Stage LED Screen Display- Getting Perfect Stage Effect with Easy
Royal's stage LED screen uses professional design to create an ultra-HD visual experience, adding vitality and atmosphere to your stage.

1. What is a stage LED screen?

2. Why is an LED screen on stage important?

3. When do you need an LED display for the stage?

4. How to choose an LED screen for your stage?

5. What will affect stage LED screens price?

6. Why the Royal’s stage LED displays is your best choice?

7. Conclusions



Along with the people’s higher pursuit of stage effectiveness, the use of stage LED screens is acquiring more and more popularity. So, for those who manage a stage and venue, or are just curious, maybe want to know: what is a stage LED display? Why get LED screens on stage? What are the functions of stage LED displays? And the pros and cons of stage LED screens. Therefore, in order to answer these questions, we have compiled this guide to stage LED displays.

stage LED screen display

1. What is a stage LED screen?

The stage LED display consists of a series of light-emitting diodes(LED), it can produce bright and high-resolution pictures, videos, and graphics from simple text to lively 3D videos. It contains various specifications and configurations so that you can assemble many sizes and shapes.

Usually, stage LED displays will be hanging on stage or placed on both sides of the stage. And you can control the content that it shows by computer or video switcher.

you can design creative shapes, various sizes, and other functions like brightness monitoring according to your LED wall.

2. Why is an LED screen on stage important?

Stage LED screens occupy more and more important locations in the top activities around the world. Whether concerts, trading activities, or seminars, the stage LED display has become the main need. The reason why this is so is precisely due to its advantages.

(1)High-quality videos

Because of the development of high-end technology and the progress of stage LED displays, showing high-quality video has become their feature, easily attracting the attention of every audience and guest. The Royal stage LED display uses single-point color correction technology to achieve true color restoration and show ultra-high-definition visual effects.

(2) Vivid and versatile display

The stage LED display can vividly present the theme and style of the event to the audience and guests. At the same time, it can help event organizers convey information and important details during the event to participants faster and more accurately.

(3) Use without being affected by the environment

Stage LED displays are known for their weatherproof properties. So even if your LED screen is set up outdoors, there’s no need to stress out about the rain.

With the best investment in these stage screens, you can definitely have an upper hand in attracting clients at presentations, shows, or even exhibitions

3. When do you need an LED display for the stage?

Stage LED screens are often used at big events, such as concerts, seminars, and trading activities, to bring good visual effects to attendees and enhance their participation. We will show some specific effects of different scenes with this part.

(1) Dual enjoyment of sight and hearing - Concert

Stage LED displays can maximally show the stage’s highlights by working closely with other stage devices,  and supply the dual enjoyment of sight and hearing for audiences.

When you sit in the back rows of the auditorium, you will find that it is a difficult thing to want to see the performers clearly. However, with the help of stage LED displays, these do not become problems. The performance in the distance will be vividly displayed in front of the audience, which can be heard clearly and enhance the audience’s sense of participation.

(2) HD display of content - Seminar

When you organize some meetings or seminars, the stage LED display can help you display videos, presentations, or slides. This feature also ensures that every participant in the room can clearly see the content being displayed and will not miss important details due to unclear visibility.

(3) Brand promotion - Trading activities

When you take your products to trade events, the stage LED display can display high-resolution videos and images to enhance the display effect of your products. At the same time, attendees can also experience product features in more detail, highlighting content that cannot be displayed through physical objects alone. What’s more, eye-catching stage LED screens can also attract attendees’ attention at crowded events, thereby increasing brand awareness.

4. How to choose an LED screen for your stage

After understanding the advantages and some specific scene applications of stage LED displays, you may want to know how to choose a suitable stage LED display for your event.

Generally speaking, when choosing an LED display on stage, you need to consider the following points.

(1) Application site

Usually, if used outdoors, the protection level of the stage LED display needs to reach at least IP65. The number 6 refers to the dust-proof level (0-6), and the number 5 refers to the waterproof level (0-8). Royal’s outdoor stage LED screens design all reach a protection level of IP65 or above, ensuring normal display even if it rains.

(2) Venue area

The venue area also affects the choice of stage LED display. If the area is relatively small, you can choose stage LED displays with a relatively large pixel pitch. If the venue area is relatively large, you can choose a stage LED display with a smaller pixel pitch.

(3) Expense budget

In the process of choosing an LED display on stage, budget is also an important factor in the selection. If the user’s viewing distance exceeds 10 meters, you can choose a P3.91mm stage LED display to achieve a high-definition display effect, but accordingly, you will also need to pay a higher cost. But in fact, when the budget is limited, choosing a P10mm stage LED display can also meet practical needs.

Therefore, within a reasonable cost budget, you can choose the best LED display for stage according to your actual needs.

Of course, if you need more professional help, you can also contact Royal LED Display to get it.

5. What will affect stage LED screens price?

The stage LED screen is a kind of rental LED display product. So, the stage LED screen’s price also gets much attention during someone chooses the LED display for stage.

Here, we will introduce some influencing factors of stage LED screen price.

(1) Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch is the distance of every pixel on the LED display. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution and price.

(2) Size

The size is a key factor that affect the LED screen’s price. Usually, The larger the size, the more expensive the price.

(3) Viewing angle

The viewing angle is also an important factor that influences the price of LED displays. The wider the viewing angle, the manufacturing process becomes more complex, the cost also increases.

(4) Brightness

The higher the brightness needs more advanced technology, the more expensive the cost.

(5) Refresh rate and gray level

The refresh rate and gray level of LED displays decide the smoothness and color transition effects. The higher the refresh rate and gray level need more advanced the circuits and drivers, and the more expensive the cost.

(6) Installation and maintenance

Some LED displays have special installation and maintenance requirements, such as waterproofing, dustproofing, weather resistance, etc. These additional features and designs will have an impact on the price.

6. Why the Royal's stage LED displays is your best choice

Reliable suppliers are also very important factors when choosing LED displays. This determines whether the quality of the stage LED screen display is guaranteed. Royal Display is a professional LED display manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in producing and developing LED displays. Serving more than 1,000+ major industry customers, the products are sold to 110+ countries. All products have undergone a strict 72-hour aging test and are of high quality.

At the same time, Royal Display has multiple product series, allowing you to easily obtain perfect stage effects. The ultra-light and ultra-thin Royal EC-R series uses single-point color correction technology to achieve true color restoration, enhance stage effects, and create an immersive experience for users. And you have two size options of 500mm*500mm and 500mm*1000mm provided to meet different installation needs. The ultra-lightweight design makes transportation easier and saves you more costs.

Royal EC-R stage LED screen

The Royal EF-R series adopts a front and rear dual service design, making later maintenance more convenient. A variety of pixel pitch designs are provided, and you can choose according to your actual needs. In addition, the high-precision curve lock design also allows your LED display to achieve rotation control, which is more precise and easy to use, and can also quickly adjust the curve degree.

Royal EF-R stage LED display

To learn more about Royal Display’s products, you can contact us directly.

7. Conclusions

choose the appropriate stage LED screen for your event. If need to know more about other LED display applications, you can contact Royal Display for more information.

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