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LED Screen For Wedding

The Royal wedding LED display is easy to install and transport, and stands out in the market with a very competitive price!

royal LED display

EC-R Series

Ultra light weight and ultra thin
Rental LED Display LED Video Wall
To meet Hign-end rental requirements

EF-O Series

High Fresh rate HD small pixle
Rental LED display with light weight
Frontal & rear service design

EX-O Series

Small pixel Rental LED display
with ultra light weight and curve lock Seamless connection design


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The Advantages of LED screen for wedding stage

create romantic atmosphere wedding led

Create Romantic Atmosphere

Except for the excellent visual effects that everybody knows, LED screens also can create a romantic atmosphere for weddings.

Relying on suitable lighting effects and images, from romantic ceremonies to lively receptions, can guarantee that the wedding will be in a romantic and energetic atmosphere.

show more details wedding display

Show More Details

The large LED screens connect with other photography equipment on site, so the guests can see more details clearly through the wedding LED screen displaying.

Meanwhile, depending on the wedding LED display, the whole wedding will become more ornamental, and it also makes the guests feel like attending a wedding.

customized wedding led display

Personalized Customization

To reflect your unique love story by playing the customized content on LED monitors.

Share your precious moments, heartfelt messages, or even livestream for guests who can’t attend in person.

The ability to personalize content adds a deeply personal touch to your celebrations.

Royal Wedding LED Screen Recommended

royal ef-o series rental led display

Royal EF-O Series

Royal EX-O Series

Wedding LED Display Screen - 2024 The Latest Solution

A wedding marks a pivotal and cherished moment in one’s life, brimming with significance and unforgettable memories.

On this extraordinary occasion, meticulous attention is given to every detail—from the selection of flowers imbued with symbolic meanings to the creation of a romantic ambiance through exquisite lighting and decorations.

In addition to these essential elements, there’s an opportunity to elevate your wedding experience even further: the wedding LED screen.

With its ability to dynamically display videos, seamlessly connect on-site cameras to capture intricate details, and offer a host of other functionalities, the wedding LED screen adds an extra layer of memorability and vibrancy to your special day.

Before incorporating a wedding LED display into your celebration, here are some key insights to consider:

Part 1. What is a wedding LED screen?

As its name implies, a wedding LED screen is specifically tailored for wedding events and is typically acquired through leasing arrangements.

These displays serve a variety of purposes, including showcasing wedding videos to enhance the romantic ambiance of the event.

Moreover, they can seamlessly integrate with on-site electronic equipment, such as audio or video systems, to elevate interactivity during the wedding proceedings.

By showcasing intricate details and enhancing guest experiences, Wedding events LED display contribute significantly to the overall atmosphere of the wedding celebration.

Part 2. Why LED screen for wedding comes into market?

Before explaining this question, we need to know why is the projection display technology that was once so popular today gradually losing its luster and no longer being people’s first choice?

1. Traditional projector

In many weddings, projectors are commonly employed to showcase video content. However, the effectiveness of this method relies solely on the resolution capabilities of the projector.

It’s crucial to recognize that even with a high-definition projector, achieving clear colors and optimal resolution can be challenging.

Additionally, when individuals stand in front of the projector’s light, their faces may appear colored, and the image projected onto the screen behind them might be obscured, leading to an unsatisfactory display outcome.

2. LCD monitor

LCD monitors are also known as liquid crystal projections. The visual effect is naturally better than traditional projectors.

However, if you need a video wall, the shortcomings of LCD monitors that cannot be seamlessly stitched will also affect the viewing experience.

At the same time, the size and shape of LCD screens also have certain restrictions. Unable to meet some creative needs.

3. LED screen wall

The rapid integration of LED displays into the wedding market can be attributed to their higher-definition images, vivid videos, and faster response speed.

With the assistance of wedding stage LED displays, there’s no loss of image quality even when standing directly in front of the screen.

Moreover, their modular design allows for customization into various sizes and shapes, while seamless splicing ensures superior visual effects.

Benefiting from the lightweight and easy-to-install nature of wedding rental LED displays, they offer convenient transportation and assembly options.

This allows for effortless disassembly and provides greater flexibility in installation arrangements.

led screen for wedding stage

Part 3. 8 Benefits of wedding LED video wall screen

1. More user-friendly than traditional projector design

This is an embarrassing moment: When using a projector and at the same time you are standing in front of the screen, your face will appear in some colors and lead to the image on the screen missing.

However, LED display, this problem will not occur even if you stand in front of the screen.

As well as, the LED display screen has higher stability, and problems with overheating, video files, and computer connection errors will also be reduced.

2. Excellent visual effects

By virtue of high resolution, high refresh rate, and high grayscale, the LED screen for weddings has more excellent visual effect.

Moreover, the Royal LED Display uses single-point color correction technology to achieve true color restoration to enhance the visual sequel.

excellent visual effect by wedding led display

3. Highly customizable

Its size can be highly customized relying on the modular design. Even though, you can lay out an LED screen wall for your wedding.

What’s more, to improve the creativity of weddings by choosing some creative LED display, such as spherical LED display, or Rubik’s cube LED display.

4. Multiple content possibilities

LED screen weddings can create an impressive fairy tale wedding for you.

It can display various content such as images, videos, and music.

I believe every new couple who enters the marriage hall can’t refuse the LED screen that can increase colors for weddings.

5. Interactive participation

LED video wall screens enable media interaction and enhance guest participation.

Alternatively, you can also use a floor-standing LED display that everyone can step on and dance on.

LED display makes weddings more memorable!

interactive wedding led screen

6. Cost-effectiveness

Given its low maintenance requirements and extended lifespan, LED displays prove to be a cost-effective investment over time.

Furthermore, their reduced electricity consumption translates to additional savings, further optimizing your budget allocation.

7. Suitable for a variety of venues

LED display screens can be installed in a variety of ways and are suitable for various indoor and outdoor venues.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about on-site installation issues.

8. Satisfy massive simultaneous viewing

Featuring a modular design and customizable shape and size, LED displays offer heightened visibility.

Additionally, their wide viewing angle ensures that clear content can be seen from various angles, allowing more guests to enjoy the wedding festivities.

Even those seated in the corners can experience the event with a strong sense of immersion.

Part 4. The contents for LED screen wedding stage

So, now there is a question: What is the content of LED screen backdrop wedding?

Here we will answer your questions!

1. Background videos

Employed to craft captivating scenes and elevate the ambiance, LED displays serve as versatile tools.

They can also be utilized as dynamic backgrounds, adding depth and visual interest to any setting.

2. Ornamental video

The primary objective of showcasing videos is to ensure everyone’s enjoyment.

Whether it’s a wedding music video, title sequence, or a slideshow of wedding photos, the main goal is to provide a moment for everyone to appreciate and savor. (I suggest you don’t ask me why I’m quiet, that’s not a good question!)

3. Ceremony video

Such a video will not disappoint the audience and also leave a deep impression on the guests.

However, this type of video sometimes requires professional technical processing before it can become a popular video on the Internet.

4. Live streaming

In some cases, couples will also share their wedding live broadcast to more people who follow them but are unable to attend in person. Get more blessings!

Part 5. Where can you place your wedding LED display?

This question is very advanced! Typically, wedding LED displays are positioned either centrally or on both sides. Placing the screen at the center fosters a romantic ambiance.

However, this setup presents a notable drawback: the LED display emits strong backlight, demanding more from lighting and photography.

Consequently, if you have specific requirements for the wedding venue or live broadcasting, it’s advisable to opt for placement on both sides.

Part 6. The LED screen for wedding price

Size: The higher the size, the higher the price.

Pixel pitch: The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the LED screen for marriage price.

Resolution: The higher the resolution, the more stable and smooth the content display of the LED display will be. Of course, this also means higher prices.

Additional functions: If you want to customize more additional functions for your wedding LED display, this also means that you need to pay a higher wedding LED wall price.

Extra tips: How to choose wedding LED display

(1) Site size

You can consider using a large area LED screen if the site size is big and there are many guests.

The large screen can transfer wedding scenes, MV, and so on to guests clearly. Even guests from far away can feel the atmosphere of a big wedding.

But if the site size is smaller or there are many occlusions, you need to consider whether to use LED screens as appropriate.

(2) Wedding style

The LED display weddings can match different styles of wedding scenes through different styles of theme displays.

At the same time, you also need to choose whether to use a large screen or what size LED display to use based on the wedding venue.

But all the choices are just to make the overall layout of the wedding venue more harmonious and achieve the dream wedding atmosphere in your mind.

wedding led style

(3) Play content

Wedding LED screens are mainly used to play wedding-related videos or pictures.

If you don’t have a lot of material ready or don’t plan to play videos, a small screen will suffice.

led screen wedding play content

(4) Cost

Cost is also one of the important factors you need to consider when choosing an LED display for wedding events.

But there are many factors that affect the price of this fee.

If you are not sure how to choose, you can contact us and we will provide you with a professional solution.

Part 7. Royal's solution for wedding LED display screen

Royal EF-O Series Rental LED Display

royal ef-o series rental led display

Image Gallery

ef-o seriers details
ef-o series wedding led display
power box of ef-o series
details of ef-o series
curved installation royal ef-o series
corner protector for LED
curved lock


China Rental LED Display Manufacturer: Royal Advantage

Royal has a production capacity of 8000+ to ensure on-time delivery.

Royal’s LED display products all use high-quality LED chips, driver ICs, LED modules, and LED boxes to ensure product quality.

All Royal products undergo a 72-hour aging test.

Royal has stable partners and more than 10 years of experience in producing and manufacturing LED displays.

Royal provides 7*24 hours of online technical service support to answer all kinds of LED display technical questions for you.

Royal provides a 3-year warranty and 5% spare parts service to enhance your consumer experience.

patch room
SMT workshop

Part 8. Common FAQs about LED screen rental for wedding

Q1: Is the bigger the wedding LED display, the better?

Not really. Choosing the right size wedding LED display is a wise choice.

In addition, various factors need to be considered during the selection process: such as the size of the venue, whether there are obstructions in the venue, whether it is suitable to place a large screen, and the content to be played, etc.

Q2: Is the smaller the pixel pitch of the wedding LED screen, the better?

Obviously, this is not the case. Different venues and viewing distances will affect the choice of pixel spacing.

Royal offers P1.95mm and P2.5mm pixel pitches only suitable for indoor use. P2.6, P2.97, P3.91, P4.81 can be used indoors and outdoors.

Therefore, whether it is an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding, using LED screens to enhance the atmosphere of the wedding is a wise choice.

Q3: Which LED screen should you choose? Hotel or wedding company?

Some hotels will bring their LED screens, most of which have P4 or P5 pixel pitch. However, this kind of screen is usually embedded in the walls of the hotel, so it is not conducive to providing a romantic atmosphere for the wedding.

But its price is relatively friendly and is generally included in the venue rental fee.

The price of a wedding LED display screen is relatively high, but it can create more exquisite scenes according to the venue design plan, and the picture quality will be better.

Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the construction time, the debugging is also more complete!

With a sufficient budget, wedding companies can provide you with more diverse options.

Part 9. Conclusions

All in all, the wedding LED screen can bring you many benefits. It can not only create a romantic wedding atmosphere for you but also give everyone who comes to the wedding a happy feeling.

The most important thing is that an LED screen wedding is not a large investment, but the unforgettable memories it brings to you are valuable treasures in your life.

With the help of a wedding LED display screen, hold a wonderful wedding and spend an unforgettable day with the one you love!