7 Things You Need To Know About Transparent LED Screen Display
Transparent LED displays have gradually occupied the market with the characteristics of high-definition and transparency, and even occupied an important position in the application field of glass curtain walls

Part1. What is a transparent LED display?
Part 2. The technology principle of it
Part 3. The application of LED transparent display
Part 4. The advantages of it
Part 5. Transparent LED display installation
Part 6. Transparent LED screen price
Part 7. Royal LED display: The reliable supplier for transparent LED screen wall
Part 8. Conlusions

Part 1. What is a transparent LED display?

Transparent LED screen is a new type of flat display technology. It is an LED display screen that imitates crystal clear materials such as glass and has LED functions.

It has artistry and practicality and can be a dynamic canvas that displays attractive visuals.

These LED displays improve the participation and interaction of traditional advertising, information signage, and retail display to a new level relying on its high-resolution pictures, bright colors, and seamless integration of architectural design.

Part 2. The technology principle of it

2.1 Technical principles

The principle of an LED transparent screen is the same as that of a conventional LED display. 

The LED power supply provides power, the control system is responsible for conveying instructions, the driver IC provides the display program, and the LED lamp beads are responsible for displaying various information.

The front and back side of transparent screen

A complete transparent LED screen unit is fixed by the PCB board and the bottom cover, which is what we call the box. 

However, the transparent LED panel adopts innovative technology in structural design and related processes. 

The light strips are one by one, designed as a hollow structure, just like the louver structure, which makes the screen transparent, which is also the largest and the largest LED display. s difference.

In terms of playing content materials, in addition to the effect of conventional LED displays, it can also play transparent images, which is its biggest advantage.

Since the black part does not emit light during playback, the effect is as transparent, so the background color of the advertisement content can be replaced with black.

2. Introduction to Royal transparent LED screen module

transparent LED module
transparent led screen cabinet 1
component of transparent led 1
component of transparent led 2
component of transparent led

Part 3. The application of LED transparent display

3.1 Indoor LED display transparent:

It not worth to supprising that see a transparent LED display. Because it can be applicated in various indoor venues widely.

(1) Shopping mall

At the shopping center that crowds of people gather, the led screen transparent is usually installed at the entrance and showcase of the retails store.

Its purpose is catching customers’ eyes at first time, attract them enter and stimulate their desire to buy.

led transparent poster

(2) Exhibition hall

The exhibition also is one of applications of transparents LED display, and generally used for displaying cars, electrical quipments, or other types products.

They usually are deployed at the glass window back so that the clients can see the exterior of product and needn’t clossed to it.

You can get an immersive experience relying on the high transparency, even though you don’t touch the product. This is one of the important reason why you can see them at museum and gallery.

transparent led display in hall

(3) Airports

The transparent LED display can be your navigation system at the airport to use to find the way or guide passengers to go to the boarding gate or public toilet.

At the same time, it also can be used for display flight news or advertising.

(4) Environment place

They also can be used for display the services or inform clients the activities or special promotion at environments auch as the club, restaurant, or even though nail salon.

They can enhance some extra vitality for business easily while attracting the potential customers’ attention.

tansparent led diaply screen

3.2 Outdoor LED screen transparent:

Transparent LED displays are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polycarbonate (PC), both of which are tough, flexible, wear-resistant plastics. 

This means you can use them outdoors without having to worry about weather damage or scratched fingers.

(1) Outdoor advertising banner

The transparent LED display can be integrated with the outdoor environment, so you can use the transparent LED display for your outdoor advertising, so that it will not attract too much attention when not in use.

When used as an outdoor billboard, it is usually placed on both sides of the road to promote upcoming events, product launches, etc.

With high brightness and vivid content display, it can bring more traffic to your event promotion and get rich returns.

outdoor advertising transparent led banner

(2) Architectural glass wall

The application of transparent LED display screens on buildings can also improve the coverage of advertising, while also preserving the beauty of the building when not working.

At the same time, for some commemorative festivals or city promotion activities, the transparent LED display can also provide floor-to-ceiling advertising to attract the attention of every passerby.

outdoor transparent LED display

Part 4. The advantages of it

4.1 More beautiful

One of the most significant advantages of transparent LED displays is their ability to be seamlessly integrated into different environments.

When not working, it can blend into the environment without damaging the aesthetics of the environment.

more beautiful with led display transparent

4.2 Unparalleled visibility

Whether outdoors or indoors, its content can be clearly displayed to attract customers’ attention and increase the impact of advertising.

4.3 Energy efficiency

Utilizing advanced LED technology, it consumes the least power but achieves the best promotion effect.

4.4 Creative versatility

As an LED display, it breaks the restrictions of static advertising and creates more creative advertising forms, thus increasing the rate of return on advertising.

4.5 LED video wall

It can be seamlessly spliced into an LED wall to enhance the visual effect and gain wider coverage.

transparent led display wall

Part 5. Transparent LED display installation

LED transparent screen installation methods are different due to different application places. But there are mainly several ways of fixing, hoisting, and seating:

5.1 Floor mount

Common in glass windows, exhibition halls, etc., the screen area is not large, and the height is not high. It can be simply fixed at the bottom.

If the height of the screen body is high, then it needs to be fixed up and down behind the screen body to realize the fixation of the screen body.

5.2 Frame installation

The box frame is directly fixed on the glass curtain wall keel by composite bolts, only a small amount of steel structure is required, and it is mainly used in the field of architectural glass curtain walls.

5.3 Hoisting installation

This installation method must have a suitable installation location, such as a beam above.

Standard hangers can be used for the indoor concrete roof, and the length of the hangers is determined according to the site conditions.

The indoor beams are hoisted by steel wire ropes, and the outdoor beams are decorated with steel pipes in the same color as the screen.

Part 6. Transparent LED screen price

The main factors affecting the price of transparent LED screens are as follows:

6.1 Model spacing

In the case of the same material, the smaller the spacing, the higher the price of the LED transparent screen. The more lamp beads used, the higher the cost. Therefore, in the LED transparent screen display project, the cost of lamp beads accounts for about 60%.

6.2 Lamp bead brand model

Choose the right brand of lamp beads according to your needs. And the type and purpose of the lamp beads are also very important.

If your LED transparent screen is used in an indoor environment display, in fact, the brightness of 1000~1500cd can meet the demand.

If it is a semi-outdoor environment, the brightness is 2000~3500cd; if it is a full outdoor display, the brightness is 4000~5500cd.

Be sure to choose the brightness according to your own display needs and the use environment. Under normal circumstances, high-brightness lamp beads are more expensive.

6.3 Structural process

At present, LED transparent screens are divided into two types: side-emitting and positive-emitting.

The former adopts the process of front-mounted lamp beads, and the lamp beads are welded to death, and the display consistency is good; Plug and unplug.

The price of the two screens will also be different.

6.4 Protection technology

The protection technologies required for use in different environments will also be different. Generally speaking, the higher the protection level, the higher the price.

6.5 Resolution

The higher the resolution, the better and smoother the video quality will be, but this also means that we need to use more advanced and complex technology to achieve it, so the price will be higher.

Other costs include power supply, driver IC, accessories (wiring, power distribution cabinet), transportation, and installation costs.

Part 7. Royal LED display: The reliable supplier for transparent LED screen wall

(1) Royal has more than 10 years of experience in producing and manufacturing LED displays, and also has a strict product quality management system, with each product undergoing a 72-hour aging test.

(2) Royal provides 7/24-hour product technical services to enhance your consumer experience.

(3) Royal has a production capacity of 8,000+ products to provide you with an on-time delivery guarantee.

Products Recommended

maintenance of transparent led screen

More detailed pictures:

(1) Features:

(1) The product box is made of die-casting aluminum, which has the characteristics of lightness, thinness, and firmness.CNC precision machining, high precision, can realize seamless splicing.

(2) The screen has high transparency, and the maximum transmittance can reach 75%.

(3) Ultra-thin box, simple structure, small footprint, lightweight, quick assembly, and disassembly.

(4) Energy saving and environmental protection, no need for air conditioning to dissipate heat, the modular grid can be ventilated, the wind resistance is small, and it is safer.

(5) Easy-maintenance design, using the quick-disconnect module, front maintenance, or rear-screen maintenance can be done, reducing maintenance costs.

(6) It can be installed and hoisted. The horizontal connection lock of the box can adjust the angle of ±15°, and it can be combined into a curved screen to meet the viewing angle of more than 200°.

(7) Between the LED PCB and the light board module, the glue-filled package is used to effectively protect the lamp beads from falling off due to accidental impact.

(8) The module is encapsulated with protective glue, which can achieve IP65 protection and can adapt to an outdoor all-weather playback environment.

((2) More details introductions:

Delicate Cabinet Frame

Light Weight

High Transparency


Module & Cabinet

Product Series




Pixel Pitch(mm)

3.91 – 7.82

10.416 – 10.416

15.625 – 15.625

LED Type




Physical Density(dot/sqm)




Drive Mode












Refresh Rate




Protection Level




Brightness Adjustment

256 level

256 level

256 level

Viewing Angle(H/V)




Best Viewing Distance




Power Supply

AC 220-240V

AC 220-240V

AC 220-240V

Max Power Consumption(W/m²)




Avg Power Consumption(W/m²)




Cabinet Size(mm)




Cabinet Weight(kg)




Installation Mode




Maintenance Method

Rear Maintenance

Rear Maintenance

Rear Maintenance

Part 8. Conlusions

Royal Display provides customers with high-quality transparent LED display and services!

Just fill in the simple form to contact us now, and you will be able to get the best price quotation and unimaginable module products!

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