difference between different installation methods. The more complex the installation method, the higher the price.

(6) Cabinet: The different cabinets also produce different prices. For example, a die-cast aluminum cabinet is more expensive than an iron cabinet. This is because the die-cast aluminum cabinet is one-piece die-casting, and the process cost is higher than the iron cabinet manufacturing process.

(7) Additional function: If you need a more personalized additional function for your shopping mall LED screen means more complex technology, so the cost will be more expensive.

Part 6. Why choose Royal's shopping mall LED Display?

The reasons for choosing Royal LED Display

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Part 7. Conclusions

The shopping mall LED display can enhance its appeal and draw in more visitors, transforming itself into a recognized landmark that will attract a larger crowd.

However, choosing a suitable shopping mall LED screen is not an easy thing, this comprehensive guide will offer wonderful assistance for you.

If you are distressed with choosing a reliable supplier, please contact Royal to enjoy professional service and high quality products.

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