Sports LED Display

High quality, high refresh rate, high grayscale LED display adds appeal to your stadium sports events

LED Display For Sports Events

Royal Sports LED display is easy to install and transport, and stands out in the market with its factory price!

ec-o series 500*1000mm

EC-O Series

Ultra-light and ultra-thin die-cast aluminum box, easy to install and transport rental LED display. Suitable for use in a variety of activity scenarios

EF-O Series

High Fresh rate HD small pixle
Rental LED display with light weight
Frontal & rear service design

ex-a rental LED display

EX-A Series

500*500mm size Rental LED display With ultra light weight and curve lock High definition visual effect


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The Advantages of LED screen for wedding stage

advertising opportunities

Advertising Opportunities

For sponsors and advertisers, the athletic facility LED display offers an unparalleled chance to display their brand and products.

No matter the still advertising or dynamic multimedia content, it all can make sure the maximum visibility and influence to bring valuable exposure for sponsors and advertisers.

instant replays and highlights

Instant Replays and Highlights

One of the foremost benefits of a stadium LED display lies in its ability to provide instantaneous replays and highlights.

Whether the goal changes the matches, a thrilling dunk, or a crucial touchdown, it all can make the audience relive the exciting occasion in real time and enhance the overall fun of the competition.

immersive watching experience

Immersive Watching Experience

The sport LED display can offer an immersive viewing experience and bring audiences to the center of the competition.

Relying on these screens that own bright colors, high resolution, and big size to ensure to capture every contest, score every time and every key moment in the clearest and the most shocking ways.

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royal ef-o series rental led display

Royal EF-O Series

Royal EC-O Series

ec-o series rental led display

Sports & Stadium LED Display: 2024 Ultimate Guidance

Picture having a powerful screen in your stadium that immediately captures the attention of your audience while serving as a valuable tool for displaying sponsor advertisements, replaying video footage, and highlighting memorable moments of the game. With a sports LED display, all of these possibilities can become a reality, not to mention the added benefit of beautifying the entire venue.

Join me as we explore the world of sports LED screens, where you’ll gain valuable insights on how to choose the right display for your needs, understand pricing options, and learn how to maximize profits by utilizing this innovative technology. 

By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions and enhance the overall spectator experience at your sporting events.

1. What is a sports LED display?

The sports LED display is a LED screen that mainly used for all kinds of stadiums to display the peripheral advertising, live event, real-time scoring information, and so on.

Its appearance making audiences enjoy the wonderful competitions while also repeat sponsored brand advertising information.

It connects commercials with modern sports perfectly. At the same time, it has guaranteed the safety of venue personnel benefits from its humanized design. For example, the sports LED screen can be turned with ease to leave a safe passage.

Same as other industries’ LED screens, it has excellent visual effect, high brightness, high grayscale, high refresh rate, and wide viewing angle.

However, From a sports event perspective, the sports LED display more emphasis to display dynamic information(such as important moment, slow motion, and highlights) with real-time, accurately, fast, and undistorted.

The above, with the development of LED display technology, can be perfectly realized!

2. Types of Sports LED Display You Can Apply

One of the most significant advantages of sports LED display is its high ROI, which allows you to generate substantial profits and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Moreover, it can improve visual experiences from all aspects including images and acoustics, effectively promoting your brand, increasing sponsorship revenues, and displaying camera feeds, scores, or other related content.

2.1 Scoreboard LED Display

LED scoreboards are commonly used in various sports events, such as basketball, football, baseball, and tennis, to keep track of the score, time remaining, and other important information for the players and spectators.

LED scoreboards are preferred over traditional scoreboards due to their higher visibility and clarity, and the ability to display more information, including animations and graphics.

Scoreboard LED displays can be programmed to display customized content, including advertisements, sponsor messages, and live video feeds, making them a versatile and effective tool for sports event management.

scoreboard led display to iceland

Scoreboard LED Display to Iceland

2.2 Perimeter LED Display

Perimeter LED display is usually used for advertising and displaying for football stadiums, basketball courts, badminton courts, and other stadiums for sports. For its outstanding advertising ability, it can be used as commercial LED display to improve revenues from many channels such as sponsorships.

It is made up of a number of individual cabinets joined together, which can be installed together in large areas, and installed around the perimeter of the stadium to service advertising sponsors. You can often see them placed around the stadium and the cabinet itself with back brackets.

2.3 LED Video Display for Live Streaming

A sizable LED video wall can serve as a tool for creating designated areas for scores, camera feeds, live video, advertisements, and engaging with spectators in the stands.

By integrating it with medium-sized LED displays, it can offer optimal visibility to all attendees, regardless of the size of the venue. This combination proves to be the ideal solution for enhancing the audience’s overall viewing experience.

2.4 Customized LED Display

A Special-shaped LED wall offers a unique opportunity for generating additional revenue, as it enables the creation of iconic venues that excite and involve fans. 

For instance, cube LED display, flexible LED display, transparent LED display, LED ribbon display, and other types of creative LED screen.

In summary, LED displays are an integral part of sporting events, contributing to a more engaging and immersive experience for fans by providing critical game information, real-time updates, targeted advertising, branding, and interactive fan engagement!

3. How About Sports LED Screen Cost?

How about sports LED screen cost? How can we calculate the price? You won’t know for sure until you place your order. However, there are several questions you can consider to get an approximate price.

3.1 Several Questions to Ask

  • What information do you intend to showcase on the screen?
  • What type of sports venue do you manage?
  • What is the average attendance of spectators?
  • What is the distance from the front row of the audience to the screen?
  • What is the skill level of the primary users participating in events at your venue?
  • How big is your space? How big the screen needs to be?

By considering these questions, you can know what the specifications need to be such as refresh rate, contrast ratio, the size of the screen, brightness level, and so on.

By consulting sales staff, you can get detailed descriptions of your LED screens from many aspects such as visual performance and configuration.

3.2 Factors Related with Sports Stadium LED Display

(1) LED cabinet

LED cabinet pricing can vary among different manufacturers and companies, with prices ranging from under $350 to thousands of dollars depending on the specifications and materials used.

If you provide the sales staff with your specific requirements, such as size and configurations, they can provide you with a detailed quotation tailored to your needs.

(2) Soft pillow and soft mask

The soft pillow and mask can protect people from risks and prevent collision on the surface.

You may need to pay for soft pillow about $50 for one cabinet, and sometimes the price may be different.

The price of the soft mask can range from $40 to $60 in general way.

Soft Mask of Sports LED Display

(3) Optical fiber converter 

It is used when the distance between a control computer and screen is significant.

The primary function of a fiber converter is to convert an electrical signal intended for short distances into an optical signal that can transmit over longer distances.

A fiber converter costs around $240, and the required quantity depends on the loading capacity.

(4) Screen configuration

If you want LED screens with high refresh rates, high contrast ratio, and wide grayscale, you should choose LED displays with high configurations such as 1920Hz and 3840Hz refresh rates, and smaller pixel pitches. And of course, this will lead to higher prices.

You can ask sales staff for specific parameters that are most suitable for your conditions.

4. What Can You Gain from Sport LED Display?

LED displays are an essential component of sporting events for numerous reasons:

(1) Improved viewing experience

By offering a clearer and brighter picture, LED displays significantly enhance the viewing experience, especially in larger venues. This enables fans to follow the action better, making them more engaged with the game.

viewing experience

(2) Real-time information

LED displays can display live scores, statistics, and other game-related information, providing fans with up-to-date information about the game. This information can be updated in real-time, ensuring that the audience is informed throughout the event.

real time information

(3) Advertising revenue

LED displays offer an opportunity for event organizers and teams to display sponsor messages and advertisements, providing a source of revenue. As these advertisements can be targeted to specific audiences, their effectiveness is increased.

advertising revenue

(4) Branding and fan loyalty

LED displays can be customized to feature team logos, colors, and other branding elements, strengthening team identity and increasing fan loyalty.

(5) Interactive fan experience

LED displays can showcase fan messages, polls, and other interactive content, fostering a more engaging and immersive experience for fans. This boosts fan engagement with the game and the team.

5. How to Control Perimeter LED Display

Sometimes, when dealing with a long perimeter LED display, a special control system may be necessary to achieve uniform effects. Typically, there are two methods for controlling and managing these displays: traditional LED control systems or the Zither system. Let me explain each of these in more detail.

5.1 Controlled by Novastar LED Control System

The Novastar control system is limited to displaying images on separate windows when controlling LED displays with long length and short height parameters. 

Moreover, the process can be complicated and may need additional fees. 

Therefore, some perimeter LED display users will involve the Zither control system, a professional LED control system for perimeter LED screens.

5.2 Controlled by Zither Control System

The Zither system is a specialized video playback system designed for LED perimeter screens commonly used around sports fields. 

It combines LED booth management, playlist management, and program editing functions to provide synchronized playback of video, pictures, and text messages in a continuous loop. 

What is the working principle, and what is the biggest difference between Zither system and normal control system?

5.3 Differences Between Zither System and Common Control System

When using LED perimeter displays, the LED control card may have limitations that result in insufficient loading points in length and redundant loading points in height.

To overcome this limitation, the Zither control system can process input data to convert the redundant loading points in height into loading points in length. 

This maximizes the utilization of hardware and allows for the loading resolution arrangement of ultra-long screens without requiring a change in the LED control card!


Now, as you can see, here are two main methods to control perimeter LED screens. The first one is controlled by traditional LED control systems such as the Novastar LED controller, and the second one refers to the professional controller for sport perimeter LED display – the Zither system.

6. Why Royal Sport LED Display?

Royal Display is a professional LED display factory with 10 Years’ of experience in producing and developing LED display, and the LED Control Systems are CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHS approved. 

6.1 Stadium LED Display with High-standard Visual Performance

Our company exclusively collaborates with globally recognized corporations like Meanwell, Nationstar, Kinglight, Cree, and others. 

Additionally, our LED modules are composed of die-cast aluminum or magnesium alloy, resulting in lighter cabinets and superior thermal dissipation!

What is more, we offer customers with LED display screens with high contrast ratio, high refresh rate of up to 3840Hz, and high brightness level which guarantees people can watch the screen clearly under strong and direct sunlight.

6.2 8,000㎡ Factory Areas & 5000㎡+ Production Capacity

We own an LED display factory with manufacturing and office areas of 8,000 ㎡ and 5000㎡+ production capability.

This enables us to have a significant ability to deliver products to our customers timely, and accurately.

6.3 Professional Staff with 7/24 Hours Services

Royal offers comprehensive one-stop services that include installation, training, and maintenance. Our customer-oriented corporate culture and attitude ensure that you receive the best possible support.

6.4 Reliable Qualifications

Royal Display, a prominent manufacturer of LED displays, holds ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 certifications. With over a decade of experience in LED display manufacturing, we maintain strict control management and offer comprehensive after-sales services.

Our LED display screens carry FCC certificates and comply with the standards of the European LED display screen market, making them available to customers globally.

7. More Successful Customer Cases!

Case 1. Total Width 240m Perimeter LED Display to Georgia

The extensive undertaking utilized 240 LED display cabinets measuring 960*960mm, covering a total width of 240m.

Each cabinet has a size of 960X960mm and a resolution of 96X96dots, while the modules have a pixel pitch of P10mm and a resolution of 32X16dots. 

The module size is 320X160mm. The system has a refresh rate of 1,920Hz, and it is designed specifically for sports perimeter applications.

To satisfy all demands, this LED perimeter display features high-quality cabinets, soft masks, adjustable brackets, and reliable performance.

Case 2. P5mm Sports Perimeter LED Display to Serbia

The high-refresh rate LED displays are perfect for camera-shooting and there is no moire effect on the pictures.

  • Country of installation: Serbia
  • Pixel pitch: P5mm
  • Module resolution: 64 x 32 dots
  • Module size: 320 x 160mm
  • Number of cabinets: 60 pcs
  • Cabinet material: Steel
  • Cabinet size: 960 x 800mm
  • Cabinet resolution: 192 x 160 dots
  • Refresh rate: 3,840Hz
  • Application: Perimeter advertising for sports events in stadiums

Case 3. Other Stadium LED Screen Customer Cases

8. Conclusions

Royal provides customers with high-standard LED displays worldwide with various types of staidum sports LED display! These LED displays will engage and entertain viewers, creating an enjoyable and exciting scene atmosphere!

If you have any idea about purchasing LED displays or obtaining the information you want, contact us by filling out the simple form!